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  1. Addict Rc

    Pinion And Spur Gearing Guide

    So I’ve seen quite a few post recently on how to find the right gearing for a RC car. So here ya go. *As a reference use the stock gearing of your RC as a “mid point”* If you’re trying to go slower. You’ll want to add a bigger spur gear and smaller pinion gear. What that does is it makes the...
  2. D

    New transmission troubles

    Hi guys, I have a HSP 94122 and it was all going fine until I pulled the engine out to do something, put it back in wrong, started it, drove it away and stripped all the original plastic gears. I then ordered a metal replacement transmission off Ali express that I had to assemble myself and it’s...
  3. A

    Traxxas X maxx Problem

    I have reassembled the truck a handful of times trying to find the problem. The truck makes loud clicking noises and does not always move forward even though the motor spins and the pinion gear is on tight.. Thought maybe before I take it in to a shop I could try asking on this Forum for help...
  4. V

    13t pinion gear

    Hi, I think my pinion gear is damaged, can someone verify it by the looks of it please? The rc car is a bsd rampage 1/10
  5. I

    Heavy truck electronics, whats working for you?

    I'm building a 9lb capra and I'm not sure what electronics i can use in this thing. I was trying a riot xl 1100kv with castle copper head 10 on 4s but I'm still getting alot of cogging at low angle climbs. Are there transmission mods i could do? I feel like thats a part of it, it seems very high...
  6. T

    Slash 4x4 gearing

    Hey everyone, I'm new to these forums and Rc's in general so sorry if I don't know what I'm talking about. I just bought a 1/10 Traxxas slash 4x4 off one of my friends. I know it has a castle creations engine in it, but I don't know which one or any information about it. I want to change my...
  7. S

    Gearing help for SMT10

    I just landed a great deal on a new SMT10 with all the goodies(not installed). I think the previous owner lost interest. In this package was a Castle Sidewinder 3 brushless set up that will be going in soon. Its got JC Renegades and I just installed Axial metal gears. My question is, what...
  8. B

    t maxx trans stripping primary gear

    I have a t maxx 2.5 which currently is powered by a 3.3. I run the truck for about 3 minutes then the primary gear strips it teeth. Is my problem in the trans or is the problem the slipper clutch? I am new to the hobby so any help is appreciated.
  9. batmanninja

    hpi nitro mt clutch/spur gear

    any one know that the gear specs are for this car. i am converting to electric and i need new pinion gear. for my lois xxx nt gear specs are 32p/20t for pinion gear. i am probablly going like 20t for the hpi as well what would the p# be?
  10. P

    Steel spur gear?

    So when I used to have a Savage I had plastic spur gears and was told metal spur fears would blow up the transmission? My new to me Savage X has a steel spur gear and a 3 spd tranny with reverse. Should I swap it out for a plastic or is my 3 spd strong enough and I should be good?
  11. Certified Mike

    Have experience w/ Revo 3.3 suspension and trans upgrades?

    I posted some questions in the 'Revo' forum about upgrades to suspension with rpm parts? Or others for that matter? Also looking for ideas for upgrades for the trans. Its all stock and it's a basher So I'm thinking I'd like to keep reverse (if at all possible) I blew up the trans and replaced...
  12. DerekPike

    HPI Monster King spur gear

    I have a friend who has the HPI monster king (Nitro version of the wheelie king). He keeps shredding the plastic spur gear that came with it (HPI 85625). He's looking for a metal one so he doesn't have to replace this thing every few runs. Any suggestions? I see the HPI firestorm also uses a 53t...
  13. IdriveSlideways

    3 spur gears in 2 hours

    My Redcat keeps shredding spur gears like nobody's business. I've changed it 3 times and it keeps happening. I've set my mesh with a piece of paper just as I've always done and haven't had any problems with it with any of my other RC's. Does anybody have a remedy for this problem? Or a link to...
  14. WoodiE

    Traxxas X-Maxx Machined Diff Gears

    The Traxxas X-Maxx has been built to withstand some brutal punishment, we all know there are plenty of us out there that like to push your truths as far as we can get them. Traxxas has just released X-Maxx Machined Diff Gears to withstand the harshest of treatments. The X-Maxx Machined Diff...
  15. Rcjunky2002

    FLM Savage xl gearing

    hey guys I have just finished building my custom savage xl and was wondering if I could get some opinions on some gearing. I am running a savage xl with FLM chassis, lst shocks and TNS modded lrp 30 and dynamite 086 pipe. I would like to hear it a bit higher because it tops out real quick and I...
  16. JohnSampson

    Spur gear destroyed

    so I have a savage XL, and for some reason, no matter what I do the spur gear always gets destroyed, it always starts to strip, I kinda looks like it's being ground down. Any help would be great, these are metal gears too.
  17. R

    Spur gear destroying itself

    I have an exceed forza, as running it the other day and it started reving but not going anywhere. I look at it to see what is wrong and the large gear teeth all but the outside edge had been worn down flat. So I replaced it and it roller smoothly until I started it up and gave it some gas. It...
  18. pjoseph

    how to be sure spur gear and clutch bell are aligned square?

    looking for a way to be sure the alignmenet between the spur gear and clutch bell are square? I have a little more play/adjustment since i had to extend the holes some in order to shift the center gear box up. the only idea i had would require two laser levels that i dont have so hoping there...
  19. P

    Hyper 7 SPUR GEAR HELP

    Hi, I've recently shredded my two gears that make my nitro car move. I think they're called the spur gears and the pinion. What are the best sort of cogs to buy for it? Thanks.
  20. Roger A. Cucal Jr.

    Diff bet 13 & 15 tooth pinion gear w/ 42 spur gear

    hi guys, i need help from experience driver out there. I have 13 & 15 tooth pinion gear which I want to match w/ 42 tooth spur gear, engine to be use is Novarossi P5XLT & novarossi Clio P5 and will be using efra 9901 & 21 short manifold. Now, the question is which of these two pinion gear...