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  1. P

    looking for nitro rc kill switch recommendations

    i have a hpi savage x 4.6 nitro and i want to install a kill switch for safety, i recently hand a run away and no fail safe (sorry I'm a n00b) so now i got a new remote coming with a failsafe and i also want a kill switch, i would prefer a kill switch that also shuts off the engine when battery...
  2. WoodiE

    2,300mAh Transmitter/Receiver LiFe battery from KillerRC

    Special thanks to Killer RC for the LiFe Battery! This new 6.6v 2300mAh LiFe battery pack is light weight, but packs a lot of power in a small size. Gives much longer run time, fast and easy recharging. It’s perfect for powering your Futaba 4PKS, 4PKSR, 4PL, 4PLS, or any other radio...
  3. Nitrotrout

    KillerRC Nitro Kill Switch

    Anybody tried this? I like the concept, just curious if anyone's using it and what are the drawbacks, if any? Killer RC - Bumble Bee nitro kill switch - YouTube
  4. K

    failsafe or killerRC bumble bee kill switch

    I want to take extra steps to see that my T Maxx doesn't runaway again so aside from fully charged batteries I was trying to decide between a failsafe or a kill switch. Which of the two would you guys recommend or would yall recommend something else..... let me know something I want to make sure...
  5. WoodiE

    Nitro Kill Switch Giveaway from KillerRC!

    The Killer RC Bumble Bee Nitro Killswitch will automatically stop the fuel flow to your nitro engine during: radio glitch/signal loss, low battery, cut wires, or total battery power loss. You can also kill the engine any time you want by pressing the Aux button on your transmitter, or turning...