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  1. H.D.

    Gas Kraken Vesla full throttle runaway

    In my gas kraken rc vesla with the Taylor 46. It's going to full throttle when given any throttle at all, I've changed the Killswitch , the receiver, the battery, and the servo, I'm stumped over this one, any suggestions are appreciated.
  2. Cliff J

    Losi 5-T 4wd gas powered Black and white edition

    Hi everyone I’m new to this.. need some help. I bought a losi 5ive-T 4wd gas powered it’s the Black/White one . It’s brand new. I bought a Spektrum DX3 transmitter,a Spektrum s150 charger. Can someone tell me what receiver Battery to get. I was looking at the Spektrum 7.4v 4000mah 2S 15c smart...
  3. coldvod

    jump to 5th scale. Need advice

    I might pick up a 5th scale dbxl in a few weeks from now but before i do so i would like to have a list of tips/tricks and general advice on 5th scale gas
  4. Disappointed Denver

    PLEASE!! Help find large monster truck like The Carnivore!

    Sorry if I'm doing things wrong, this is my first time on a forum I have been trying for years to find an rc car like my beloved Carnivore (Radio Shack), only faster and longer battery life. I tried to get another 1/10 scale "monster truck" but its was half the size! I'm afraid what I'm looking...
  5. O

    Help identifying this Rc body plz

    Just like the title says I need help identifying this RC car body I’ve been on the hunt for it for two years now I’ve only been able to successfully find two one of which I was able to attain the other one I was not I would love to be able to replace his body because mine is currently broken...
  6. S

    RC hauler for E-revo 2.0

    I've been looking around alot with no luck at all. I got an traxxas E-revo 2.0 and a traxxas Maxx. I'm looking for something like HUDY 1/8 Off-Road & Truggy Carrying Bag or ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag. But none of them are wide enough for the E-revo. The plan is to have the E-revo...
  7. JayPey

    Trial and error with the Losi 5IVE-T 2.0

    I’m happy to break things up because I learn and I try to improve my understanding of the beast! The 14 mm clutch bolts came undone and engaged with the clutch bell on the 3rd tank. I reapplied proper torque as per Zenoah Manual 6.4 nm and a tiny dab of red locktite. On the sixth tank both...
  8. S

    Servo upgrade for HPI Baja 5t

    Hi I got a baja 5t I want to change the servo for a better one . One that the wheels will lock . And also add a faster n stronger directional servo . They also need to be water proof. I need help to figure out witch one is good n crap on Ebay. At the store it is way more expensive. Thx
  9. WoodiE

    Losi 5IVE-T 2.0 Short Course Truck

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