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  1. P

    Kyosho gxr28 exhaust manifold options?

    So I scooped up a Kyosho gxr28 nitro engine for a back up swap big block. The exhaust manifold it came with is a left hand side(driver-side in US) - looking from back of engine I would prefer it to be on the right side. The exhaust flange is a flange bolted to the engine, so it doesn’t use a...
  2. RyanKeith78

    T-Maxx big block build

    Hello, hope someone out there can point me in the right direction. I'm building a big block Tmax 3.3 using a stock extended chassis, I have everything mounted using a Big Red .28, however, I m lost on a manifold to use that curve over the shock tower as the stock one for a big block. Do they make...