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  1. H

    HPI Firestorm 10T Nitro

    Hi All I've recently acquired a HPI firestorm, I'm trying to get it running for my son. I'll have an intermittent fault onwhat I'm guessing to be the reciever? New batteries all round, switches okay, no damage to aerial, new crystals, both servos okay as tested in both channels.. the steering...
  2. BurningRain

    HPI Firestorm

    Hello everyone, I'm from Cambridgeshire and on a whim started looking to get in to nitro RC after being out of the electric RC scene for a while. My interest started a few weeks ago when a Nitro buggy showed up on a Facebook buy/sell site for what looked like not a lot of money, it was...
  3. F

    Help - HPI Firestorm - Receiver issues

    Hello guys, New to nitro rc cars but I purchased one today and am having issues with he receiver/transmitter. Wired everything up and everything has good batteries in but the steering is coming through on the controller using the throttle up and down lever and the actually throttle on the car...
  4. M

    HPI Firestorm

    Hi guys, this is my first post on here and I'm fairly new to nitro cars and RC cars in general! I was wondering if anyone could tell me how far the range is between the transmitter and receiver on my HPI Firestorm nitro car? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  5. C

    HPI Firestorm problems.

    Hello there, new to these forums so going to refrain from asking too many questions at this time but I'm having problems with my HPI firestorm currently. I've never really done repairs to my model car before but I'm not going to keep taking my RC car back to the hobby shop especially after my...
  6. P

    hpi firestorm 10t starting issues

    Hi all I'm new to all this so go easy on me :) warning in advance I'm thick! :) haha basicly I brought a firestorm 10t and can't get it started the guy I brought it from showed me jt started at his house took a while but when it started it reved right up and tryed taking off then died.. I said I...
  7. T

    Video of my hpi firestorm w/ 3.3 Engine. tire flies off lol

    Firestorm 10t with 3.3 Engine(tire flies lol) - YouTube :whhooo::first_place:
  8. O

    HPI Firestorm

    Well i got all the kinks worked out of my new truck and now that it's all broke in and the parts that were crap are replaced it's turning out to be a really fun truck! HPI replaced the brake i shredded with a few new ones and this one is holding, Also the bulk head i broke is back in place and i...
  9. T

    2 speed for HPI Firestorm?

    How can I made a hpi firestorm a 2 speed
  10. Q

    HPI Firestorm

    I'm buying a new nitro soon and I'm interested in the HPI firestorm. Wanted to know if anybody has one and how much they like it. I'm looking for a good quality truck. Thanks
  11. J

    Associated RC10 GT2 RTR vs Traxxas nitro sport vs HPI firestorm

    Which one is better and why?
  12. T

    Sold / Found HPI firestorm 3.0 wtt for mini?

    HPI firestorm with 3.0 motor in very good condition complete with controller want to trade for a rc18t or something similar something small, off road and electric. maybe a mini rock crawler or something.prefer RTR I will post pics soon thanks or sell?
  13. T

    HPI Firestorm spinning in circles

    my firestorm is wants to constantly go in circles i figured out that the rear wheels only one side spin if i hold the side that spins and apply throttle the other one does not spin any help?
  14. Y

    HPI Firestorm

    Hi i found a hpi firestorm for sale and he wants 125 bucks. It has a brand new motor and it has a ton of stock parts and it has a bunch of aluminum parts. I was wondering if this is a good deal. Thanks
  15. D

    HPI Firestorm Or Traxxas Nitro Rustler?

    Which 1 Is Better?
  16. M

    HPI Firestorm

    Where you guys getting parts for these? I'm looking for a nice set of wheels and can't seem to find a nice looking set? What size do they take and where is the best place to find them? Also what kind of shocks you running or reccomend for some track time and backyard bashing on our race track we...
  17. K

    Hpi firestorm

    hey, my wife and kids just ordered me a new hpi firestorm for christmas, i have a hpi savage 4.6 and a savage 2.5. just wondering what you guys think of the hpi firestorm? kdogg:D
  18. S

    ACTION SHOTS: RC10 GT2 & HPI Firestorm

    Associated GT2 - nitro .15 HPI Firestorm - brushless, LIPO enjoy the photos!! I know i did!!
  19. L

    HPI firestorm

    i know there is probably a lot of threads about this and i am sorry i am asking it again. but i am looking to move up to nitro. i have had many electric cars and just kinda getting tired of them. i want a stadium truck and was looking at the firestorm. this will be my first nitro car to. i was...
  20. T

    Associated RC10 GT2 or hpi firestorm

    sorry guys i keep making new post on what to get... thats because I'm a very indecisive person and i keep finding new cars that look good... well i now was wondering if the Associated RC10 GT2 would be better for racing and more durable then the HPI firestorm. thanks so much, I'm trying to make...