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  1. T

    I need your guys's help

    Hey yall. I git a redcat volcano s30. Having an issue with the throttle. The metal cylindrical peice/slide for the carb keeps getting stuck. I've tried almost everything I can think of. The plastic arm will move but not the slide for the throttle. Can someone help me so I can run this thing good?
  2. J

    nitro engine starts fine but dies after a few seconds of running

    I have just gotten into the nitro rc hobby and was needing some help on this issue. Every time i start up the engine, it stalls shortly after starting. I constantly have to prime it and sometimes go as far as taking off the filter and putting fuel directly into the carburetor. the longest i’ve...
  3. J

    Over tightened high speed

    I tightened my high speed to much will that have damaged the needle? I have a hobao hyper 7 .21
  4. D

    My first nitro rc just doesn't want to start. Any sort of help is needed...!

    I just got my first nitro rc 3 days ago (it's a HSP nitro rc monster truck 1:10 second hand) (with a SH 18 engine) and it basically looks new and is visually in great condition. Tho i haven't been able to start it yet (according to the previous owner he last started it in December and it should...
  5. Skye_Foxxo

    Newbie Needing Help

    Hey All, So I'm working on my nitro I got for X-Mas, don't know what brand it was but the engine is a VX-18. It was running pretty decently for a while, then I had a kind of rough crash, it was bad enough to snap a wheel stub axle and I *think* it broke the clutch shoe spring. (the damage to...
  6. :D lmao

    Nitro engine hard to prime (May be different from what you think)

    I can't prime my engine by blocking the exhaust. But I did it with no problem when blowing through the exhaust outlet or the back pressure tube. When i crank the engine over one time (with the exhaust blocked trying to prime it) i can see the fuel in the line moving forward (by forward i mean 1...
  7. :D lmao

    trx 3.3 idle stop screw stock setting?

    the manual said that the slide valve should be set so that it has a 0.7 - 1.0 mm gap, but that's just kinda unclear for me, i want to know by how many turns out from completely closed (idle set screw) thks
  8. WT119

    Carb Swap on LRP .32 - Plz Help

    Hello all, I recently purchased a LRP ZR.32 For my Savage XL and I heard from multiple sources and even this forum that the carb is notoriously bad at holding a tune. so what are good alternatives from the stock XTEC carb on these things? I ALREADY KNOW the NovaR .28 Carb is basically the...
  9. C

    Help ID Motor Plz

    I have a HPI .21 3.5 cc Motor that is missing the carburetor. Can anyone help me identify this motor to see if I can buy a carburetor for it.
  10. W

    Primer bulb not working

    I am running a newly built 29cc cy motor with a new RB Innovations Carburetor Heat Insulator Block w/ Diaphragm Filter, a new 990 carb, new ddm velocity stack, new dt1 air filter and all new gaskets. I am also running the Full-Force RC v2 High Flow Fuel Line Kit. I was stupid enough to...
  11. M

    I need help with a RC10GT carburetor

    My old rc10gt carburetor's arm is snapped off the carb and i need help with ways to fix it without using JB weld. it is a rotary carburetor
  12. Rickyo007

    Using Car Brake Cleaner to clean RC Engine

    Hello all, A local hobby store recommended using Car Brake Cleaner to spray in RC Nitro Engine to clean it and the carb. See photo attached. Any views or experiences please? Thank you
  13. Rickyo007

    Replacing Carb on a 21 Hyper 7 Engine

    Hi, Is it crucial to use some form of gasket sealant when replacing a carb like for like or can it just be replaced and secured? Thanks
  14. craig911

    Thunder Tiger Pro .28 BD-R carb settings?

    Hi ladies and gents I picked up a thunder tiger pro .28 i'm trying to track down the base needle settings but it would appear i have a different carb than in the manual so i need some help, google has given me nothing, the carb fitted to this engine does not have the mid range needle, i have...
  15. S

    Thunder Tiger MTA 4 s.28 - Carb settings

    Hey guys. I'm a total newbie so please be gentle with me. I have managed to start my car up and what happened the other day was when i started it it was automatically on full throttle and the car was just going really fast. Lucky I put on some bricks but I had to pull the fuel line out rapid...
  16. IdriveSlideways

    Benefits of a carburetor venturi

    What are they and what do they do? I know that they restrict the airflow into the carb, but isn't that the opposite of what you'd want? More air more power right?
  17. Mrdavis72

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...Can somebody please help me

    Ok so the only way I can get my 3.3 to start and idle is for it to be at half throttle. I myself have been over it numerous times as well as the hobby shops, and can't figure it out. Brend new everything except piston and sleeve,because they were still in good repair,new carb,tank,lines. Lots of...
  18. Black_Sails_RC_Repair

    Does anyone know much about carburetor brands?

    So about five or six years ago I got a Kyosho Inferno(Not sure which model, It's been so long) and along with it came some back-up parts. Now at the time when I received the car I knew very little about rc cars and because of this I only ran the car about twice and then kept it in a garage for...
  19. W

    carburetor settings

    what are the settings on a 4.6 monster gt carburetor
  20. J

    Carburetor for SH .28 P6

    Hi all. Got this SH .28 P6 from a deal but I need a carburetor. First of all, this engine seems mean on the papir with 3.8 BHP - can I trust this? I have already a GO .28 mounted and it has no rating of BHP. I do not know how to compare those engines. Back to the carburetor. Does all .28...