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  1. keepsgoing4evr

    TLR Corally Kronos XP 8ight Te 3.0

    This is my Frankenstein TLR 8ight T 3.0. it's got the body of a Losi racer and the heart of a steam Corally Kronos XP. This is a work in progress. Definitely rips down the road. I'll get some more photos up soon. In a few weeks this little monster will be getting a Max 6 with a 1650kv that I...
  2. N

    Losi 8ight-Xe Electric 1/8 Scale Buggy Race Kit TLR04011 open!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi I got for sale as a team Losi 8ight Elite buggy. It's a a kit that is unbuilt that has been opened. Only took a look at the parts put it away I had never even felt it or try to mess with it. The reason why I'm selling it because originally I wanted a on road car But couldn't find the...
  3. N

    Losi Nitro 8ight RTR buggy

    Any forum members running a Nitro 8ight RTR buggy? I'd like to hear from ya's. Upgrade part #'s etc.
  4. AlexSkalski

    Traxxas Nitro Rustler or Losi 8ight RTR?

    I am interested in purchasing a Nitro Car. I currently have an Associated SC10RS. I race at a local indoor track. I am interested in getting a Nitro, because of the challenge, sound, smell, and everything great about a Nitro. I want a buggy or on-road car that I can rip around my cul-de-sac. The...
  5. NitroBlood_92

    Thoughts on my first 1/8th Scale monster truck??

    Wadup guys, call me NTB for short. New to the forum just introducing myself and my current RC project to the scene. I got my engineering degree from SIUC so building and fabricating are no strangers to me. A couple months ago I did the impossible and tried to make a monster from one of the...
  6. jayrc10

    Losi 350 Engine

    Hi I'm new here, and i have a losi 8ight 2.0 RTR witht the losi 350 engine. When i try to start it, the flywheel gets stuck at TDC (really tight, the starter bx can't even turn it. burns the starter wheel rubber. i have to use a screwdriver to turn it) Happened only recently. used to run well...