clutch bell

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  1. tudordewolf

    Oil/brass bushing as a clutch bearing?

    I've got an engine, pilot shaft, and clutch bell all from different manufacturers, and I'm trying to Frankenstein them together. Kyosho, in all their wisdom, often uses "custom" clutch bearing sizes instead of the relatively standard 5x10x4mm "105"'s we all know and love. As a result, I'm...
  2. H

    Spur gear/clutch bell alignment.

    Hi everyone I was looking over my buggy today before breaking it in. Its a brand new Neo 3 RTR version. I noticed that the Spur and clutch didnt seem to be in a straight line with each other, the spur is overlapping a little from the clutch bell and i think it looks wrong, its not much but...
  3. D

    Clutch Bell stripped

    Good morning everyone. Sorry I haven't been around for awhile. I had a back fusion done so I have been recovering from that. I have a HPI Savage X SS 4.6. My clutch bell stripped today. It had been stripping spur gears. I checked to make sure everything was tight. I tore the motor down...