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  1. kjax

    Kyosho touch starter

    I have got a touch starter for my gxr18 engine that usually comes on an MFR but I don't have the glow adapter for the lipos to power it, it needs a 7.3v or 7.4v to power it. Does anyone know what I could use? My 21700 Lith-ion battery will power the motor if I touch the positive and negative...
  2. A

    Kyosho 1:8 K1 - Dash1 - gas powered RC car from the 70s

    Hi I was lucky to get a very old Kyosho gas powered RC car. It was sold in Germany - so its a K1 - in the early 70s. Since I have too much on my hands, with family, work and other hobbys, I would like to sell it. Where would you recommend selling it - and what should it be worth? Attached...
  3. Canadaman

    Which Kyosho Fazer VE? Charger or Camaro?

    I want to buy one of the Kyosho Fazer VE series Cars. Either the 1969 Chevy Camaro Z/28 or the Dodge Charger. I keep going back and forth and not sure which one to get. Both are Brushless. Would appreciate opinions.
  4. primebeatz

    Ultima chassis
  5. Rcjmazz21

    Kyosho viper esc trouble!

    Hi everyone. I’ve posted a lot about my old kyosho viper but I have a question about the stock esc for anyone who knows these boats. I noticed each time I use it the silver film on the speed control seems to be eroding away. I circled it in the picture. Is that normal? I don’t want to burn up...
  6. Jackson123

    Kyosho fazer mk2 stock tire shredding probem

    Hey people, iam newto the rc world and have a kyosho fazer mk2 and running the stock wheels. But i have only had the car for just over a week and use it 1-2 times every second day… and my tires seem to be shredding, i have come to you guys because i dont know why, nor do i know what to do to...
  7. Chilli Adventures

    That little kyosho mini z is amazing.

    How cool is the kyosho Toyota 4 runner? The scale on this little machine is second to none. One of the proper scale machines I have in my crawler line up. Who else is enjoying this little beast?
  8. 13enz

    Kyosho Neo Race Spec electric conversion kit

    Hello all, I've got a question I can't seem to find an answer for. I've got a 2011 model Kyosho Neo Race Spec buggy (# 31682 - came with a KE.25 engine) that I loved racing with and wanted to convert it to electric. I've been told to check out the conversion kit for the mp9 since the chassis is...
  9. 20210719_210325.jpg


    Metal Rear Hubs.
  10. 20210719_210257.jpg


    Metal Rear Hubs.
  11. 20210719_210211.jpg


    Metal Rear Hubs.
  12. 20210719_210155.jpg


    Metal Rear Hubs.
  13. 20210719_210141.jpg


    Metal Rear Hubs.
  14. 20210719_205654.jpg


    Metal Rear Hubs.
  15. 20210719_205637.jpg


    Metal Rear Hubs.
  16. 20210713_215556.jpg


    Light Kit.
  17. 20210713_215531.jpg


    Light Kit.
  18. 20210713_215510.jpg


    Light Kit.
  19. 20210713_194612.jpg


    Light Kit.
  20. 20210628_204415.jpg


    Hobbywing MAX10 Brushless 5400kv and ESC