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  1. 20210719_210325.jpg


    Metal Rear Hubs.
  2. 20210719_210257.jpg


    Metal Rear Hubs.
  3. 20210719_210211.jpg


    Metal Rear Hubs.
  4. 20210719_210155.jpg


    Metal Rear Hubs.
  5. 20210719_210141.jpg


    Metal Rear Hubs.
  6. 20210719_205654.jpg


    Metal Rear Hubs.
  7. 20210719_205637.jpg


    Metal Rear Hubs.
  8. 20210713_215556.jpg


    Light Kit.
  9. 20210713_215531.jpg


    Light Kit.
  10. 20210713_215510.jpg


    Light Kit.
  11. 20210713_194612.jpg


    Light Kit.
  12. 20210628_204415.jpg


    Hobbywing MAX10 Brushless 5400kv and ESC
  13. 20210610_200731.jpg


    Kyosho Fazer MK2
  14. 20210610_200715.jpg


    Kyosho Fazer MK2
  15. 20210610_200708.jpg


    Kyosho Fazer MK2
  16. 20210610_194017.jpg


    The box.
  17. StephMir

    Kyosho Fazer MK2 GT3 Electric On-Road

    I was able to ordrer my Kyosho Fazer MK2. They were out of stock for about a year. I will be doing upgrades. I bought the metal center driveshaft and replaced the plastic one. I will be upgrading to brushless & sensorless motor with ESC. I bought some foam tires for my Kyosho FW06 also a 1/10...
  18. Kyosho FW06 Crash run

    Kyosho FW06 Crash run

    Slammed it into a parked car. Surprisingly, hardly any damage. no broken parts, just a little tear on the body and a bent body clip. Installed the foamies all the way around. Running 30mm as opposed to 24mm. Wider wheels and slightly rubbing on the steering turnbuckle. Also, black residue on exhaust
  19. korreka

    Restoring a classic Kyosho Icarus ( and video)

    The Kyosho Icarus is a 2WD entry-level RC car from the year 1985/1986. It has the same chassis as the Pegasus, Cosmo and Cox Bandido. The original motor is the 360ST, size 550, 22 turns - 22,000 rpm and it has independent suspension on four wheels with oil dampers. This buggy is the version that...
  20. M

    Need help to ID car!

    Hiya, I need help to ID my car. It’s an old Kyosho I got gifted from a family friend a few years ago and I can’t remember what it’s called. I don’t have the best pictures but if anyone knows I’d be super grateful. I’m not home at the moment so can’t simply check what it is for a while and need...