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  1. vv1o_o

    losi xxx-sct parts

    Does anybody know where i can find some parts for a xxx-sct losi, I've been looking for a kick plate,bulkhead, and brace set LOSA4159. I've seen a couple on ebay for 55$ but there old genuine parts and can't really pay that much for a part that is notorious for breaking on these things. Any help is...
  2. Compound101

    Losi No Prep Drag Car in Da House!

    Just picked this up New Losi No Prep. Here's some pic's of my new ride! Details are pretty nice..IMO.
  3. Powerwagon79

    Losi Nightcrawler being absolutely gutless

    Alright, so my friend Losi Night Crawler 2.0, which I have on loan, was given to him used, with no charger. He said I could use it some and see how the charger I bought for him worked. So, after the charger, a Supulse 7.4-11.v Lipo charger, came, I did what he said to do. I was very impressed by...
  4. JCsRCcar

    For Sale Losi LMT hop up Parts, transmitters, receivers, and Servos for sale

    I’m selling some a few items that fit a Losi LMT. They are as follows: Stainless steel front bumper lightly used. This thing is solid stainless steel and will protect your vulnerable body and lights from damage in a crash. $25 shipped. Hot racing shock limit straps 100 mm lightly used. These...
  5. Matt Ryan

    Need Bashing Buddies in Hudson Valley, NY for Fun or Club

    Looking for people to bash with or create a club near Yorktown skatepark or Cortlandt skatepark.
  6. UpliFT-RC

    TB RC Bashers presents - Long Distance Jumping and EPIC Ramp bashing???

  7. TB RC Bashers presents -  Long Distance Jumping and EPIC Ramp bashing???

    TB RC Bashers presents - Long Distance Jumping and EPIC Ramp bashing???

    Drivers / Cars Keith H / Losi Truggy Uplift-RC / v3 6s KRATON JKFLOW / v3 6s Talion Slim / 8s Outcast
  8. J

    Can’t find replacement spoiler!

    Hello everyone! I’ve recently gotten a Losi mini t 2.0 and I can already tell the moment I push it a little and take a slam that flimsy rear spoiler is gonna crack.. It’s screwed on, so clearly replaceable, yet I cannot seem to find any replacements online at all! Only carbon fibre ones from...
  9. J

    LiPo USB charger question.

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a Losi mini t 2.0 brushless. It comes with a USB charger and I’m wondering what the best thing to do when not using the battery is. How do I go about making sure the correct amount of charge for storage is within the battery? Cheers, Jason.
  10. OmegaxDOOMx

    1/10 Losi Rock Rey 4s Battery Upgrade

    Hello everyone. I've upgraded my ESC and motor to a new castle setup in my 1/10 rock rey. This new setup is capable of 4s, and i am itching it let it rip these stock tires apart. However, i am having issues finding information on a 4s battery that will fit in the battery compartment. I run a...
  11. SpinRush


    The new LOSI MINI-B 1/16 scale is pretty cool. It’s cute, adorable and has the potential to be bigger than the performance level of it’s scale. I didn’t see the thread here so I’ll go ahead and start it up. I just received it today. Already there’s a Facebook Group for it. LOSI MINI-B. The...
  12. Rip King MC

    Will it ever be back???

    Does anyone know if the Losi 1/10 TENACITY 4WD SCT Brushed RTR will ever ever be back in stock, or is it permanently discontinued? I need one of those for my short course project!
  13. J

    Help with first Losi please!!

    Hello good people of rctalk! My whole life I’ve wanted a proper RC car, and after my misses randomly bought me an Absima 1:18 thunder for a little gift the other week I’ve decided that’s it. It’s time. I’m not into racing or really big jumps. You can get a feel for the style of driving I’m...
  14. The RC Car

    Slash to Tekno or Losi steering setup switch

    Hey, y'all! I was wondering if y'all have any thoughts on me fitting the Losi SCTE steering setup onto a slash 4x4, I'm making another chassis for the slash 4x4 anyway, so I could just make it to fit the Losi front assembly. I'm wondering if y'all have thoughts on it is because I've never seen...
  15. Belgiumrcbasher

    Losi dbxl e 2.0 runtimes

    Hey what runtimes would i be able to get on two gensacearespammers 4s 6750mah 70c making 8s on a stock losi dbxl e2.0.
  16. RatBuddie

    Looking to upgrade Losi Night crawler SE driveshafts

    RatBuddie here, Thanks for having me. Have a losi Night crawler SE, need to upgrade drivelines front and rear and, front and rear Axel's, to get a way from the worm gear drive that is plastic. Would appreciate any input anyone has. Thanks
  17. J

    TLR 8IGHT servo torque???

    I have a team losi racing 8ight 4.0 with a spektrum S6250 (0.13s 271oz-in.) In it, i also own a savox SC-1258TG (0.08s 166oz-in.) Would the savox be enough torque for the 1/8 buggy or would it strip out?
  18. T

    Losi 22s SCT or Associated SC10?

    Hey guys, new to the forum. Looking to get into RC racing. I've had some assorted nitro buggies but I want to get more serious. I think I'm down to either the 22s SCT Brushless by Losi or the ProSC10 by Associated. Pros and Cons of each brand, along with Pros and Cons of brushed vs. brushless...
  19. J

    TLR 22-4 Ball vs. Gear Differentials

    Hey all, I believe the losi 22-4 1.0 is ball differentials in the front and rear, and the 2.0 switched over to gear differentials in the front and rear, correct me if I'm wrong. I read online that ball differentials have less play, and are generally better although require more maintenance as...
  20. StephMir

    Losi Tenacity Desert Buggy

    Had my Losi Tenacity DB for about 2 weeks and I snapped the front end and the front end differential cover. Ordered parts from HorizonHobby.com. About ten screws couldn't be removed. Horizon sent me all parts I needed to replace; free of charge. Quality service from a quality company. After...