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  1. The RC Car

    Battery problems?

    Hey y'all! so I took the slash 4x4 out today, and it overheated once again almost immediately. I'm wondering if this is a battery problem because after I ran it yesterday I plugged in the battery and the charger said it was full. The battery is a Floureon 40c 7.4v 6200mAH 2s LiPo.
  2. batmanninja

    Bad LiPo batteries?

    so I've had some floureon 3s lipos for about 2 years 3300mah 30c and i got 2 more 3s but 5500mah 35c. i run the 3300s no problem till they down to 3.1ish running hard. but the 5500s i run them less time than the 3300s and my car goes into limp mode. i let it sit for a few then its back to normal...