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  1. Deku

    I'm wondering, .. Force R36

    i've been rebuilding a trashed (by previous owner) Hobao Hyper 8 and readying up for completing this rebuild soon. What i have already done with the motor (Hong Nor Force R36 black edition): i ran in the motor in question with a hot glow plug, needle settings at factory, adjusted where needed...
  2. N

    Fuel won't flow and can't prime NITRO BUGGY HELP

    So I have an HSP 1/10 scale warhead buggy and I haven't used it for about 5 months. I tried to get it going but I couldn't prime the buggy to get fuel into the carb. The only way I could move the fuel to the carb is by blowing into the tube that is connected to the exhaust. When I do this I am...
  3. P

    Kyosho gxr28 exhaust manifold options?

    So I scooped up a Kyosho gxr28 nitro engine for a back up swap big block. The exhaust manifold it came with is a left hand side(driver-side in US) - looking from back of engine I would prefer it to be on the right side. The exhaust flange is a flange bolted to the engine, so it doesn’t use a...
  4. N

    Hpi firestorm exhaust keeps coming loose.. any suggestions?

    My hpi firestorm has a problem.. everytime i take it out the exhaust manifold keeps coming loose. So i keep having to replace gaskets. I bought some longer bolts and I tried to put a nut on the end but it is a very tight space and can't seem to get the nuts threaded. Another thing how tight...
  5. Newbie123

    Revo 3.3 running issues

    Broke the exhaust got new one. And ended up overheating the motor now it makes a clicking noise when starting has no power when running and barely stays running at all. But it I take the exhaust off it still makes clicking noise when starting but while it's running I have lots of power and it...
  6. SSievers08

    Exhaust Baffle

    So my brother in law has an STR also. His is completely stock except for a higher flow air filter and a set of aluminum wheels. Well he doesn't do any of the work to his car, I do it all. He hasn't had the car out sense last summer so he brought it over so I could go over it and get its throat...
  7. Gomesito

    HPI RS4 tuned pipe

    Newbie question. I just started getting back into RC cars and trucks again and would appreciate some advice. My wife bought me the original HPI RS4 RTR many years ago. Now that I retuned it and got it started again, I wanted to know if there are any reasonably priced tuned pipes that would be...
  8. R

    no smoke for exhaust

    Hi there,Does anyine know why I'm not getting a hint of smoke for my nitro exhaust,i dosent reall y start properly,its just not producing any smok e,is it my fuel or something else. please someone help
  9. Booins

    HPI RS4 Exhaust System

    I need to "upgrade" or change the exhaust system in my RS4. The reason being, the body covers the exhaust tube. I have noticed with this being an old RS4, the original exhaust system is not something that is very popular today. What kind of system should I be replacing this with? Does the...
  10. Clintd

    Sold TSAIS Revo duel exhaust muffler $20.00 shipped

    Used duel exhaust muffler, comes with everything seen including the box. $20.00 shipped to your door USPS Priority mail.
  11. 09KneeDragger

    Excess liquid from exhaust

    I have ecx revenge with a .21 engine on it. I tipped it on its side and a ton of liquid came pouring out of the exhaust. Prob about 1/2 cup. What is this a sign of.
  12. J

    2.5 exhaust

    I have the stock pipe on mine right now. What's everyone upgraded to?
  13. X

    Nitro sport exhaust reloaction

    hey guys just wondering if it's possible to relocate the exhaust on the nitro sport to the back...I got a TRX3.3 racing engine in my sport. And thinking about throwing a Jeep Wrangler body on it...but before all that like I said I want to move the exhaust to the back and put a dual exhaust on it.
  14. pjoseph

    ideas on how to mount this exhaust

    this is the OS pipe for the 18tz that i already had would like to reuse it and mount it in the back. Just not sure the best way to secure it thanks
  15. D

    exhaust pressure line.

    Hi recently bought a hpi trophy truggy 4.6 and the exhaust pressure line fixing as come off the exhaust and too loose to fit back on , is there anyway to soldier or fix it back on exhaust without the soldier melting off with the exhaust heat.
  16. tvjv2009

    Spring mounted exhaust for Jato.

    I need just the manifold really unless you have a good pipe. I have a few pipes that will work for now.
  17. BamaFan

    Dual Exhaust

    I was looking at the dual exhaust for my jato. It is stock minus custom paint job and exo carbon. Running the 3.3 motor. Has anyone had experience with the dual exhaust and is it worth the $60? I'm looking for a little more power without engine change. I've changed the gearing to hit higher top...
  18. Woolfe

    Exhaust extenders

    What's the go with exhaust silicon extensions. As far as I can see they are just there to make clean up easier. Do they affect the engine tuning? I can't see them affecting back pressure or harmonics because they are silicon and soft. Are they just a waste of time?
  19. D

    ofna hyper 21 duel exhaust

    What is a recommended duel pipe for this engine. Ofna has one for a 1/7th scale. Where can I find one or one like it?
  20. Lethal

    Need help finding a new exhaust

    I am currently using the Trinity exhaust on my Revo 3.3. I am not really digging this exhaust and was wondering if anyone knew of a better exhaust? Any help would be appreciated.