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  1. A

    Max 8 ESC blinking power switch

    My Hobby wing max 8 ESC turned off on me while I was driving it. The power switch is just blinking red when I try to turn it on, not the ESC, and there’s nothing in the manual about it. It happened after I connected some lights. I already disconnected the lights and made sure all the connections...
  2. birdman375

    Kraton 6s issues

    Howsit guys, basically long story short, picked up second hand kraton 6s Friday night had a few go’s on it without crashing or flipping etc an now all of a sudden the car won’t work, powers up but no steering or power to the motor, Iv cleaned all the connections and recalibrated the esc but...
  3. D

    Quicrun 880 in vintage Bullhead - please help

    Hi, I recently bought and installed the quicrun 880 into my Bullhead from 1991. The operation was smooth and programming easy as usual...but one thing keeps giving me headache. The ESC is cutting out from time to time, for example when accelerating full throttle directly from reversing (I've...
  4. entropy

    Electronics Layout

    Does anyone enjoy the electronics layout process of a kit build? For me, this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the build. I’m currently building an Xray XB4, the amount of space available to work with is so much greater than the XB2 and XT2. Every time I build a new kit I find a new...
  5. LongIslandRC

    Rusty Gets A Rebuild 4

    The fiberglass chassis is gone. The MIP CVD drive shafts are swapped. The hubs are replaced with new FLM hardware. I converted the hubs to the Jato setup years ago. It limited wheel selection. He's coming along.
  6. LongIslandRC

    Rusty Gets A Rebuild

    I bought my first hobby grade RTR in 2006, the Traxxas Rustler XL10. It's been through hell and back too many times to mention. I've upgraded it many times over the years. There are actually no original pieces left on it but it still has that Rusty soul. Now he gets the thorough makeover that he...
  7. LongIslandRC

    Meet my rigs (some of them)

    Introducing some of my fleet. I try to take good care of my stuff because I was a destructive kid. It didn't work out well. Now I can race and bash and repair like a pro, to keep my rides tight. And make the next owner wanna pay $$ for your rig.??✌?
  8. LongIslandRC

    Tamiya Mudmad Build

    Just having fun building this little guy and making it fast and tough.✌?✌???
  9. hamz9561

    Buyer Beware...

    The FCC is fining HobbyKing for selling non-compliant video transmitters. Here is a link to the details: http://www.arrl.org/news/arrl-drone-transmitters-complaint-spurs-proposed-2-8-million-fcc-penalty