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  1. tudordewolf

    Counterfeit glow plugs - OS #8's on several websites.

    OS made two press releases last winter about counterfeit glow plugs: Announcement 1 - pictures of fake packaging Announcement 2 - #6's are also being counterfeited Complicating the issue is that vendors will use pictures of the genuine packaging in their listings and ship you fakes, which...
  2. Deku

    I'm wondering, .. Force R36

    i've been rebuilding a trashed (by previous owner) Hobao Hyper 8 and readying up for completing this rebuild soon. What i have already done with the motor (Hong Nor Force R36 black edition): i ran in the motor in question with a hot glow plug, needle settings at factory, adjusted where needed...
  3. JezHall

    Pro 15 nitro engine dies after glow starter is removed

    I have a Pro 15 engine that dies as soon as I remove the glow starter. Most threads seem to mention the plug though I have a new one and it still dies. I am using an N4 plug, is this the correct one or is there something else I should try? The car runs fine with the starter in. Thanks in...
  4. C

    Dynamite .21 engine

    The dynamite .21 engine that comes stock in the losi 8ight with sidewinder 20% an OS#8 plug ok or should I go with the colder R5 plug? Oh I live in south west Florida, usually running in 90* weatger with 80% humidity
  5. S

    What does cold or hot glow plug mean?

    Hi guys! Could you please tell me what are cold, medium, and hot glow plugs? What does it mean? What plugs are suitable for what weather conditions?
  6. I

    Just got back into the hobby for the 3rd time

    Got some fleabay slayers and have had a ecx nitro revenge for a few years. Now, why i finally registered on my first RC forum, Glow plugs. fleabay slayer got a new 3.3 motor in it, and the 2 BRAND NEW traxxas 3232x glow plugs will die the second i release the glow starter. So I broke it in on...
  7. Raging Revo

    plug eating revo

    My Revo has been eating up igniters, I've just replaced the 2nd one a few days ago and its gone bad, its the spare Traxxas sends in the RTR kit. What causes GP's to go bad? running rich?? My 5yr old Rushler's on it's 2nd GP.