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  1. Tom14

    Receiver failsafe

    Hi I've recently fitted a flysky receiver on my nitro buggy and after half hour of playing the failsafe kicked in and now everyone I put it to full throttle or the brake on it kicks and now I can't use it. Is there anyway of reseting the failsafe so I can use my car? Help pls
  2. aabaray13

    Anyone still running a stand alone failsafe???

    Just getting back into the hobby. I just picked up a used nitro truck with a 2s 7.4v lipo receiver pack, and high voltage servos. The radio does have built in failsafe for signal loss, but not for low voltage. I would like to have the low voltage protection too... I have an old venom failsafe...
  3. charliessmith1992

    Failsafe problems

    Hi I'm new to this site. Basically I'm running in my new trophy truggy 4.6 and the failsafe didn't work and twice the car drive off by itself with no tragic accidents thankfully. I have tried to redo the bind and failsafe but it is not working the bind seems to work but failsafe doesn't work...
  4. P

    What failsafe?

    So I currently run a 3 channel RF-40 reciever and transmitter which has a built in failsafe. Now I imagine if my hump battery goes low on charge that the fail safe wouldn't help? Is there one that might help this situation? Should I get a battery level indicator? Thx
  5. Rob Ruddick

    spektrum bind failsafe problems

    Has anyone had a problem getting the full brake failsafe to set while binding an sr 300 to a dx3c...I had no problem with the sr 3000....mumble mumble...
  6. nazUK

    Revo 3.3 & no Failsafe... WHY!!!!!

    This is a bit of a moan why would you spend hundreds on a great truck and then find out later it has NO failsafe, is this not a bit of an stupid error from Traxxas, not trying to offend any Traxxas owners as I own the Revo 3.3 myself but am worried that one day it may just run away and there...
  7. C

    Failsafe problems with new reciever

    Hi all New to the forums and hoping someone can help. I have a savage ss 4.6 big block great bit of kit and had it now for about a year. I decided to buy a reverse gear for it and installed this fine but due to that i had to buy a new receiver and transmitter to handle the 3rd channel. So i...
  8. A

    failsafe and temp gauge reccomendations

    i need a failsafe and temp gauge what do u guys run and reccomend on using
  9. K

    failsafe or killerRC bumble bee kill switch

    I want to take extra steps to see that my T Maxx doesn't runaway again so aside from fully charged batteries I was trying to decide between a failsafe or a kill switch. Which of the two would you guys recommend or would yall recommend something else..... let me know something I want to make sure...
  10. HSPGuy2190


    iv been told i need one ... can sumone link me to a good one , cuz i wouldnt know :\
  11. J

    2.4ghz failsafe

    I thought the traxxas 2.4 receivers had built in low voltage failsafes ... I was WRONG! My basher revo hung wide open on me and ran about 1/2 mile into the side of a huge dirt hill. It was stuck wide open for almost a full minute before I got to it. Brought it home changed receiver packs and...
  12. REVO-5309

    OFNA Failsafe with Revo not working

    So i just got in the main the OFNA failsafe. plugged it into the revo (no optidrive) and it doesn't apply brake after iv gone and set it up... so I'm like ok, try it on another rc with old school radio. it works perfect. so I'm guessing that the revo wont work with this cuz it already has a...
  13. REVO-5309

    Running with Opitdrive and failsafe?

    so if I'm running my revo with both these i have protection against low voltage and transmitter signal loss? planning on buying the ofna failsafe and using the factory optidrive with the FOC ---------- Post added at 11:18 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:18 AM ---------- with those 2 I'm...
  14. R

    radio flysky gt3b failsafe question!!

    hello, i recently buyed a flysky radio and receiver, model fs gt3b 2.4ghz but in the receiver says that it has failsafe, now my question is how do i activate the failsafe and how can i be sure that its working, or what is the function of that type of failsafe, is these the kind that when the...
  15. T

    mtroniks failsafe

    hi there need help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee fitted a micro fail safe today connected it all properly to receiver box switched transmitter on swithed truck on while holding failsafe in went to pull brake back and the servo not moving thr throttle works and steering but not the brake when i disconect...
  16. D

    Gws failsafe 1 doesn't work

    HI. i've recently just bought a wild commando nitro truck of a friend and it came with a gws fail safe on it. Problem is whenits plugged in the throttle gettin absolutley no signal whatsoever. its really doing my heading. when i unplug it the throttle servo then works. does this sound like it's...
  17. D

    Savage X / Reverse Mixer and Failsafe Issue?

    Hi; I've installed a reverse module that's working fine except when the failsafe is inline. If I remove the failsafe it's fine but with it in there the system locks the throttle servo in brake mode once you engage the mixer one time. Any ideas? Dave
  18. P

    Failsafe issue. Need help!

    I have a HPI Bullet MT 3.0 Nitro. I have been using the standard controller up until now, but now feel the need for 2.4ghz reciever and transmitter, due to bashing with friends, and having interference between transmitters. I have the Etronix Pulse EX2G transmitter and reciever now, but when I...
  19. M

    Throttle servo or failsafe?

    Hey guys I joined up here bout a week ago, been meaning to make an intro post but haven't got around to it, I'll do that when I'm on my computer and can post pictures. Anyways, I've got a original tmaxx that came with the old pro .15 motor. I've upgraded to a os .18 cv-rx and love it! But I keep...
  20. T

    Failsafe For Eletric

    Do i need a failsafe for a Eletric slash if so i have never baught a fail safe so i would need to know good brands money isnt an issue i just wanna make sure my truck wont take off on me due to signal loss or something.