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  1. fidracing

    anyone enjoy FID's proprietary clutch?

    just uploaded to youtube. would like to share with your guys.
  2. superchessmachine

    Nitro RC Clutch Slipping

    Hi guys, my first post here. So I purchased a .18 Nitro RC car 1 year ago and didn't rly have the proper tools to do anything for it and the clutch started slipping really bad a few runs ago. The clutch bell is a complete orange/purplish color. I finally got a tool kit and I was wondering how...
  3. Sledman3064

    Ofna nitro engine

    I have a ofna nitro engine that has a 3.5 on the side of the motor and I don't remember if it's a .26 or a .28 I'm also trying to find a 3 or a 4 clutch setup that has the flywheel too. Thanks
  4. Bkyd Basher

    3.3 revo clutch setup

    just wondering what everyone prefers for a clutch setup? 3 shoe, 2 shoe, aluminum,composite,and which brand seems to last the longest. Thanks.
  5. C

    LOSI DBXL 1/5 Scale - High RPM, Low speed Issue

    Hi, I'm new to the RC hobby and I started out with getting a great deal on a Losi DBXL Buggy, 1/5 scale. I've successfully broken in the engine as per the manual instructions (oil to gas ratio was higher) and ran a few tanks of gas with no issue, until the 4th tank of gas. The engine had a...
  6. A

    Are clutch assemblies interchangeable

    Hey guys I’m fair new to the hobby and recently the clutch assembly on my .18 sh engine was broken, the fly wheel, clutch shoes and Bell housing all needs replacing. Because I own a very old model they no longer produce the clutch shoes so I’ve been looking online At alternatives. I’ve noticed...
  7. JohnSampson

    Buku Power Clutches

    Is Buku Still around? Just wondering as I placed and order and have sent an email to support, but haven't received a response. Just wondering if you all have had similar problems recently?
  8. SSievers08

    3 shoe clutch and flywheel for VX .18

    I've read many sales pages on 3 shoe clutch and flywheel setups. And they all read "for 1:8th scale" or they're for things like the 3.3. I have a Redcat Lightning STR that I pulled the VX .16 from and put a new VX .18 in. I've had it in for a while now but I keep breaking the clutch spring in...
  9. batmanninja

    hpi nitro mt clutch/spur gear

    any one know that the gear specs are for this car. i am converting to electric and i need new pinion gear. for my lois xxx nt gear specs are 32p/20t for pinion gear. i am probablly going like 20t for the hpi as well what would the p# be?
  10. J

    New truggy engine clutch ?

    I just ordered this and should be here thursday. I have a sh engine to use till I get some extra money for a better engine. What will be a good clutch kit that...
  11. Tape

    Traxxas Heavy Duty Slipper Clutch Rebuild Kit Revo/Maxx 5352R

    one of my pads have broken in half so I ordered the (Traxxas Heavy Duty Slipper Clutch Rebuild Kit Revo/Maxx 5352R) has anyone used the aluminum pad kit? what is your thoughts if you have installed this kit?
  12. WVNed

    Is there a 4 shoe clutch that will work in a savage X

    I have a 4 shoe LOSI clutch in my 8ight-T and would like to use one in my Savage X. A look at Amain left me somewhat confused. Has anyone used one and knows it fits.
  13. Jason Martel

    Avanlache XTR clutch

    HI...someone here have an exploded view of the Avalanche XTR with the M28-P3 SH engine? My kid tried to put some aluminum clutch shoes in but now the clutch bell looks loose even when the bolt is fully tighten because i can move it side to side...i think he lost some please.
  14. Prophet216

    Slipper clutch won't stay where I want it.

    I have a nitro rustler, if I back off more than a ⅛ from fully compressed the clutch will loosen its self up quickly. I don't wanna damage internals by running it to tight. What's the issue here anyone know...?
  15. wacmartin

    What do you guys think about this slipper clutch assembly

    I had my Rustler out yesterday and it stopped getting full power towards the end of the battery. I still had some power in my battery so I know that wasn't my problem. It sounded like grinding, or maybe a worn out bearing. I disassembled the rear end today cleaned all bearings they're good...
  16. neobart

    Sold / Found clutch bells 13-14-15T

    Four clutch bells very little wear 2x 13T 1x14T 1x15T 30$ with shipping
  17. neobart

    Sold / Found Gaskets, springs, clutch screws

    Gaskets, springs, clutch screws. Box included. 20$ with shipping
  18. I

    Clutch Mystery

    i have (from what i was told) a old RC10gt. it was a gift from a friend many years ago and I'm just getting into it now. the other day i had it running and all of a sudden would not accelerate anymore. what i saw was the spur gear stopped and the bell housing not moving when i tried to make it...
  19. M

    Clutch Issue

    I have been having this issue a while now on my ftx hooligan. Every run afterwords the clutch becomes stuck in the engaged position. I have cleaned it all and replaced the clutch shoes and springs. Is what i am thinking it could be is the flywheel locking nut. Where the springs rest on it, it...
  20. Jiffy19633

    Ofna clutch

    I have ofna nexx8 I just put a new .28 eng new clutch bell and bearing and springs broke the eng in at the end of three tank full the clutch was gone worn down to the springs the clutch bell is no good it full of aluminium stuck to it and the truggy was not beat on i drove it only spurts