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  1. T

    Storage charge for 1s batteries

    My son will be out of town for a while,,,,and asked if I would put all of his 1s batteries in storage charge....of course I don’t run this type of battery at all. He has the venom 1s Charger. Was on you tube etc,,,saying nothing about storage charge for these micro batts. Is it okay to leave...
  2. Sledman3064

    Intellipeak ice charger

    I have a ice charger do I need a balance board to charge my lipo battery
  3. wacmartin

    Bad battery?

    Okay guys need some help. So I've got back to running just the Savage Flux after taking some time off from RC. One of my batteries is giving me trouble now, it just seems to be 1 cell in a 2s LiPo. In balance charge mode it says it's at 4.20 this is what I assume to be my problem cell, and the...
  4. batmanninja

    Bad LiPo batteries?

    so I've had some floureon 3s lipos for about 2 years 3300mah 30c and i got 2 more 3s but 5500mah 35c. i run the 3300s no problem till they down to 3.1ish running hard. but the 5500s i run them less time than the 3300s and my car goes into limp mode. i let it sit for a few then its back to normal...
  5. craig911

    charging protected cells question

    Hi ladies and gents, i have a question or two, this may have been answered before but probably not for what i'm asking, and being lipo cells I'm being extra cautious, i'm going out on a limb here by thinking I'm probably fine with what what I'm doing but what to be safe i use lipos for various...
  6. DivenParker

    Lipo battery life span

    Hi, I've had a Lipo 4s 5000mah 50c Gens Ace pack for about 2 years. It ran great for the first year and a half, but I suddenly noticed some problems. The pack seems to be lasting much less long than it was lasting before. It's also getting hot. After my run yesterday the motor was at 90f, esc...
  7. olds97_lss

    Sold Traxxas 2972 EZ-Peak Plus Dual ID & 2 2872X 3S 5000Mah lipo

    Selling a Traxxas 2972 EZ-Peak Plus Dual ID & 2 2872X 3S 5000Mah lipo's. When I asked my wife to get me a brushless revo for Christmas, I included the charger and packs to go with it. Then by the time I got it, I realized I don't want to run 6S in it for durability reasons and the packs I did...
  8. WoodiE

    Bummer news, SPC Batteries is closing

    SPC made some of the best LiPo batteries for the price and I noticed today on their website they've posted a notice saying they are closing. Hate to see them go. "SPC will be soon closing its doors. New restrictive regulations, along with significant changes in our personal lives brought us to...
  9. WoodiE

    SPC batteries for XMaxx

    Looks like SPC has full intentions of having large capacity batteries available for the Xmaxx release. SPC posted this on their website: "8200mAh, 50C, 3S packs to fit the new Traxxas X-Maxx are on order. Watch for them to arrive in approximately 6 weeks." I think it might be time to upgrade...
  10. SMaxxin

    Sold Blade QX3 ARF with lipos

    This is the newest version of the Blade quad, it is in very good condition and performs every function perfectly. You will get the QX3 quad ARF with short and tall landing gear, gopro mount, two eFlite 3000 3s lipos, both are in great shape with little use. I currently use a DX6i radio (not...
  11. FPS-RC

    Brushless RC Surfer 4s or 5s LiPo Complete RTR

    Extreme up to 5s LiPo RTR Pro Version up to 3s LiPo
  12. JohnSampson

    Lipo batteries

    So I bought a xo-1 and got 2 - 3 cell venom 3300 mah 35c batteries is this good, and will it work, they are running in series
  13. flm_savage

    For Sale 1/16 Summit RTR with 2S Lipos

    This is the 1/16 scale Traxxas VXL summit that has revo spec upgrades on it. It will come with the truck, 2.4Ghz Traxxas radio gear and TWO traxxas 2S lipo batteries as well as a brand new pack of replacement skid plates. I originally purchased the truck for $360...
  14. griff7373

    How do you choose LIPO number of cells.

    I understand what MAH means, my question is as I am looking at LIPOs preferably 2S I see a various amount of number of cells what does that mean. I am looking for my Axial EXO and don't want to buy the wrong batteries.
  15. Alexander_0_1

    Lipo short?

    How do I figure out if my lipo has a short, cause when I was charging one last night each cell read between 4.27v-4.29v.
  16. Greywolf74

    Lipo Charger Comparison

    These are all the lipo chargers I either currently own or used to own over the course of my stint in RCs. I'll list both the specs and my thoughts on each. iMax B6 Clone Input Voltage: 11~18v Circuit power: Max Charge: 50W / Max Discharge: 5W Charge Current Range: .1~5.0A Discharge current...
  17. Alexander_0_1

    What are you guys using for lipo chargers?

    Hey, guys I was about to order another lipo charger since my barely used onyx 235 got up and walked away, seriously I've turned my house upside down, looked in every packing box, and still no charger.....I might have thrown it out by accident. This the brand I'm looking into, since it's free...
  18. Greywolf74

    How to convert a PC PSU to power your LiPo charger

    My latest video! its a remake of one of my really early videos on how to convert a PC power supply so you can use it to power your lipo chargers. The old video had poor video and audio quality and the walkthrough itself isnt as coherent as this time around :) Parts you will need: 10W 10Ohm...
  19. Greywolf74

    Revolectrix new HV Lipos

    Revolectrix now has high voltage lipos out that can be charged up to 4.27V per cell and the cell pro and powerlabs chargers can charge up to 4.3V/C. Looks really cool. I didnt know they even had lipos. I was looking around at theyre regular lipos and they seem like they are pretty reasonably...
  20. hulkmaxx

    Lipo charging?

    Ok guys maybe a dumb question here but I'm still learning this lipo stuff. Anyhow I just bought a new 8000mah 2s lipo. My question is my charger only goes to 5000 mah charge setting. Even though I am seeing the full 7.4volt charge am I getting my mah capacity or is there something else I should...