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  1. coldvod

    Time for a new charger

    Its time for me to get a new charger. I've seen the hota d6 pro reccomended but getting it in canada is not cheap. I have 2 3s lipos that i would like to charge at the same time at a reasonable rate. I've found a few options from a few stores that i shp from i would like some advice from more...
  2. K

    Need motor opinions for my build !

    Hey guys. So I'm in the middle of a project. I am building a 2wd stampede from the ground up. I haven't started building yet , I have been collecting the pieces for my build. Every piece will be brand new. So far I'm gonna be using all aluminum. Suspension shock towers everything that I could...
  3. Reddley

    What's The Smallest Battery Safe For 1/5 RC Car

    I'm looking to build a 1/5th scale RC Truggy and Its going to use a Max5 or 6 with a 7200w 890kv 180a max brushless motor running 8s instead of its recommended 10s and I'm looking for the smallest battery capacity to run for weight reasons but to still have a good 15 to 30 minute run time and...
  4. cvieira

    How problematic is it to store a LiPo battery in the trunk of a car?

    I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore RC enthusiast, but it's definitely an interest of mine. I have a Traxxas Slash 4x4, and it's a blast to throw around in parking lots or the grass. That being said, I find that I don't drive it very much because I never know when an opportunity to drive it...
  5. V

    Traxxas battery connectors sparks when plugging them in

    Hi have a traxxas e revo I bought a few years ago. I have a problem with it. When I plug in my batteries to the car, a pretty big spark appears between the connectors! I’m running brand new traxxas id 5000mah 11.1V 3-cell 25C lipo batteries. The connectors almost solders themself to each other...
  6. J

    Traxxas 6700 mah 4s LiPo Battery

    Good evening, The three photos are a battery I purchased yesterday and have about 40 minutes on it. From what I can see, none of the cells are exposed as it seems more of a outer plastic covering that tore. But I can see the steel plates are exposed. Is there anything I should be worried with...
  7. C

    Lipo battery help

    I am very new to the lipo world and rc world I have a venom 5000 30c battery and my charger is a thunder power tp-1010c with a tp-210v balancer. My question is why does my balancer start going crazy beeping at me when it’s only been charging for about 15 minutes with the yellow status light...
  8. S

    Lipo bags / Safe-Bat

    Hey guys. I got alot of batteries and I'm probably gonna get more soon, so I'm worried about storing them. Atm. i have 3x 3s 1000mah, 3x 4s 1550mah, 3x 6s 1300mah, 2x 4s 5000mah, 4x 3s 4000mah and some other batteries, like 3x dji, goggle batteries etc. What I was thinking was this: Buying 3...
  9. J

    LiPo USB charger question.

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a Losi mini t 2.0 brushless. It comes with a USB charger and I’m wondering what the best thing to do when not using the battery is. How do I go about making sure the correct amount of charge for storage is within the battery? Cheers, Jason.
  10. RC Guy

    ?Thought I'd share what i've been up to the last few weeks! Cheers Guys ?

    Hi Guys Hope your all good and Covid free! Just a little video from my RC Channel as got to have something to do!
  11. New Toy✅ Maverick Quantum Flux XT - ? RC Truggy

    New Toy✅ Maverick Quantum Flux XT - ? RC Truggy

    A late Christmas present to myself, love this as was pretty cheap at £150.00. Just need to supply your own batteries. Well built 1/10th RC 4WD Truggy and can run on 3S too.
  12. WoodiE

    What is your favorite LiPo battery?

    There are a LOT of LiPo batteries out there, some of which are much better than others. This thread will hopefully help those looking for a good LiPo battery without spending a ton of money, but provide plenty of power, life and fun! I personally have had the best luck and have been very happy...
  13. Olliercuk

    What C rating lipo

    I can’t get my head around this I’ve got a 6900kv motor for a 1/18 scale that has a max 75amps the company sell a 35amp ESC with it so I guess it’s not always giving out that 75amps and the ESC has a burst of 120amps so I’m looking for a 3s lipo 2200mah small enough for the little car but do I...
  14. Olliercuk

    Help with ESC Motor and battery combo

    Hi, I’ve got a 1/18 scale maverick ion I’m converting to brushless and have brought a surpass 6200kv motor with a 35A esc on the description I’m being told it’s max current is 75A will the esc be able handle that, I should assume so as they come as a kit... also if I’ve got a surpass 6200kv...
  15. P

    Will these LiPo batteries fit the Losi Rock Rey?

    Getting a Losi 1/6 Rock Rey need some advice on batteries. Someone is selling 2 6s 22.2v 5200mah 115kw 40c just wanted to know if they would fit I don't have the car yet.
  16. Meshman

    Can I use a 3S LiPo on a WLToys A959-B RC?

    I just received my WLToys A959-B 1:18 Scale RC. I'll be test driving it this evening after work. If anyone else has this model please let me know if you've done any upgrades? I've ordered 1:10 scale tires plus the replacement hex's but I'm still awaiting them in the mail. I watched a A959-B RC...
  17. G

    Help! Lipo's puffing immediately.

    I've got an old (but never used) Kyosho Twin Force that i'm trying to get working. I've fried 2 pairs of 3S lipo's from Maxamps already trying to get this thing running. That's about $600 down the drain. I have a Lehner Brushless Motor and Warrior ESC. The lipo's puff very quickly after...
  18. B

    Do u have to use throttle control to run 6s on the erevo 2.0

    Hi there I'm looking at buying a erevo 2.0 sometime and just wandering do u have to roll on the throttle to avoid driveline failures when running 6s
  19. T

    Storage charge for 1s batteries

    My son will be out of town for a while,,,,and asked if I would put all of his 1s batteries in storage charge....of course I don’t run this type of battery at all. He has the venom 1s Charger. Was on you tube etc,,,saying nothing about storage charge for these micro batts. Is it okay to leave...
  20. Sledman3064

    Intellipeak ice charger

    I have a ice charger do I need a balance board to charge my lipo battery