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  1. Recently acquired a Savage X & a XL

    Recently acquired a Savage X & a XL

    Scooped up the X along with a firestorm for $225!!!! The XL I got for 200 missing wheels, 1 servo & a shell, Big wins.
  2. coldvod

    Hpi savage E conversion build

    I'm converting my nitro savage to electric. I still enjoy nitro but I'd rather have a simpler system for this type of vehicle. Thus far i've taken my transmission off. I needed to as the nitro version includes a OWB as seen in the first photo ( the middle one with an arrow pointed at it ) After...
  3. G

    Nitro engine priming and starting difficulties (needs help)

    Hello! Recently i had bought a nitro rc car (hpi savage 25) from a friend. He wasn't using it for a long time (1year) and he lost the transmitter. Thankfully i had one laying around. I've tested the servos, they are working, but... I can't start the engine no matter what i do. First i simply...
  4. C

    Need recommenation for a muffler

    I have a Savage X 4.6 and I'm putting an LRP 32 engine on it. Having a difficult time finding a muffler made for specifically for this engine. Does anyone have a recommendation for a muffler that is tuned for the LRP 32? I want the best performance I can get.