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  1. J

    Bullet 3.0 Problems

    It’s probably my fault, hopefully something simple that I’m just looking over, but I’m hoping for advice on what to check for maintenance. Problems seemed to have started after sitting for a while. I previously upgraded my servos on the bullet, sealed the engine and ran it for a few days with a...
  2. J

    Time for New Servos!

    I need to pick up a new servo to replace the stock throttle servo on my HPI Bullet that went out. I May as well replace both at the same time to save later hassle. I’m thinking of going the Hitec route, but I’m unsure if I should go one digital and one analog, or both analog. what are your...
  3. J

    Engine options, not many.

    Unfortunately not too thrilled with my HPI Bullet. It does run well and starts up pretty quick, but the engine doesn’t have the power for off-road I’m looking for. It’s also a pita to get a decent tune, unlike my Losi 8ight, which was a breeze to get a nice tune on. Anyway I was looking around...
  4. J

    Starting HPI Bullet (Updated w/pics)

    Well I finally got the car, but can’t seem to start the damn thing to break in the motor! I’ve read all the instructions, and searched and searched and searched, but no luck. The pull start seems really hard to pull, and almost sounds like metal clanking when I do give it a pull. With the glow...
  5. J

    HPI Bullet or other RC?

    How’s it going everyone! I’m new to the hobby and was looking for advice or reccomendations on which RC I should start with. I’m looking for nitro, something with a good selection of upgrades later on, and something that can hold up to some good fun. I did my research and ordered the Nitro HPI...