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  1. tudordewolf

    Build/engine swap: Thunder Tiger into HSP

    Another HSP-based build, this one on their "Flying Fish" pivot-ball onroad nitro with a Thunder Tiger Evo-12(P) After a bit of hacksawing, sanding, and drilling, everything went together quite cleanly. I had to cut 5mm off the engine mounts to lower the engine so a bump box could reach it...
  2. Michalxo

    [Build] Orlandoo Hunter OH035A01 Kit - Jeep Wrangler

    Hello, as I promised to @WickedFog I am documenting here my first ever RC build. It came approximately 2 weeks ago. I messed up a little bit with painting (bad covering tape, too close with spray paint can etc.. usual beginner issues I suppose :) ). Here I am putting some pictures of my...
  3. keepsgoing4evr

    My ultimate build (so far... Lol)

    Whelp, here my Deadbolt. Or what's left of it. Pretty much just the center skid I think. Shapeways Rum Runner chassis C10 links F/R (it's long lol) HR brass diff covers HR front axle housing HR front steering knuckles Furitek Lizard ESC HR motor Stock plastic gears (they feel smoother) Redcat...
  4. B

    Building RC car with Sons

    Hi. I am new to the forum. I build an RC car over 30 years ago. I am getting back into the hobby this time with my sons. I dusted off my old Team Associated 1/10 World Car and we built a RC dirt track in our backyard. Now they are hooked and want cars of their own. I need some help to sort...
  5. B

    Looking for a 1/10 electric touring car kit to build

    Looking for a 1/10 electric touring car to build, with a firm $800 budget. I have tools, grease, oil, Tx/Rx, etc.. Just need a chassis, drivetrain, motor, esc, servo, wheels and tires. I have 4x 2s LiPos, and not getting more. I don’t know enough to be able compare Kyosho kit xxx to Xray kit...
  6. Kage

    My Overkill Voltage Project (chronologically, and now in video form!)

    Hello Fellow Bashers I picked up an Arrma Voltage in October of 2020 after a long hiatus from the hobby. I was tired of pandemic gardening, especially since I have the most frustrating of thumbs in which my seeds will grow, giving me a false confidence. Then, begin the slow, drawn out process...
  7. Dak08

    My first build. Kraton exb

    Hello ? This is my first post here. I haven't had an rc car since the t maxx 3.3 came out(15 years ago ?). So its been a while. I did some research I thought this set up would put the biggest smile on my face. Kraton EXB Castle mamba monster 8s Castle 1717 1650kv B-link(this is sweet!) RR 20t...
  8. Brandon1

    Kyosho mini z 4x4 - 4Runner

    Installed led light kit, new wheels - 3D printed - off eBay, tires to fit, front end weights and shocks - hot racing.
  9. CofNailz

    CofNailz Kraton EXB build

    Not really a build since I'm not replacing the things one normally would, chassis, towers etc. That's why I got the EXB. Anywho... Kraton exb M2C Tower Brace Voltage Hobbies servo mount Savox 1210 servo Spektrum SR315 reciever Castle mmx8s esc Castle 1717 motor Castle B-Link Tekno 18 or 20t...
  10. D3MON

    D3MON'S RC10GT

    so after many years of drooling and wanting one it finally worked out that i was able to get myself a truck i had been looking for for a long time. The Iconic RC10gt. from what i can determine it started life as an RTR+, or possibly one of the factory team versions given the options it has...
  11. Edough13

    Edough's RC Arrma Typhon 6s v5 speed run build

    Started as a stock v5 Typhon with a 18t pinion change, hot racing center diff mount and cover and some dual fans PB of 64mph. Now she's got some new shoes (GRP s3 revos) a 23t pinion and slammed down low. Coming soon a 42t spool...
  12. T

    Notorious 6s upgrades and mods

    I've slowly been upgrading my Notorious 6s. It has an upgraded servo, aluminum servo mount, Arrma aluminum diff cases all around (fluids are 60K F/ 500k C/ 40k R), Vitavon bulkheads, RPM front bumper, TBR rear bumper and a TBR wing mount. I've also belted the tires with 100lb test Kevlar thread...
  13. TwiztidDevil

    Joshua's TMaxx

    Here's my Tmaxx. It started as a 2.5 and over the course of a year and $2000 I have a bulletproof beast. Here's a list of the parts I've put in it: [ ] New Graphix Body [ ] Wheels and Tires [ ] Spektrum Receiver [ ] 30% Nitro Race Fuel [ ] OS .21 TM ABC Motor [ ] OS--2070 Monster Truck Exhaust...
  14. Exc3l

    Senton 3s to 6s (speed run)

    Hello, Already have a build thread but just posting here! Senton 3s/6s upgrades/mods: - DBoot HOONS -17mm hexes (Typhon) -26 t- 32 t pinion -BLX185 with custom plexiglass mount -BLX185 combo 6s motor (2050 kV) - Typhon 6s shocks -Typhon body -DUMBO RC controller and receiver - Brand new v3...
  15. M

    First sct build

    I'm looking to build my first SCT. I'm having a rough time finding any sort of template. I would like to build my own chassis out of carbon fiber. Should I just buy an slash lcg chassis and try and copy it? What i would really like to do is have a template I could just put over the top of the...
  16. CapnJames

    Kyosho RB7ss Super Extra Fantastic Fun Time Build

    Hello RCT Nation! I am in the process of aquiring pieces and parts for my and could use some help. So far, I have the kit, a few different pinion gears (28t, 30t and 32t), a fancy exotech motor mount and battery mount. As for motor/esc, it seems hobbywing has a decent reputation. Looks like...
  17. MOrtega94

    Updating an old MGT 4.6. Build question

    Went to the local race track and saw these Pro-Line X-Maxx Trencher 4.3 tires and instantly fell in love. Has anyone found a way to successfully mount these puppies on a 4.6 MGT? I know the Proline use a special modified hex (23mm notched I think). One of the locals also said I could probably...
  18. KCR262

    My Traxxas Rally

    When getting back in to RC I always get a traxxas this time a rally. Why traxxas because you can race it or bash it, parts galore! and resales fast than other brands.. This is the way iv'e been doing for years.. Then i shift over to losi or TRL ..
  19. RyanKeith78

    Traxxas T-Maxx big block build.

    Ok, having a huge problem and need some advice from some of you experienced builders. I keep breaking the primary shaft in my Tmax big block. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or not. I have the Robison Racing slandered ratio still gears, and an Integy aluminum transition case. Is there...
  20. FiMS presents Rc...

    1/6th scale Ford F350 build

    Well here's the start of my second 1/6 crawler build, here's my other ,first (ever) , crawler build interior from last year ; And here's the start of my new build!!