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  1. Greywolf74

    What the difference in ribbed vs smooth can?

    So I was lookin at picking up a Castle 1515 2200kv motor but I'm seeing some that are pictured having a smooth can instead of the ribbed can that I'm used to. Is there any difference in these?
  2. The RC Car

    Castle Sidewinder SV3 motor and ESC question

    Hey y'all! I'm looking at this motor, and I've heard a lot of good things about it. Do y'all have anything to say about this motor or any reasons to stay away from it?
  3. M

    Motor to my Mamba X

    I have the Mamba X ESC (given to me by a friend) and I'm looking for a sensored motor to accompany it. I run mainly 3s batteries and may be going up to 4s in the future. Would the Hobbywing be a good sensored motor to go with the Mamba X or is it better to buy the Hobbywing combo? Putting this...
  4. WoodiE

    Castle Creations Election Sale, save up to $175

    Castle Creations is having an "Election Sale" that is going on until Nov 8th and offering savings from $20 - $175 using the below codes: Spend $100, save $20 using coupon code: ELECT20 Spend $200, save $50 using coupon code: ELECT50 Spend $300, save $85 using coupon code: ELECT85 Spend $600...
  5. Rooky78

    In my defense, I was left unsupervised

    So, my Stampede 2wd got pirated last weekend to fix the kids' trucks. Steering servo went into my oldest son's Pede, and the motor went into the middle boy's stadium truck. After my last thread about the CEN, I stripped it down and boxed it up to await either the eBay monster or something else...
  6. Rooky78

    Pulling my hair out! AGAIN!!

    Ok... I'm fed up. And I need some advice. I have this CEN Matrix truggy thing, I've broken it again. I think this time it's going to the scrap pile. I'm so sick of not being able to find and/or get parts. So... I have a Castle 2200Kv plant, a Mamba Monster, and a killer Savox servo. Somebody...
  7. E

    mamba max pro question

    hey there, my understanding of this esc is that is rated for 65a 120 burst. I've seen this esc used on castle creations motors rated for 75a max power. how is this working? am I missing something thank you guys.
  8. WoodiE

    28% off all Castle Creations products
  9. hamz9561

    Castle Creations Power Up Program

    Castle Creations has started a power up program for select vehicles for a short time with special pricing. They support a lot of popular branded vehicles Including Traxxas, HPI, Aarma and Vaterra. Here is a link to the PDF that shows the vehicles and CC's recommendations for them...
  10. Greywolf74

    How To Wire Up A BEC.

    Ran across these pics online and they do a really good job of explaining how to wire up a BEC.
  11. hamz9561

    Castle Creations 0808 Motors

    Does anyone know if the new 0808 4-pole sensorless motors will work with older Mamba Micro ESCs? Castle's site is showing that they're out of stock on both the Mamba Micro Pro and the Sidewinder Micro.
  12. M

    castle creations 1717 motor mount for savage flux

    Does anyone know where i can find a motor mount for a savage flux so i can fit a 1717 motor or how to fit it? Any suggestions are welcome
  13. E

    Castle Creations?

    I bought a Mini 8ight and it has the Castle Creations Mamba Micro Pro ESC and motor, havent played with a stock mini 8ight so i dont really know how much of a difference there is, so what do you all think about this system? also it came with a 2s Lipo. Where can i get a Lipo charger for a good...
  14. Will26

    Who's dealt with castle creations?

    Ok so ill get to the point. I'm kind of annoyed with my castle sidewinder sct and 5700 cm36s motor. And with castle. I've emailed them 2 times I the past 1 1/2 weeks and no reply. I'll call tomorrow. If I send in my motor will they replace it? My lhs said the cm36 had serious problems. I bought...
  15. C

    Castle Creations 9000kv Brushless Motor

    i was wondering if i could put a Castle Creations 9000kv Brushless Motor in my traxxas e-maxx and run it with the stock esc?
  16. mtaylortank

    Need some help picking a new brushless motor

    I am looking at getting a new castle motor considering the one I have now has been beaten pretty hard!!! now I have the 5700 I am wondering is it more power to go to the 4600 or the 6900 for more power???? I have heard lower number more insane speeds, and I have heard the larger the...
  17. N

    Castle creations CM36 7700 1/10 motor?

    Hi what is it with the 7700kv the more kv the higher temps and faster?? I am thinking of buying this for my firestorm flux: With the sidewinder sv2 esc + 2s lipo Is this good? Thanks
  18. Newb86

    Castle Creations 1/10 SV2 Sidewinder ESC 5700KV Motor

    To much motor for a Ruslter VXL??? I'm a complete new comer to brushless mainly will be bashing will be running a 2s 20-30c 4000-5500mah turnigy lipo probably.... battery is just a guess right now though any ideas? Just picked up the roller VXL from the LHS for $75 never used brand new it was...
  19. alien13

    Anybody ever read the Castle Creations gearing chart?
  20. Z

    brand new castle creations losi 8ight electric conversion kit

    new factory sealed castle creations nitro to electric conversion kit for losi 8ight buggy,versions 1 and 2 to current cheapest price on ebay! here's the link