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  1. revo_rob_1984

    Proper Lipo Disposal

    ‪Elec BL and LiPo guide/ Vid 6 Lipo disposal‬‏ - YouTube
  2. J

    what lipos to get

    i just got a jammin x1 crt with the tekin rx8 and I'm going to race this truggy so if any one could help me out with maby 2 lipos and a charger under $175 that will be sweet and i no the lipos can get up there in the price range
  3. godale03

    Charging Lipos

    Hey Guys, A few weeks back I ordered a couple of 2S lipos and a new hyperion 720i duo charger. The packs I have 5000 mah 50C 2S 7.4v hard case Lipo packs. The packs shipped with a store charge on them. I thought I would be able to figure out how to charge them... but I am having some...
  4. K1ller Rc

    !!!!WTB--8th Scale buggy Wheels and tires and 4s lipo

    As the title says- 75% or better- Medium to soft compounds- AKA-Losi-Proline-J Concepts Calibers-Grid Irons- Double D's- Hole Shots- Bow Ties ALSO- A Good shape well balanced and maintained 4s-4500- 40c+ Lipo
  5. nitro_newbie

    Lipo voltage cutoff help!

    Help i need an answer fast, what voltage should i set my esc at with the program card if it is a 4100mah 2s 7.4v lipo. should i set it at 6v?, or shoult i set it at 3.2v? What I'm not sure about is does it shut off when both sells reach 6v together, or is it when ONE sell reaches 3.2v? Anyway...
  6. HPI-Killer

    gensacearespammers Lipo Review....

    Okay, so when I started buying these packs for my XR10, they were AWESOME! Great run times & power. Picked up a 5500 2s gensacearespammers for my SCT and was low voltage right off the bat, returned it for an exchange, during the exchange process I ordered 2 more 5500 2s from HobbyPartz and right off the...
  7. B

    charging lipos in parallel

    I'm getting some small lipos for my merv and want to run them in parallel. Should I charge them in parallel? And what do I need. I have an electicfly lipo charger. My charger will handle up to 6s. And I will have 2 2s and 2 3s packs.
  8. godale03

    Want to go Lipo

    Hey Guys, I am looking to go LiPo. This is what I currently own as far as electronics... Team Checkpoint TC1030 charger Most of my ESC's are Novak GTB, Havok and HV speed controls. To make the change, what do I still need to purchase and have before I go in this direction? I am not only...
  9. Rolex

    Need LiPO charger info

    I'll be needing a new charger to handle a 6S battery for the big heli. Any opinions on this one, or any suggestions for another one?
  10. B

    lipo and ni-mh in series?

    Anyone ever ran them together in a series? I put together a e-maxx with a 1800kv 1/8scale motor and 1/10 esc. I'm pushing 22.2 volts through it rite now. A buddy of mine has a summit he put a the mamba 2200 kv 1/8 scale setup on. He's pushing about 9,000kv's less than I am. I'm only pushing...
  11. H

    losi t ten connecters for lipo

    Have losi T ten it has lipo battery part losb9818 for starting. It is 7.4v 1000mah. I hear a good upgrade is thunder pro 1350-2sjpl2 7.4v 1350 mah. here's my problem. Have dynamitr passport 6s lipo charger what kind of connection will I need to put in the losi and what type of connecters for...
  12. HPI-Killer

    Sold 2 gensacearespammers 1000 mAh 3s Lipos FS

    One has been charged ONCE and the other one is brand new. $20 Shipped WTT for a bigish 2s lipo or Losi decals or decals or paint masks or anything pretty much... Thanks
  13. D

    Sold Brushless E-Revo with 4 MaxAmps LIPOs

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Selling my Brushless E-Revo since my 5B gets all the attention. I just took this apart for cleaning and inspected major components. Problems found where as follows: 1) Slipper clutch pressure plate cracked = I replaced pressure plate, shoes and disk with new parts. 2)...