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  1. Sledman3064

    Intellipeak ice charger

    I have a ice charger do I need a balance board to charge my lipo battery
  2. A

    Should I use this 2010 quick charger on a modern battery?

    The battery is a 7.2v, 6 cell 1400mAh Ni-MH. The charger specs 1500-5000mAh and good for Ni-CD or Ni-MH. I’ve been charging the battery overnight using the 100mAh trickle charger. That takes up to 14 hours to top off. I’m wondering, is my charger outdated for modern Ni-MH batteries? Will a...
  3. craig911

    charging protected cells question

    Hi ladies and gents, i have a question or two, this may have been answered before but probably not for what i'm asking, and being lipo cells I'm being extra cautious, i'm going out on a limb here by thinking I'm probably fine with what what I'm doing but what to be safe i use lipos for various...
  4. olds97_lss

    Sold Traxxas 2972 EZ-Peak Plus Dual ID & 2 2872X 3S 5000Mah lipo

    Selling a Traxxas 2972 EZ-Peak Plus Dual ID & 2 2872X 3S 5000Mah lipo's. When I asked my wife to get me a brushless revo for Christmas, I included the charger and packs to go with it. Then by the time I got it, I realized I don't want to run 6S in it for durability reasons and the packs I did...
  5. P

    Good battery charger for ignitors

    I dont use a ton of rechargeable batteries, i actually have regular batteries in my controller and hpi nitro mt. But I'm tired of having to watch my ignitors on the charger being affraid i might overcharge them. Is there a cheap charger that can be used to charge my ignitors that will...
  6. I

    A decent charger for my EZ start battery?

    Sorry for the noob-ish questions, but I'm looking for a better charger for my 6-cell battery for the traxxas ez starter. I only received a 2-amp car charger for it and I want something a little better. I'm also looking to get the rechargeable receiver battery so I don't have to keep forking out...
  7. Kris407

    I need a charger...

    I need to charge a 14.8v 6950mAh battery for my starter box. What would can you recommend? Here's the older setup I've been using: Is this charger okay to use? I don't think it has a Balancing option, that's why I'm asking. Is there a way I can use this charger to safely charge the battery or...
  8. E

    takes on nitro or supercharger

    hellow there fellas! I just want to hear your comments about "nitro" and superchargers. I don't think they work but I might be wrong. does anyone has one of these installed? thank you guys.
  9. WoodiE

    Traxxas, free DTS-1 drag timing system and iD Charger

    Buy any two Traxxas vehicles and get a free DTS-1 drag timing system using coupon code: DTSFREE at checkout. Buy any Traxxas model with on-board sound and get a free EZ-Peak plus charger using coupon code: IDFREE at checkout.
  10. SMaxxin

    Sold Dynamite brushless system, Traxxas charger, DX6i

    All sold
  11. B2P

    x treme charger x80 touch

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to use the x treme charger x80 touch? I'm charging 2 batteries of 7.4V and 5000mah, it just doesn't seem to stop charging, i dont understand it, must I double the Volts or mah to 10000mah and 14.8V? I can charge 3 hours and it doesn't seem to stop, does anyone no what...
  12. Greywolf74

    Lipo Charger Comparison

    These are all the lipo chargers I either currently own or used to own over the course of my stint in RCs. I'll list both the specs and my thoughts on each. iMax B6 Clone Input Voltage: 11~18v Circuit power: Max Charge: 50W / Max Discharge: 5W Charge Current Range: .1~5.0A Discharge current...
  13. Alexander_0_1

    What are you guys using for lipo chargers?

    Hey, guys I was about to order another lipo charger since my barely used onyx 235 got up and walked away, seriously I've turned my house upside down, looked in every packing box, and still no charger.....I might have thrown it out by accident. This the brand I'm looking into, since it's free...
  14. Greywolf74

    How to convert a PC PSU to power your LiPo charger

    My latest video! its a remake of one of my really early videos on how to convert a PC power supply so you can use it to power your lipo chargers. The old video had poor video and audio quality and the walkthrough itself isnt as coherent as this time around :) Parts you will need: 10W 10Ohm...
  15. Greywolf74

    lipo charger info needed.

    does any one know of a good quality quad charger that will cycle lipos? Also, I've heard that the Hitec X4 will cycle lipos but I can't seem to confirm this. Does anyone have an X4 that can confirm?
  16. Greywolf74

    LiPo Charger Power Calculators

    Revolectrix has a whole host of power calculators for not only their LiPo chargers but also a generic one as well. It can be a really handy tool to have so I thought Id share. Theyve also added a new one for the Dual PL8 charger (I totally want one!)
  17. Cornholio

    Hyperion Charger

    So i've had a venom pro charger for about 2 years now and it's served me well. To fully charge a 3s it's taking about an hour, I'd like to speed that up just a little bit. Also, now that I've got more batteries and I've moved up to running an occasional 4s, I'd like to have something a little...
  18. M

    found paper work 1966 charger

    i just found the paper work on my dad buying a new 66 charger. AND the window sheet. sales code. 1. xp29 zz1 s6e Dodge charger-8-2dr sport coup 3,128.00 mfg suggest retail price 2. 61 383 cu. in. engine 2 bbl 69.75 3. 318 delete std stripe 4. 395 torqueflite transmission 216.20 5. 411 air...
  19. SMaxxin

    WTB a battery charger

    Found one
  20. Jacks9930

    charging 2 batteries with a single charger

    Has anyone used a "Y" charging adaptor to charge two batteries at once.