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  1. Deku

    Savage X 'roller' question

    so, the title might be a bit odd but let me explain. i've come across a Savage X "Roller" meaning, no engine, no wheels, no body. the ad states that the entire chassis without the above mentioned parts is in pristine condition and the photo's show that it is. I'm thinking of driving over there to...
  2. M

    Unknown Nitro Chassis

    Does anyone recognize the brand of this RC? Was given to me over 10 years ago and would like help identifying.
  3. B

    Chassis Trouble

    I have always had a dream of building a big block T-maxx truck. So I bought a big block chassis on Ebay, and decided to buy GREAT LOOKING INTENGY suspension parts and transmission to go alone with it, i check part number before i purchased to make sure that everything will align up. I'm seem to...
  4. Hevymtal1

    Mgt 8.0 in a savage 4.6 chassis,

    Does anyone know where I can get motor.mounts and chassis plate made?
  5. twinkie94

    Need Help with Chassis ID!

    Hello Everyone! I need help from the Kings of RC on identifying this RC Nitro Chassis! I bought it in bad shape and decided to part it out, however I have no clue what make and model chassis it is. I found no markings on the chassis itself, but it did have a few parts marked Team Losi, and a...
  6. Jar72

    Chassis ID help

    Been researching this for a couple of weeks. Normally i can get it figured out quick. this one got me. Here is what i know. No markings to help ID it. researching has me perplexed due to the following: the stamping matches the Bolink Eliminator, but the front hubs match Associated rc10 as well...
  7. 2revo1maxx

    Inexpensive Erbe chassis?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to make my Erbe a little more accommodating for different size lipos. I've seen some Kershaw designs stuff, but it's expensive. BTW, where the heck is Baton Rogue? LOL
  8. HPI-Killer

    Traxxas TMAXX 2.5r Rolling Chassis 100% Rebuilt Inside/out! L@@k
  9. HPI-Killer

    Upgraded Axial SCX10 Chassis/Axle Combo! L@@k!
  10. HPI-Killer

    Sold / Found Upgraded Axial SCX10 Rubicon Chassis & Axle Combo 90% Complete

    Got this Axial SCX10 chassis setup here as an extra and no use for. Chassis has the RC4WD CMS & Panhard Kit Installed on the front, Rock Armor spare tire rack/rear bumper and a custom converted 4Wheel Steering rear axle with a hand built panhard bar, 100% solid. TRUCK REQUIRES:Rear Upper/Lower...
  11. J

    Replacement for Tamiya FS-12SS .12 Engine - Tamiya TGS Chassis

    Hi peeps, I have the dreaded Tamiya TGS 1/10 scale Touring chassis which was Tamiya's budget/ entry level nitro car in the early 2000's. I wanted to know if anyone has replaced the seriously unreliable/ underpowered Tamiya FS-12SS made by O.S. and what was the suitable candidate they used? I...
  12. andy t

    tmaxx 3.3 chassis with savox mg servo
  13. hulkmaxx

    chassis servo mount?

    OK guys I bougt the level 3 droop kit to get lowered a bit. Iknow aa lot of people say there stuff isn't great quality but my buddy has had good luck with there lift kit. Any how I want to move my steering servo to my chassis. I was thinking about a level 3 kit. What do you guys recommend?
  14. hulkmaxx

    Sold / Found SuperMaxx chassis

    OK guys decided to sell my UEchassis. Need funds for some scx10 upgrades. $165.00 or trade for a good quality brush less setup for crawling. May trade for a set of wraith axles.
  15. SMaxxin

    Sold / Found Slash Rolling Chassis, Associated TC3 Rolling chassis

    The Slash is sold! Associated TC3 This is being offered as a rolling chassis with a steering servo, the receiver, esc and motor are not included. The body looks pretty good but the paint on the front end and bottom has some cracks/chips but the body is not cracked, it will also come with a...
  16. B

    roll cage for extended t maxx chassis

    Got myself a RD logics extended chassis for my t max. Chassis is really high quality but am having a hard time finding a roll cage since the standard ones are to short. Hoping someone might know who makes one to fit an extended chassis.
  17. spiritdriven7

    Upsizing chassis advice

    I have a 2.5 short chassis Tmaxx and have a bare bones 3.3 long chassis to build. What parts would I need to upgrade to fit my 2.5 drivetrain in the longer chassis?
  18. ninnon

    Is it ok to make a carbon fibre chassis?

    Hello, I am a bit of a newbie to this hobby and was wondering whether I would be able to make a WHOLE chassis out of this carbon fibre sheet: My car is a HPI trophy 3.5 and have seen this being done on electric...
  19. J

    Extended chassis suspension/body upgrade

    Hi everybody. I have an extended chassis on my t maxx. I was thinking about doing new a arms and body. I was just wondering if I needed any different parts for suspension or if I need a custom body beings it is a longer truck. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!
  20. alien13

    Anybody here that can cut a chassis plate?

    I'm not talking about a redneck hack job. I have an idea for a project built off of one of my nitros, but I need a longer chassis to do it. Essentially, I would need to add a little under two inches to the middle of the chassis.