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  1. F.R.S. Ninja_007

    PoloCreationsRC lights

    I just recently stumbled upon this on YouTube and I just wanted to share with you. I saw lights for Arrma, Traxxas, and Losi. I’ll probably load up on their Slash lights for my new project. Here’s his website: polocreations.com.
  2. J

    Help with first Losi please!!

    Hello good people of rctalk! My whole life I’ve wanted a proper RC car, and after my misses randomly bought me an Absima 1:18 thunder for a little gift the other week I’ve decided that’s it. It’s time. I’m not into racing or really big jumps. You can get a feel for the style of driving I’m...
  3. StephMir

    Losi Tenacity Desert Buggy

    Had my Losi Tenacity DB for about 2 weeks and I snapped the front end and the front end differential cover. Ordered parts from HorizonHobby.com. About ten screws couldn't be removed. Horizon sent me all parts I needed to replace; free of charge. Quality service from a quality company. After...
  4. scoviman

    Spektrum S605 servo

    In the past few months I’ve purchased a Losi Tenacity SCT and am having a servo issue. I have not hit anything head on with the truck yet to cause the problem I’m about to tell. I noticed something odd the other day when I was “bench testing” the truck after making a few adjustments. The splined...