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  1. LongIslandRC

    Rusty Gets A Rebuild 4

    The fiberglass chassis is gone. The MIP CVD drive shafts are swapped. The hubs are replaced with new FLM hardware. I converted the hubs to the Jato setup years ago. It limited wheel selection. He's coming along.
  2. LongIslandRC

    Rusty Gets A Rebuild

    I bought my first hobby grade RTR in 2006, the Traxxas Rustler XL10. It's been through hell and back too many times to mention. I've upgraded it many times over the years. There are actually no original pieces left on it but it still has that Rusty soul. Now he gets the thorough makeover that he...
  3. Alexander_0_1

    Integy crap

    Hey guy I was just wanting to know your thoughts on this integy stuff, everyone tells me it's no better than cooking aluminum? I bought some for an old savage 25 that I just sold. Now I wanna know if these should be alright to buy. These are what I was looking at: Hub carriers Steering...
  4. Abigdawg

    Integy Arms For T-Maxx

    So i recently replaced all four corners on my tmaxxs arms but i dont know if they are the right parts. they slide back and forth approx. 2 mm. I'm ordering bumpers, tank gaurd, braces on the underside of the frame. the bulkheads dont seem to fit for some reason i dont understand. should i...
  5. X

    Integy evo 5 suspension

    So I sunk my money into this suspension(integy evo 5) and put it together. I now have a problem turning the wheels because the lower A arm bolts are touching where the servo mounts are under the frame. I have not replaced the bulkheads yet and figured that was the next step, will the bulkhead...
  6. rak12

    Integy Lipos?

    I know Integy aluminum is a waste of money, but how about their Lipo packs?
  7. J

    savage 25 integy suspension compatibility.

    so i just bought a used savage 25 in pretty rough condition, i paid 100 dollars for it and it was my very first one. after extensively studying up on how things work and what parts are supposed to do and what they are supposed to look like i've come to the conclusion that this savage is...
  8. J

    integy 3 shoe clutch

    can anyone reccomend a 3shoe clutch for my jato. I bought 2 integy evolution 5 clutch for my jato with an OS 21 and the other is a stock 3.3 and both clutches are engaging at idle they are brand new so i don't understand why they are doing this as if the springs are worn my idle is not high ...
  9. M

    Will these Integy spacers for my Savage X 4.6 & improve handling?

    Thinking about getting some of these. Will they fit & will they improve handling/rolling?
  10. 3_Stroke_Motor

    Golden Horizons, RPM or Integy?

    Today, while bashing my jato, I took an off-balance jump off a dirt pile and cartwheeled it from a drop of about 3 feet. To my surprise, I only broke the left lower suspension arm (stock). I went to my LHS to by some replacement factory arms (stock as well) to hold me over. I went ahead and...
  11. rc 66

    Integy 3PC 7075 Clutch Conversion Question

    Does any one run this clutch i am wondering if it would be better then the stock one and its only a few bucks more then the stock clutch just don't want to have to buy two clutch's when i could have bought the right one first lol any input would be great thanks
  12. Bkyd Basher

    Integy 3 shoe setup

    I know integys rep for not being so great of a product but anyone have any experiance with there 3 shoe setup?
  13. U

    integy shocks

    On my slash 2wd I have a set of integy shocks. There are basic shock. I just changed the oil to 50wt. On one the piston came loose. How do I get it secured to the shaft. Also what are your thoughts on the shocks. I'm new to the r/c world so any input would be helpful.
  14. E

    Integy Led Lights

    Hopefully someone can help me out here. I just bought the integy led light kit for my revo 3.3. Problem is it didnt come with any installation documents. It has the head lights, tails, and turn signals. Anybody have any idea how to install them? Thanks in advance... ---------- Post added at...
  15. B

    integy a arms

    My new integy evo 5 bottom a arms rub my stock 2.5 drive shaft... Any one have a fix for this?
  16. L

    Rpm upgrades/titanium integy pushrods and turnbuckles

    Hey everybody .........i brought for my revo rpm rear/front arms... I notice the integy titanium pushrods and turnbuckles does not fit the rpm arms along with the factory rockers that it came with. Does anyone know of any other titanium pushrods/ turnbuckles that fit the rpm upgrades for my revo...
  17. Greywolf74

    Sold / Found Integy VXL Rustler Gear Box (any color)

    WTB...Integy VXL Rustler Gear Box (any color) Part Number T7983
  18. alien13

    So I was on the Integy website....

    JUST LOOKING..... and I feel I've been raped, yet I haven't bought anything. I'm trying to find ideas for adding LED lights to my Flux, preferably cheap and unique. I don't want them mounted to the body, and I don't want them to get trashed when I'm jumping. I like the KillerRC kit, but...
  19. rak12

    A second good product from Integy

    Well I got tired of using my socket set to remove my 17mm wheel nuts and decided to try this: Works great for at least a dozen uses so far with no visible wear. So in addition to their 3 shoe clutch for the revo/tmaxx, the list of...
  20. T

    Integy parts???

    So integy parts that r on eBay r junk??