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  1. Whitepony04

    Engine options for Kyosho inferno mp9

    I have a mp9 tki3 rtr with the ke21r engine. I’d like to go with something with a little more pep. Caveat: I wanna stay pull or Roto start. I just bash so I can’t justify buying starter box, batteries, flywheels, engine mounts. What’s a good upgrade from the stock motor with a pullstart...
  2. I

    Kyosho gx 12 questions

    Hello! Note I am completely new to this type of engines. Anyway, today I bought my very first nitro engine. A gx 12. It has everything excpt fuel tank and glow lighter which I have to buy. And FUEL. My idea is, I only want to get it running at the moment. Don't have a car to put it in. Could I...
  3. T


    I have managed to aquire 2 Nitro cars on of them being a V-ONE SII however this car has been broken into parts and i was wondereing if mabye some kind forum users would help me locate some manufacturer or website where there maybe a surplus of parts.(Because most of the places I've been to seem...
  4. T

    Kyosho Drx One11 Nitro

    Recently purchased and awaiting a delivery of a kyosho drx gp with the gx18 engine I've yet to find any information wether any other body shells fit this as it is a unique 1/9 size. I was hoping to get a Evo or m3 or focus style shell but am unaware what my options are. I've looked into mp9...
  5. J

    New to nitro - own a kyosho neo 2.0

    Hi guys, I just recently purchased my first nitro rc. Can anyone suggest ways to increase speed and durability of the car, also, anything you guys may recommend modifying Cheers
  6. Black_Sails_RC_Repair

    Does anyone know much about carburetor brands?

    So about five or six years ago I got a Kyosho Inferno(Not sure which model, It's been so long) and along with it came some back-up parts. Now at the time when I received the car I knew very little about rc cars and because of this I only ran the car about twice and then kept it in a garage for...
  7. WVNed

    Anybody running a Kyosho Fo-XX Nitro.

    I am intrested in your opinion of it. I am seriously considering it as my next purchase.
  8. olds97_lss

    Kyosho FO-XX

    This could already be listed on here, but I found it not possible to search for "FO-XX" or "FO XX". Didn't notice it when searching for kyosho though. Stumbled across this thing while on youtube. Didn't know a solid axle nitro...
  9. fizashah

    Kyosho Inferno MP6

    Hi just wanted to know a Kyosho Inferno MP6 is worth anything. It has been used twice and is in new condition the shell is unpainted and unused. Been told it is rare.
  10. B2P

    My new kyosho inferno gt2 audi r8 project

    my new kyosho inferno gt2 audi r8 project
  11. H

    Kyosho Outlaw Rampage

    I have a 1991 Kyosho Outlaw Rampage and the Pull Starter Spring broke so I took it off and wanted to either put a Roto Starter on or a Pull Starter. I have the Rot Starter just not the engine pieces. Which would be cheaper and easier in the end?
  12. MudSlinger33

    Kyosho Blizzard

    UPS left me a nice present today... Still working on uploading a video.
  13. K

    kyosho v one s compared to hpi sprint flux

    Hey guys how does the kyosho v one s compare to the electric hpi sprint flux 2 i think. He is going to buy a seccond hand kyosho tomorrow and wants me to come along what should i look for said the pull starter is a little loose i know a bit with nitros except for belt driven types lol any...
  14. B2P

    My kyosho inferno gt2 ceptor project

    my kyosho inferno gt2 ceptor project
  15. M

    Need a Kyosho Outlaw Raider manual.

    Does anyone have a manual for the Kyosho Outlaw Raider?
  16. swervin

    Kyosho Inferno GT2 Race Spec

    Can anyone tell me anything about this car ?
  17. Nedly

    Kyosho Nitro Tracker - Parts list or manual?

    I picked this thing up figuring it could be a winter project. It looks like it is the Kyosho Nitro Tracker (90's). I can't find parts for this at all, but I read that they can still be purchased but that you need the manual for a parts numbers list. I imagine something like Towerhobbie have it...
  18. D

    Query about Kyosho Inferno Neo 2.0

    Hi folks. I'm new to RC Nitro cars and two weeks ago I purchased the Kyosho Inferno Neo 2.0. If its ok I would like a little bit of advice as the instructions are very poor. Firstly I'm having trouble with the transmitter/receiver. The vehicle regularly loses signal and then suddenly finds...
  19. Greywolf74

    Kyosho Inferno MP777

    I'm assuming this buggy is discontinued because its like 10 years old now but does anyone know if part support has been discontinued also or are they still making parts for it?
  20. edumspeed

    Kyosho what model

    Got this tryggy for a good deal. Don't have a clue what model it is. Looks quite old imo. Any idea on wich could it be?