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  1. bigbristv

    Anyone Try This Cheap Indoor Heli?

    I find it's soo much fun especially when I can't or don't want to go out.
  2. Howeller

    Frsky reviever for trex 470lp

    Hello all. I'm new to rc helicopters i am coming across from racing drones. As i have been flying race and fpv drones for a while so i have a frsky transmitter that i like and would like to use for helicopters. I am looking at a trex 470lp as that is what i have been flying in the simulator, on...
  3. Apache Heli

    Apache Heli

    Rocket pods and missile launchers mounted on 500 sized heli
  4. griff7373

    Beginner Helicopter?

    I am looking to get into helicopters but don't want to go crazy in price and am leaning towards a nitro one. Can anybody suggest a good beginner one I would look at an electric one as a starter if need be.
  5. ChasCS

    HYBRID RC Helicopter Car

    This seems like another bright idea that should have been designed already. http://gemshumor.blogspot.com/2013/06/hybrid-helicopter-car-b-rc.html B is another top-notch kickstarter project that lets you to fly in the air. Actually it is an remote control hybrid car-helicopter that can fly and...
  6. ChasCS

    The secret beyond the success of RC helicopter

    Yes, reading this made me smile... The secret beyond the success of RC helicopter Everybody has hobby of his own. Some play cricket, football, hockey, and aquarium and some are fond of playing 3D games. Computer games which are 3D are getting too much popularity these days. I was talking about...
  7. SMaxxin

    Sold / Found FS Blade MSR Helicopter RTF

    Used but in good condition, canopy has some scratches and a small crack on the nose. The TX, charger, and batteries for the charger have never been taken out of the box. I flew this heli today just before putting it in the box and everything was great. It will be shipped in the factory box...
  8. B

    Sold / Found Blade Helicopters

    I just decided I dont have time to learn right now. First up is a Blade Scout CX. Very easy to fly, anyone can fly it. It is definately an indoor only heli. Will include everything that came with it new. $35.00 shipped Next up is a Blade 120SR. It is a four channel but is only a single...
  9. Metalhead Matt

    Beginners helicopter

    The name says it all. I'm wanting a chopper to buzz around with. A buddy stopped by with one he picked up at a liquidation sale. 75 bucks. It was about a foot long or so. Brushed motor, lipo bat. A little 180mah 2s. It jammed! I want the simplest to operate, most popular beginner mini. I...
  10. B

    Sold / Found Rc stuff for sale. cars rtr, helicopter, etc..

    I have a lot of rc cars for sale, I'm not sure of shipping charges yet. we'll have to cover that later. This stuffs going to be up here for a week, then it's going on ebay. traxxas rustler vxl, this is in rough shape and the esc cover is rigged up and doesn't seal but it does run. it could use...
  11. CosmosGoat

    2 Rotor Helicopter

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270647710243&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT Its an off brand but it works well and comes with a lipo and charger. Only flown a few times. Heli isnt for me.
  12. P

    Helicopter Aerobatics Video

    I've progressed a whole bunch since I last got a video of my flying. It is recommended to have the sound on and loud for the noise of the blades ripping the air to pieces! Paul
  13. grgbulldog

    Identify this Helicopter

    I got this helicopter along with a blade cp in a trade on craigslist today. Does anyone know anything about it? I can't find this exact one.
  14. Z

    Sold / Found Heli-Maxx Rotofly Helicopter.

    I bought the helicopter awhile back and intended on learning how to fly it. Well Now i am in some need for cash for my revo so I have decided to sell this little Heli. It's All stock and fully ready for fun, Batteries and all. It's missing the body but it's only a $5.00 part. doesn't effect the...
  15. C

    good 3D helicopter to buy?

    hi I'm looking to get to 3D helis.. whats a good one to buy with lots of parts that pretty much most hobby shops carries ? is blade 400 a good way to start? thanks:bow:
  16. P

    electric rc helicopters

    Hi, I got my son a syma dragon fly for christmas. Its only 2 channel but great fun. So now i am thinking i might get my self a 3 or channel helicopter. I only want an electric one untill i have learned to fly it. I have been looking at the walkera's either the 5-4 or the 004 or even the 60. But...
  17. grgbulldog

    which helicopter should i get?

    I've been thinking a lot lately. i have every kind of rc but a helicopter now. so I'm thinking about getting a helicopter and delaying getting a savage for a while because heli's look pretty cool. anyway, would the blade cp or the blade cx be a better beginner heli? the cp looks more like a real...
  18. WoodiE

    Helicopter for dad?

    My mom is wanting to get a heli for my dad. At first she thought about getting one of the tiny X-Copters but is now wanting something that dad could fly outside and a bit bigger then the X-Copter. My dad doesn't have any other R/C's and has never flown an airplane or heli before so we're...
  19. D

    i wanna helicopter.

    can you give me any suggestions on a good helicopter at a resonable price
  20. K

    Helicopter is almost done...

    Well, my dad bought me an original Century Hawk about 8 years ago, and since I was too young and inexperienced, it just sat around. A year or two ago, I sat down and built most of the helicopter, but got turned off once it came time to buy electronics since I was so broke. As some of you...