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  1. L

    Team Losi LST2 Controller not Responding

    Hi All, I have got a problem where i can not get the transmitter to respond with the car, The batteries in the controller are reading 12.8V and the battery in the car is fully charged. I am wondering if the servos have frozen up or have seized as it is cold weather where i am. Help...
  2. hulkmaxx

    Losi LST Tmaxx Shock conversion ?

    Has anyone tried the LST truck, Tmaxx shock conversion. Abd do you know if you need certain A Arms to do this. Found a conversion online guy said you only need the FLM shock towers and shock Adapters?:hehe: High Speed Low Drag:whhooo:
  3. D

    Losi LST 2

    I just got. Losi LST2 and it keeps kicking out of gear. Has anyone had this problem
  4. L

    WTB: New Era Roll Bar for Losi LST XXL

    Looking for New Era roll bar for my LST XXL (new/used) any color. Please PM your price. Thanks
  5. O

    Losi LST2 Super Truck

    I just got a LST2. What are some good Up Grades??? All stock right now. Thanks
  6. D

    Losi LST issues

    Hi guys I got a new to me LST. It has some LST2 upgrades like the aluminum pieces in the spur gears, shocks, etc. My issue is its eating up 2nd gear spurs. The mesh is good with low gear. And everything seems okay. It just eats up about 60% of the teeth width wise. So it leaves like a ridge...
  7. L

    Losi LST XXL, Traxxas Revo 3.3 or HPI Savage XL?

    Hi all, my first thread/post here. I'm on the market for a nitro monster truck and would like to get some inputs from you guys before making a decision. After reading/viewing some reviews and videos from different sites, I'm leaning towards the Losi LST XXL over the Savage XL and Revo 3.3 but...
  8. B

    LOSI LST rear wheels not spinning when i get on the throttle

    My LST wont spin the rear wheels. I lifted it up and hit the throttle and only the front wheels spin while the rear wheels barely spin. when i lift up the truck and rotate one of the rear wheels the drive shaft dose not spin thus not making the other wheel not spin when i rotate the opposite...
  9. B

    please help losi LST super truck problems

    my fist problem is i have to open the throttle all the way to get the truck to start rolling then when i get it rolling i have to keep on the gas or it will stop and ill have to open the throttle all the way to get it moving again. the second problem is that the breaks do not work at all i can't...
  10. B

    team losi LST super truck help no breaks!

    i just bought a team losi LST super truck from my dads friend. i started driving it around and noticed the truck dose not have any stopping power when i apply the breaks on the radio. the name of the radio is a Jr racing XS3. what do i need to do? thanks for reading please tell me if you...
  11. L

    losi lst starter bearing

    I'm goig through bearings like candy...just got a new one ,,,and snap what can i do to solve this issue or a better pice than dynamite that the lhs sells I'm runnig a mach .26 427 on a losi lst xxl . thanks
  12. M

    losi lst-2 brushless

    going to turn a nitro into the electric.2 speed,clutch and all.
  13. S

    Sold Losi LST2

    Team Losi LST2 monster truck 275 Shipped with radio and starter wand and charger for the included receiver battery and fail safe everything in picture. LST 2 truck hi and low gear and reverse still installed.
  14. truggy83

    Savage XL 5.9 VS Losi LST XXL

    Looking at getting a new monster truck in the future sometime. The bottom line is I want to get one that is huge. The biggest and baddest I can. I want this thing destroy anything that gets in its path. I want it to dwarf my 1/10 scale ruckus and pede in size. Its got to be gigantic. So...
  15. S

    Losi LST spin start VS. Roto Start

    my old roto starts broke(2). I just bought a losi lst spin start, it was cheaper and the rotos broke so i figured might as well try it. I have two HPI's that i was going to use it for but the Losi spin start spins the wrong way. I already modified the shaft from the roto to fit in the losi, but...
  16. chestercheeto

    Wtb some losi lst2 parts

    Parts I'm looking for front c hubs (need 2) outer arms pins (ones that fit the arms to the axle hubs 8 in all) one shock body (the plastic threaded one or 4 threaded Aluminum) 2 Receiver batteries pm me what you have thanks:)
  17. X

    savage : losi lst2 : what to do?

    So I already own a xtm mammoth (very hard to find parts) and now I want to pik up another nitro. I want more of a basher and want to hop it up...what r the opinions here on which is better to find more parts at good prices that will stay in supply? a losi lst2/xxl or the savage series of...
  18. M

    losi lst

    hello there new here .hope u can help I've got a lst with z.28spec3 engine when i start it then take starter battery of it cuts out could it be the glow plug or something major :\
  19. M

    Losi LST Problems!! HELP PLEASE!!

    Good afternoon everyone, I recently purchased a used Losi LST, It ran great for about two days then i started hearing a clicking noise when i would hit the throttle. I didn't think much of it, so i continued to drive it. not its got worse it sounds like a clapping or gears slipping sound...
  20. H

    WTB body for losi LST 1:8

    I'm looking for either a stock or painted body that will fit a Losi LST XXL 1/8 scale truck.