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  1. D

    Hyper 21 help!!!

    I’ve had this hyper 7 tq in storage for quite a while as it needed a new piston sleeve and rod so after 2 years I decided to finally buy the parts and today I stripped it all and put it back together but I believe I might have messed up a step so as I pull the cord the whole clutch turns which...
  2. Kosmas

    Hobao Hyper 7 From 1speed to 2speed

    Hello everyone I'm looking to upgrade my hyper7 to 2 speed! Which vehicle should i look for parts from that should fit? anyone experienced in this upgrade?
  3. Rickyo007

    Hobao Hyper 7 Steering Servo

    Hi guys, The steering servo (Hi Tec, HS645 MG) on my Hobao Hyper 7 is continually moving and jerking around involuntarily. So when the car is stationary at idle, the wheels will keep moving small amounts, left and right... Any ideas why this is happening or how to stop it please??