hpi savage octane

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  1. coldvod

    Savage Nitro brake not engaging when pressing the brake

    It's fun but I don't have brakes. I'm lazy and I don't feel like taking the whole brake, transmission and stuff etc. off my vehicle. Basically the brake linkage doesn't press the pad/compress it. The servo moves it. If you need me to provide video and/or photos I will provide them but at the...
  2. TOoSmOotH

    Savage Octane Battery Mod

    So after the first time I took my batteries out of my Octane I knew I had to change the setup. Trying to get everything crammed in there was a huge pain in the ass. I took matters into my own hands and did this easy modification. What you need: 2 x Servo Extensions Soldering Iron Solder Heat...
  3. WoodiE

    HPI Savage Octane Manual and Parts Listing and Tips

    HPI Savage Octane XL Manuals HPI Savage Octane Manual (mirror) Savage Octane Running Tips (mirror) Savage Octane Exploded View (mirror) Savage Octane Parts Listing Chassis Components #105891 - Upper Arm Brace 4x54x3mm #105892 - Bulkhead Lower Plate 2.5mm #105893 - Lower Arm Brace 4x54x3mm...