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  1. WoodiE

    Lots of new HPI RC's on the way

    HPI has released details of several new HPI RC's coming soon at the Nürnberg Toy Fair. Venture scale crawler #116558 An all-new platform for scale crawling fanatics, the Venture combines a realistic front-motor position, metal chassis rails and realistic drivetrain with the Toyota FJ Cruiser...
  2. klown

    hpi wheely king

    hello all, i am new to the hobby and i was originally wanting a nitro but i found a great deal on a wheely king with the crawler package already installed, and a stinger motor upgrade from the stock motor... i am very pleased with the truck so far, but i am having some difficulties with it. is...
  3. R

    Wheely King?

    My lhs has a used wheely king I've been eyeballing to turn into a crawler. Is the wheely king a good start an a good crawler? what would need to be done to it? I want a inexpensive way into crawling but i dont want to buy a rtc rig cus thats no fun to me. Anyways an advice/opinions would be...

    some pics of my custom wheely king crawler

    this is the truck i did the green boy for the new body those are spi racing wheels
  5. SMaxxin

    Sold ARTR Wheely King

  6. N

    HPI Wheely King 4x4 Diff Locker

    I recently bought a STRC diff locker set for my Wheely King. The problem is I do not know how to install it and it didnt come with directions. I could really use some help.
  7. flm_savage

    bought another wheely king

    I figure this was a pretty good deal so i jumped on it. Original WK, the 2x4 version with no body or electronics for $55 shipped. Right now the plans are a sidewinder 4600 setup on a 2S lipo. Going to leave it 2wd and just bash the snot out of it. questions, comments, smart remarks?
  8. flm_savage

    Sold Wheely King Lockers

    These are brand new maximizer lockers. They will not work with the HD ring and pinion so they have to go. $15 shipped for the pair. They are out of the package but have never been run. Paypal only
  9. SMaxxin

    Sold Wheely king 4 sale

    This was my beater truck, it's been there done that but it's still in good shape. Home made cutting board chassis, a little rough but it will kill a stock chassis! Stock axles and tranny, all locked. The ring and pinion in the rear diff and all of the tranny gears were replaced about two...
  10. flm_savage

    Wheely King Basher Build

    Ok i decided after looking at the scx and wheely king that for a basher mud truck just to sink and throw mud everywhere, you can't beat a wheely king. So i have some stuff coming to the house for this build. WK roller HD ring and pinions Waterproof XL5 Waterproof 2075 steering servo...
  11. SMaxxin

    WTB Wheely King tranny, axial 1.9 bead locks

    All done here
  12. WoodiE

    Wheely King rock crawler conversion kit

    Finally! A complete, everything you need, HPI Wheely King rock crawler conversion kit. The HPI Wheely King conversion kit will transform your stock Wheely King into a full rock crawler. The Wheely King rock crawler kit comes complete with the... Click to continue
  13. WoodiE

    HPI Wheely King monster truck bodies

    Looking for some realistic monster truck bodies for your HPI Wheely King? Well look no more, HPI has just released three new bodies, the Bounty Hunter, Scarlet Bandit, and the Iron Outlaw, that are officially licensed monster truck bodies for the HPI Wheely King!... Click to continue
  14. Webbage

    Axial Diablo on a Wheely King?

    I gots me a problem. I run a stretched wheelbase Wheely King with Traxxas Victory 2.8" wheels. The conventional body looks dorky because it's 1:12 and the truck is way longer now (and wider). So I got me a Axial Diablo shell. It looks sweet up on the truck, but I can't mount it because the rear...
  15. Lessen

    WTB: Wheely King cross brace

    I imagine that one of you WK crawler guys has a suspension cross brace just lying around somewhere unused. I want to put one on the front of my son's WK.
  16. Webbage

    Wheely King Basher Project

    Dunno if this belongs in here but... well it's not a crawler project any more and I guess it falls under MTs... Seeing as how my Axial AX-10 is such a great crawler, I don't expect to be needing the Wheely King for crawling anymore. Rather than leave it to gather dust in a dark corner, I want...
  17. h8z2luze

    Wheely king?

    What was the wheely king originally intended for? I know people turn them into crawlers but were they supposed to be that or just another electric MT?
  18. Webbage

    Wheely King battery Top Link holder

    I've been banging my head on the wall trying to find an idea for holding the battery on the top links of my Wheely King's front axle. I hit upon it tonight, I thought it worked so well I'd show it off :) Basically, it's just a plate that sits in front of the top mount of the axle (mine is...
  19. WoodiE

    Wheely King differential locker

    HPI has now made available separately the same diff lockers found in the Wheely King RC Crawler Conversion Kit. The tough metal wheely king differential Lockers are an easy way to lock the differentials on Wheely King trucks for rock... Click to continue
  20. Webbage

    Wheely King Crawler Conversion

    I'm trying to plan a Wheely King crawler conversion. I'm a bit bamboozled by all the trick parts available from the US and don't want to make any mistakes as I'm in the UK and importing the stuff is time consuming. My Plan so far is to take the WK from stock using these parts: TRA4928X -...