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  1. WoodiE

    CowRC Flatmat and parts tray Giveaway!

    GIVEAWAY Prize(s): CowRC JUMBO Flat Mat CowRC Small Parts Tray If you haven't already seen, be sure to check out our CowRC flat mat review. Who can join? ANY and ALL @Supporting Member's - ** Sign up to be a Supporting Member ** **OR** Regular members with 50 or more posts AND an avatar...
  2. WoodiE

    CowRC flat mat, parts mat, and tools giveaway!

    GIVEAWAY Prize(s): CowRC JUMBO Flat Mat CowRC Parts Tray Kobalt Double Driver 29 piece screwdriver set with Holster Bondhus Hex Driver 7 piece set, 10687 Who can join? Regular members with 25 or more posts AND an avatar added to your profile. Any and ALL @Supporting Member's - ** Sign up to...
  3. WoodiE

    CowRC jumbo mat giveaway at HPISF

    CowRC and HPISF is giving away a free jumbo flat mat. Be sure to check it out: :first_place:
  4. Team CowRC

    CowRC 1 Day Black Friday Sale!

    This is a great time to get your Cow on this holiday season! Avoid the lines and shop online! - Team CowRC
  5. The Cow

    CowRC - The R/C Maintenance King Scale R/C Banner Giveaway!

    Who wants to win some of these??? CowRC Scale Banners! Printed by the awesome Sticker Chick Graphics!!! Brave the trails & rocks in style just like our good friend and supporter Mr. Jesse Cheers! Printed on real vinyl with scale grommets! More fun for our friends and awesome...
  6. WoodiE

    CowRC 30% off coupon giveaway!

    First and foremost, BIG thanks goes to @greywolf74 for even making this possible. He's very kindly offered up this prize to be given away! GIVEAWAY Prize: CowRC 30% OFF Coupon Code*! How to enter: Must be a RCNT Supporting Member. Reply to this post, no more than ONCE A DAY! Feel free to...
  7. The Cow


    It's been a hell of an almost 5 year run now... Who would have thought ey? :D :D :D A very sincere THANK YOU goes out to all of our many longtime and new supporters out there!!! You guys have kept us so busy getting out holiday orders this year it was near impossible to steal this time to...
  8. WoodiE

    CowRC Jumbo Flat Mat Giveway!

    If you're not already familiar with the CowRC Flat Mat then you need to read the review here. The CowRC flat mat is a prefect addition to any workbench, either at the track or in the work shop. The Flat Mat include the following features: Standard to large scale R/C assembly, disassembly, and...
  9. The Cow

    Coming soon CowRC Screw Catcher Pit Mat Matching DX3R & Futaba 4PK Skinz!

    More radio options are in the works my friends! DX3R PRO, MX11, & Radiopost are coming after the new year! Futaba 4PK Spektrum DX3R
  10. Greywolf74

    CowRC much? a much to much! :)

    Well, I think that ought to hold me for awhile! I got lucky today.....I've been trying to come up with a way to explain this order to my wife when it arrived but as luck would have it she went to my moms house today for awhile and wouldnt you know it came while she was gone! lol. /dodges bullet...
  11. Greywolf74

    Video Review on CowRCs Moo-tor Cleaner

    This is my latest youtube channel video. Its a review of CowRC's Moo-tor cleaner and also some info on companies like CowRC that carry shirts in fat guy sizes for guys like me. I go over a small list of all the companies that I know for sure carry logo t-shirts in sizes all the way up to 4XL...
  12. WoodiE

    CowRC Flat Mat jumbo and micro giveaway!

    CowRC Flat Mat jumbo and micro Giveaway! CowRC Flat Mat Easily transportable magnetism R/C pit! 24" x 30" footprint (jumbo) and 9"x12" (micro) 6 center screw and part organizers Dual left and right tool and part organizers CowRC JUMBO and Micro flat mat! WINNER WILL BE RANDOMLY...
  13. WoodiE

    CowRC Jumbo Flat Mat Giveaway!

    CowRC Jumbo Flat Mat Giveaway! CowRC Flat Mat Easily transportable magnetism R/C pit! 24" x 30" footprint 6 center screw and part organizers Dual left and right tool and part organizers CowRC JUMBO flat mat! WINNER WILL BE RANDOMLY PICKED!!! RULES: Become a Supporting Member...
  14. The Cow

    2011 CowRC Holiday Giveaway is here! This is one to remember!

    Make sure to read all 13 posts... Especially #2! You have helped us grow… You have spread the word… Now it's time for some Cow-preciation with new product and custom CowRC shwag giveaways throughout the WWW this holiday season!!! Thank You all for your support...
  15. The Cow

    2011 CowRC Holiday Giveaway is near... Over $2000 in Custom CowRC Shwag and Prizes!

    Hello my friends, 2011 has been a hell of a year for CowRC, New vendors... New Products... New Sponsorships... & many new Friends and Supporters! I can not thank you all enough for your support of all things Cow and appreciate every last one of you! Thank You all! I hope you all have a...
  16. The Cow

    4th of July message from CowRC

  17. W

    Product review of workmats

    I recieved the micro and mini workmats. I have a small work area and these workmats are GREAT. and I recommend them to everyone in the RC world They are made of a flexible magnetic base that has a white back ground, everything on the workmats show up easy with the white back ground...
  18. WoodiE

    CowRC Jumbo Screw Catcher

    PRIZES: - Cow RC Jumbo Screw Catcher - (view Cow RC Screw Catcher review) CONTEST: Simply reply to this wonderfully awesome contest thread and you'll be entered to win one of the sweetest R/C mats on the market - courtesy of - so at the very least send The Cow a message thanking...
  19. Boogie

    CowRC Cow Duster No. 805

    Recently I got a chance to review a rarely thought about but important *tool* that many look over but it comes in very handy. Heath from sent me a can of his humorously named "Cow Duster" to try out. I put it to good use this week working on my crawler and a few other projects...