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  1. cbaker65

    Cleaning, A.E. RC10 GT

    Decided to pull this off the shelf ,clean it an give it a run ,its been quite alot of years since it has been ran ,like a lot of my RC's have sat ,they need some maintenance ,I will try to get all or most of them in running condition ,some need clean an some need some new parts put on to...
  2. Pr3ssure

    What maintenance is needed on a T-Maxx?

    So I got a T-Maxx long ago, before the 2.5r or the 3.3 ever came out. I was around 12 or so, I never got into the hobby a lot and about 6 years ago I was running it and forgot to put the air filter back in after cleaning it. Need less to say after a few minutes of running it shut off and never...
  3. C

    Gifted Nitro Rustler

    This winter my good friend gifted me his used 2wd nitro rustler because he didn't want it anymore, he said he beat it up and wasn't great at maintenance. I am a beginner at nitro RC as well this being my first ever car. He left fuel in the lines over winter, and the grey drivetrain next to the...
  4. RubiconX

    Safety and Maintenance of Lipo Batteries

    Hey guys, Some of you might have already read that I've engaged in an electric buggy build after a few year absence from the hobby. This is my first experience venturing out to electric, previously I only built and ran nitro. One of the things that enticed me about electric is the simplicity...
  5. WoodiE

    No to low maintenance aquarium?

    This is a question for all the aquarium guys we have here - what is a good no or low maintenance aquarium setup? Would I be better to go salt or freshwater? I'd like to keep it under 50 gallons.
  6. H

    1/8 scale nitro buggy Diff maintenance

    After how many run hours should you change the oil in your differentials? I run my MBX7 about 3 hours a week.
  7. N

    Slipper clutch maintenance/testing

    Hey all. We have a Savage X 4.6, and have some questions on the slipper clutch. Forgive me if these are ignorant questions--I'm a buggy/truggy guy so used to a center diff...and the MT design as a whole is something I'm still feeling my way around. 1. Our Savage has about 2 gallons through...
  8. The Cow

    CowRC - The R/C Maintenance King Scale R/C Banner Giveaway!

    Who wants to win some of these??? CowRC Scale Banners! Printed by the awesome Sticker Chick Graphics!!! Brave the trails & rocks in style just like our good friend and supporter Mr. Jesse Cheers! Printed on real vinyl with scale grommets! More fun for our friends and awesome...
  9. D


    After run oil, is just for the engine after running? Is it good for steering knuckle and chassis? Do I use regular W 40?
  10. C

    savage x diff maintenance

    have a savage x front diff went bad a few months ago but rear diff is still working strong and i wanna keep it that way lol How do you do regular diff maintenance on a savage x? do i just need to clean it and re grease it or what?
  11. J

    After Run Maintenance

    After I run my nitro rc, must I use after run oil, and lubricate the engine and put shock oil on the shocks. Right now, I am not doing big jumps or bashing. Also do I need to drain the fuel from my fuel tank when i am done driving. Thanks
  12. J

    maintenance question

    I'm really looking into getting my first nitro rc car.....the thing is i want to know wat i should be replacing and how often after i get it...i dont mean any parts that will break, but rather parts that are part of maintenance, such as filters, ect. thanks
  13. B


    I was wondering what is good practice after a run? Or a mud run? Are there any good maintenance kits out there? What is good to do after a good run? What spare parts would you suggest to keep on hand? I have a LST XXL Thanks
  14. B

    Transmission Preventative Maintenance

    T-maxx 2.5, What PM's should i do to my trans? It works fine and i want to keep it that way. Also i want to put a 3.3 in my 2.5. I have never opened my trans, and to be honest i am kinda standoffish. I just know i'm going to mess it up. Any advise
  15. M

    X 4.6 lube/maintenance

    Alright, So for my savage x 4.6, I've been doing the basics, like always cleanin after run oil, checking the shocks for the oil level, etc etc .. Now is there anything relse i need to do like for the differentials. I've never done anything to it, like do i needa lube them and clean them. Also for...
  16. flm_savage

    Vehicle Maintenance

    I will never understand why some people don't maintain their vehicles. this was on a company truck my friend was driving. I decided to check the filter since i was bored and tired of waiting on him to fill the truck up with diesel. This is on a 2003 ford 7.3L the seconds picture is what i...
  17. FastEddy

    Batteries explained and Battery pack maintenance

    Table of Contents: All about batteries Recommended Care for NIMH batteries Maximum battery performance and maximum battery life rarely go hand in hand. It is SPC’s goal to optimize battery performance AND battery life. If you are a sponsored racer or you are fortunate enough to not have to...
  18. BOUTCH

    shocks maintenance

    I was just wonderin if i could use WD40 to oil the shocks or i really need a special oil to lube those...
  19. Monkey Wrench

    Home Maintenance Advice

    Hey Fellas- Could use some ideas/advice on a little home project I need to knock out before it gets real cold. We have a small fountain in our front flower bed. Problem is, the only exterior outlet we have is on the opposite side of the front walk-way. I have an extension cord running from...
  20. S

    K&N Maintenance ?

    My K&N Filter is(was) filthy soaked in exhaust oils and caked with dirt I've got it soaking in 'Mr. Clean' right now did I already screw up ? How do you clean these things ?