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  1. Cornholio

    Hyperion Charger

    So i've had a venom pro charger for about 2 years now and it's served me well. To fully charge a 3s it's taking about an hour, I'd like to speed that up just a little bit. Also, now that I've got more batteries and I've moved up to running an occasional 4s, I'd like to have something a little...
  2. R

    Sold / Found Hyperion EOS SENTRY Battery Checker

    for sale brabd new never used battery checker i run nitro and really dont have a use for this 20$ shipped obo
  3. WoodiE

    Hyperion EOS Sentry Giveaway!

    Hyperion EOS Sentry Giveaway! Hyperion EOS Sentry Battery Pack Checker LiPo, LiIon and LiFe from 2S to 7S NiCd and NiMH from 4 to 7 cells Large clear display The Hyperion EOS Sentry is a clever device that can show you the condition of your battery packs. The Hyperion EOS Sentry can be...
  4. robmob

    Hyperion EOS Battery Sentry

    Ever wonder how many volts are left in your pack? What percentage is left in the pack for storage? It was time (way over time actually) to check on my packs yesterday that have been stored for awhile. The Sentry made checking the voltage and such such an easy process that it paid for itself...
  5. SMaxxin

    Sold / Found FS: Hyperion charger and Losi micro crawler

    Hyperion EOS0606i AC/DC charger SOLD Losi Micro Crawler SOLD
  6. flm_savage

    Sold / Found Losi RX and Hyperion Lipos

    Found these while organizing the garage. Losi RX compatible with spektrum radios. $40 shipped Hyperion 3S lipos's 3S, 25C, 2100mAh 25 each shipped or 40 for the pair.
  7. flm_savage

    Sold / Found Couple Hyperion Lipo's and a Losi RX

    Hyperion 3S 2100 25C lipo's in great shape. 30 shipped each or 55 for both. Losi spektrum rx with bind plug. 40 shipped
  8. flm_savage

    Sold / Found Spektrum RX and Hyperion 3S

    Few things that are just sitting in the garage collecting dust. price includes shipping. Spektrum SR3000 - SOLD Hyperion G3 CX 5000mah 3S - $55 I'll get pics up today. The battery slid forward in my mini-ste and when i pulled it out the blue plastic was crinkled at the end. I cut the...
  9. flm_savage

    Sold / Found Hyperion 2S lipos, 1/16 slash roller

    FIRST: I am in mississippi for 2 days so anything you buy will ship thursday at noon. I also can't get pictures now but product descriptions tell you what you need to know. First up are the Hyperion lipo's. These fit perfectly in the in the 1/16th battery trays and give incredible...
  10. 1

    Sold / Found Hyperion EOS0606i AC/DC

    SOLD! Thanks - Joe
  11. Z

    Sold / Found FS: Hyperion charger, Power Supply, Lead power wires, Bullet connectors, JR radio

    Couple things here for sale here. :olleyes: Hyperion EOS7i DC charger Charge- 0.1-7.0A Discharge- 0.1-3.0a Lithium- 1S-5S (3.6-18.5v) Nicd/Nimh- 1-25 cells Lead Acid- 1-6 cells Excellent charger, no complaints about it what so ever. Did everything i needed it to do, in the amount of time i...
  12. flm_savage

    Sold / Found Hyperion EOS0606i AC/DC Balance Charger

    This is the best charger i have ever owned. It does it all. Read the link below for all the details. it says the new one has a lipo storage mode. I have no clue if mine does that. It an EOS0606i ac/dc so maybe it does. All i ever did was charge lipo's and nimh with it. I cut the dc input...
  13. Amoeba

    Hyperion or Triton?

    So tomorrow I'll be heading to the LHS to pick up a bunch of stuff. I'll be getting a bunch of lipo packs for my nitro cars and a 2S hardpack for the new HPI Sprint 2 Drift Sport w/Novak SLYDR 7.5t kit. Since I'm a n00b to LiPo, I'm willing to shell out the bucks for a top notch charger that...
  14. R

    Balancing Losi Lipo with Hyperion 610

    I have the Hyperion 610 balance charger. I have a Losi brand 2S 1000mah lipo for the mini LST2 and another brand 2S 2000mah. When I charge the 2000mah lipo, I'm able to charge it while the balance taps are connected, so it charges and balances at the same time. For the Losi 1000mah...