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  1. WoodiE

    MCD Racing W5 FT short course truck

    MCD Racing has a new short course truck, the W5 MAX which offers an extended wheel base, wider track width, a new body, reinforced rear alloy stiffeners as well as new allow shock towers. MCD Racing W5 FT Features Top of the line competition off-road Short Course Truck Easy...
  2. craig911

    savage x gas conversion .31 gas engine

    guy guys, so i just managed to snag a dynamite .31 gas/petrol engine i'm going to see if i can fit it into my savage, a few questions, before i get started 1 - could i keep the stock fuel tank and just change the lines since it uses a rubber o'ring seal? if not could someone recommend a...
  3. WoodiE

    HPI Savage Octane Manual and Parts Listing and Tips

    HPI Savage Octane XL Manuals HPI Savage Octane Manual (mirror) Savage Octane Running Tips (mirror) Savage Octane Exploded View (mirror) Savage Octane Parts Listing Chassis Components #105891 - Upper Arm Brace 4x54x3mm #105892 - Bulkhead Lower Plate 2.5mm #105893 - Lower Arm Brace 4x54x3mm...