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  1. DavidB1126

    New Radio Time. Mid Range Radios. RadioLink RC8X, Futaba T4PM, Sanwa M17, FlySky NB4

    New Radio Time Upgrading from a RadioLink RC4GS V3. Pros: All the features I need, some settings/features I don't even use. Cons: The feel of it, the plastics are brittle. I had broken the trigger and the battery door. And the AAs do not say in place so if one pops out, there goes my car and...
  2. C

    1/24th Drift RC Electronics Advice

    Hello. I am recently getting into 1/24th scale RC drifting. Having a bit of trouble though. As I am new to this, not really sure what good sources there are for just 1/24th scale stuff. Sometimes I’ll be looking at a motor, or ESC, or something and I’ll check around for reviews on multiple...
  3. S

    Futaba 4PLS help needed! Please!

    Hey everyone, I'm in a bind. I am about done wrapping up my Axial Wraith 4 wheel steer project when, for whatever reason, I lost my reverse. I was adding in lights (in CH4 of my receiver) and was tinkering around with settings to try and get on of the DT's to be able to turn on and off the...
  4. PWells

    Futaba question

    Hopefully I can attach a couple of pictures to show what I am working with. It is an older RC truck that my grandson wants me to get running for him. The issue is I do not have a transmitter and do not know what transmitter to look for. The receiver is Futaba FP-R112JE (AM75). One Servo is...
  5. I

    Futaba T3PV question.

    Have a Futaba T3PV transmitter. Just purchased Futaba r2104gf receiver. Tried linking it, had to switch sys to hf. Green light on receiver, transmitter keeps blinking blue led and beeping. What am i doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. WoodiE

    Futaba BLS373SV servo

    Futaba BLS373SV servo Continue reading the full article
  7. DXtreme1

    Futaba 4PV transmitter

    Anyone else running using a Futaba 4PV transmitter? I wanted to discuss any issues, tips, accessories(especially ones that are not listed as a 4PV accessory but works for it), Reviews and personal experience with it. As far as accessories that are not listed for the 4PV it seems that any...
  8. S

    OLD Vintage Tires for Futaba Safari 1/8 buggy

    Does anyone have the ability to 3D replicate rubber tires for 1/8 scale buggies? I've got some Kyosho 1/8 2wd and some 4wd, as well as the Futaba 2wd 1/8 Safari buggies that need tires. Now I've probably got 1 (one) of each tire that would be suitable for making a replica of, the others were...
  9. S

    OLD Vintage Futaba Radio Systems Crystals and Modules

    I've got several of these Transmitters and have been trying to get matching Receivers, Crystal sets, and Servo's. These are the FP-T 2F models that are metal cased and originally came with tan colored plastic cased receivers and servo's. Those servo's by the way were a square drive not a...
  10. roger25186

    My new toy.

    My new Futaba 4PX radio, which I am still learning.
  11. WoodiE

    Futaba 4PX software version 1.2 update available

    If you own a Futaba 4PX radio system, you'll want to upgrade to the newly released Futaba 4PX software update version 1.2. The new update comes with a number of changes as well as improves the wireless communication quality in addition version 1.2 also modifies features found on the Futaba...
  12. E

    Futaba reciever compatability

    I am pretty new to this, but started building a nitro buggy. I ordered a futaba 3pm-x transmitter which came with a Futaba r603ff receiver. Upon receiving i realized the receiver is only rated for 6v and i want to use LiPo voltage on my servos so I ordered a r614fs receiver. After placing my...
  13. Greywolf74

    Futaba 4PL TX Only...10 hours left.

    i stumbled across a 4PL for only $75 (currently with 10 hours left) on eBay and thought it would be a good deal if someone was looking. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Futaba-4PL-2-4G-4-Channel-2-4GHz-Radio-/141449609369?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item20ef0dc099
  14. tadpole1991

    Futaba 4PLS S Bus

    I was just wondering if you can plug regular servos into the S bus port,like use savox servos with it or do you ave to use the S bus servos from futaba? any help is greatly appreciated thanks! :)
  15. HPIguy

    Futaba Guys, Need a Little Help Here

    I have a brand new 4PLS, and a brand new Futaba R204GF-E RX that for the life of me, I cannot get them linked. I made sure to set my radio to S-FHSS mode, went back into TX mode, powered up the RX, and held down the link button multiple times for what seemed an eternity, still no luck. Am I...
  16. A

    Futaba 4PLS Radio Binding Issues

    Ok, so I finally got a nice radio to replace all the crappy "RTR" radios I've been using. I bought a Futaba 4PLS and wow this thing is nuts. I hate to admit it but I'm a corporate IT contractor responsible for colocation of cloud services and exchange servers but I can't figure this thing...
  17. sv250

    Futaba FF603 Fail?

    My steering servo quit working out of the blue last week. It will not turn one way at all and only 50% the other way. I ordered a new servo and its doing the same thing so I plugged the servo into the throttle slot and they both work fine. My EPA is set to 120% still nothing. Anybody see this...
  18. WoodiE

    Futaba 4PLS 2.4Ghz Radio System

    Futaba has just released an update to one of their most popular radios, the Futaba 4PL. The new Futaba 4PLS builds off the 4PL system and adds even more great features while still maintaining the same price point of $249.99! The most notable change is the Futaba 4PLS adds telemetry which allows...
  19. M

    Futaba 4pl help

    Sup RCNT, can someone tell me how to set the Failsafe on it, because when i hit full throttle and Turn the radio of like if it was out of range it just Let of just a little bit but it still mire than 1/2 throttle Open. I want it to hit brake just in case it really Goes out of range and i...
  20. tmaxxfreek

    Futaba 4pl Skin

    Have found a few but nothing i liked, anyone know a place that sells them with a decent selection?