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  1. kalib


    Yo, anybody know whats up with ERCM??? I'm trying to order one of their pipes and I want a engine mod on a new 3.3. They have not responded to any of my request or email, are they out of business or something???
  2. jmarcet85

    Savage X ERCM pipe info

    Hey guy I'm going to be ordering an @Extreme RC Mods endbleed or sidebleed pipe for my new nova 28/7 for my savage. I was wondering if they make a manifold with the in line spring coupler instead of the current silicone coupling. Also can't decide on the endbleed or sidebleed. Thanks for you time.
  3. WoodiE

    Extreme RC Mods tuned pipe giveaway!

    Extreme RC Mods is doing it again! ERCM is giving away one, hand crafted exhaust pipe of the winners choice to one lucky winner! If you want the best tuned pipe on the market, then you want this pipe! GIVEAWAY Prize: Extreme RC Mods exhaust pipe of the winners choice! How to enter...
  4. Ckeithnitro

    Video MGT 8.0 ERCM

  5. Ckeithnitro

    Ercm mgt 8.0

    Had a 221t made for my MGT, Robin put the stinger downwards for me.. Very curious how it will sound with this engine..
  6. D

    Ercm pipe.

    I'm going to bite the bullet and get me a decent Ercm pipe for the Revo. Excited much....!
  7. E

    Something new from ERCM

    I got a line on some pre-polished stainless, just curious what you guys think about the finish, it's not a mirror finish so I'm looking for a name for it. I have had lots of suggestions and so far I'm liking either "Natural Raw" or "Platinum Series" but if you have any other suggestions please...
  8. Ckeithnitro

    ERCM Tmaxx vid

    click on frame to play... hard to tell from vid but is much much louder than stock pipe..
  9. buggybuster

    ercm pipe

    Finally orderd pipe for my trophy truggy from ercm. Just about to hit the half gallon mark on the nova 7t .28 I dropped in. Still not very happy wit the performance been running a jp3 and had went up 2 teeth on my cb, seemed a lil sluggish to me. Think I'll be waitn by the door til the ercm get...
  10. B


    So after Ordering a small block pipe for my buddy I had to get one for my Savage and well i'll let th pictures speak for me! they are just Amazing worth every penny! Thanks again Robin!
  11. 2revo1maxx

    Help me choose my ercm pipe configuration....

    Before I buy and find out it's not what I wanted. This will be rear mount only! It's going on a revo with a Picco .26 max, un-modded. I'm not quite sure on the mounting side or if i want side bleed or end bleed. Feel free to post pics too.
  12. lovemyrcnitro


    How do I get a hold of ERCM?I have a Kyosho .21 engine that is locked up.Does he deal with locked up engines?thanks
  13. laton7

    What kind of power increase from ERCM pipe?

    What sort of power upgrade can I expect from the correct pipe on my 2.5r in my little Rusty?
  14. WoodiE

    Extreme RC Mods Exhaust Pipe Giveaway!!!

    Extreme RC Mods is giving away one, hand crafted exhaust pipe of the winners choice to one lucky winner. Extreme RC Mods is known for their exceptionally well made pipes and engine tuning! GIVEAWAY Prize: Extreme RC Mods exhaust pipe of the winners choice! How to enter: Simply post a reply...
  15. sv250

    ERCM BB Revo

  16. E

    Novarossi Bonito .21, Serpent Truggy and an ERCM Side Bleed

    I sent Neil at CRE a side bleed pipe to test on some high end race engines and also to compare against some top of the line conventional pipes which I don't have, or need lol. Well he had this modified Nova Bonito .21 long stroke that has the same stroke as a picco .28 and makes about the same...
  17. E

    ERCM Small Block pipe designs, all applications.

    Here are a few different designs I have come up with for RC's using small block tuned pipes. I will add more as they get built, I can custom fit them to any RC if you don't see one that fits your application. Prices and order information can be found HERE Revo drop in pipe. CRT .5...
  18. E

    ERCM Small Block Pipe Testing

    For those who have been patiently waiting for my small block pipes, the wait is almost over. Within the next couple of weeks these pipes will be available to the public as the testing has been completed. Here is a video of a revo with a tranny and stock gearing pulling wheelies ERCM style lol...
  19. E

    5.9 stock VS modified runnin ERCM Pipes

    Lots of people ask for comparisons between stock and modified engines, here is a quick vid showing the difference with the first truck being powered by a stock 5.9 with an ERCM tuned pipe. The second truck is powered by an ERCM modified 5.9 and ERCM pipe. They placed 3rd and 1st at the No Limit...
  20. E

    ERCM Baja 5B modified CY 26cc 2010

    First time out this year with the baja 5B. Bolted on some new paddles and let it rip. The additional load put a small bog in the bottom but that can be tuned out with a longer pipe setup. Loading the engine seems to really pull the power out of it, the badlands would just spin and were not as...