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  1. G

    What's the name of the part that's broken?

    Hi , Can someone please advise what is the name of part circled ..broken here? I got this RC car from a friend .. tried looking in google for hours .. but found nothing. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Sri
  2. O

    Fuel Tank Modification

    I have a couple of Exceed 1/10 Nitro Buggies. I was wondering if anyone has ever come across or invented a gas tank lid that you could fill quickly like a one-way valve? I see that they make pressure guns to "inject" the fuel fast, but you still have to get to the lid and open it, from what I...
  3. L

    What engines fit exceed rc trcuk

    Ok I'm sure this has been asked but I've search and can't find any answers. I have a 10th scale 4x4 exceed nitro truck and wanting to change the engine when it comes that time but I want a fast and better engine, so what nitro engines fit?
  4. deloreandrag

    Issue with Exceed RC forza

    Hello everyone! I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to RC cars and stuff, however just had a quick question. Yesterday I was running my Exceed RC Forza with the .18 engine and two speed transmission. I was running it up and down my street when suddenly the car stopped and wouldn't go into gear. As...
  5. 4

    Waterproof Stock Exceed Rc Brushless Infinitive Truck

    I have a stock Brushless Exceed RC Infinitive Truck. Is it waterproof stock? If not how can I waterproof it? Thanks and here's a link for the truck:http://www.nitrorcx.com/51c803-pro-ddred-24ghz.html :)
  6. N

    Exceed Rc infintive

    I am fairly new to the nitro rc world and would like to get more into it. I have already got me a Traxxas nitro rustler (off craigslist) so its been fairly used and so far has seemed like a big money pit already ( have it for about a week now) now I know no Rc is gonna be perfect and never break...
  7. Z

    Looking for an exceed rc body 1/10 scale. Anyone know of a good website?

    Exactly what the title is. Anyone know of one? Thanks
  8. F

    Exceed rc quality

    I was wondering if everything Exceed rc makes is junky, or just there $150 lineup? Some of they're more expensive cars look decent but would be surprised if quality materials were used! Lets here from some guys who have purchased something from they're "higher line". I'll start with my $150...
  9. nitro_newbie

    Exceed Rc cars?

    Juist wondering if Exceed rc cars/trucks/truggies are any good. I am close to a begginer, but dont want junk.
  10. B

    exceed rc

    are these cars any good?
  11. T

    Opinions on Exceed RC?

    What do you think about exceed rc? Do you think its a great car with a great price? Or do you think its a piece of crap? And when I say exceed rc I specifically mean the forza. Please reply. Thanks!
  12. cwest3355

    Pros and cons of exceed rc madfire

    Hi I'm kind of new to the hobby and wanted to know the pros and cons of the 1/8 madfire by exceed rc,I have had experience with their cheaper 1/10 model called tornado bb i wasn't very impressed with the quality of that "very cheap" quality was horrible. so i was wondering i i should also stay...
  13. N

    exceed rc help

    i brought a exceed rc without doing my research on hop up parts for it now i can't find parts for it beside spare parts from the exceed rc site i was wondering if anybody can help me out i was looking for a cooling head and other parts for the car and i didnt want to order parts that dont fit its...