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  1. WoodiE

    GIVEAWAY: Ball Bearing Kit of your choice from FastEddyBearings!

    Face it, most stock manufacture ball bearings, if they even include bearings, are usually pretty much junk. Lucky for all of us we have guys like @FastEddy that offers very nice ball bearing kits for a very reasonable price! Better yet, he's agreed to offer a FREE ball bearing kit to a lucky...
  2. cbaker65

    Install my Fast Eddy bearings

    I want to install my Fast Eddy bearings ,but I'm in a kind of delimma! I have had & been using these aluminum knuckles because the originals keep breaking at the horn on heavy bashing ,but they eat the bearings up ,I had already went through 2 sets of bearings both fronts an rears! I can't...
  3. WoodiE

    GIVEAWAY: Ball Bearing Kit from FastEddyBearings

    Stock bearings in most any RC kit usually leave a lot to be desired. Thankfully FastEddyBearings has top quality bearing kits available for most any RC model and better yet, FastEddyBearings and RCNT want to give one lucky RCNT member a Bearing Kit of their choice! GIVEAWAY: One lucky winner...