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  1. sNemo

    Flysky for Carplounge rt4

    Hello members. My name îs Daniel . I have a problem with my navomodel from carplounge rt4, my old remote control broke, it was a Graupner mx12 on 6 channels, I bought a new remote control from flysky on 6 channels, the installation went well, everything works almost well, the problem is with...
  2. DavidB1126

    New Radio Time. Mid Range Radios. RadioLink RC8X, Futaba T4PM, Sanwa M17, FlySky NB4

    New Radio Time Upgrading from a RadioLink RC4GS V3. Pros: All the features I need, some settings/features I don't even use. Cons: The feel of it, the plastics are brittle. I had broken the trigger and the battery door. And the AAs do not say in place so if one pops out, there goes my car and...
  3. LongIslandRC

    Meet my rigs (some of them)

    Introducing some of my fleet. I try to take good care of my stuff because I was a destructive kid. It didn't work out well. Now I can race and bash and repair like a pro, to keep my rides tight. And make the next owner wanna pay $$ for your rig.??✌?
  4. LongIslandRC

    Tamiya Mudmad Build

    Just having fun building this little guy and making it fast and tough.✌?✌???
  5. Tom14

    Receiver failsafe

    Hi I've recently fitted a flysky receiver on my nitro buggy and after half hour of playing the failsafe kicked in and now everyone I put it to full throttle or the brake on it kicks and now I can't use it. Is there anyway of reseting the failsafe so I can use my car? Help pls