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  1. coldvod

    Nitro rs4-2 build

    When i went out of town i found this neat hpi belt driven nitro which i believe is an rs4-2. The chassis is in nice shape but I'm sure with how i drive it won't stay that way. I also got a few goodies such as a thunder tiger 12 and aluminum rims. The tires are worn but i'll keep them on there...
  2. remote uncontrol

    Trx4 shock and tire question

    Are there any shocks that are good quality but still cheaper than the traxxas ones or should I just get stock. I also have the same question about the tires. Any help is appreciated
  3. luke66

    trx4m trio (soon to be quadruple or something) build thread.

    so i dont have much to say at this point, i just got a pic and a promise that something WILL happen. heres a pic by the way
  4. tudordewolf

    HSP Pangolin - $90 1:10 Crawler kit build

    I'm primarily a fan of nitros, particularly HSP's models, and regularly buy replacement parts from aliexpress, which is why I noticed their 1:10 crawler being sold as a roller kit for $90. I had extra servos, a brushed 35T motor & ESC, generic truck body, and basic receiver / transmitter...
  5. tudordewolf

    Build/engine swap: Thunder Tiger into HSP

    Another HSP-based build, this one on their "Flying Fish" pivot-ball onroad nitro with a Thunder Tiger Evo-12(P) After a bit of hacksawing, sanding, and drilling, everything went together quite cleanly. I had to cut 5mm off the engine mounts to lower the engine so a bump box could reach it...
  6. Michalxo

    [Build] Orlandoo Hunter OH035A01 Kit - Jeep Wrangler

    Hello, as I promised to @WickedFog I am documenting here my first ever RC build. It came approximately 2 weeks ago. I messed up a little bit with painting (bad covering tape, too close with spray paint can etc.. usual beginner issues I suppose :) ). Here I am putting some pictures of my...
  7. keepsgoing4evr

    My ultimate build (so far... Lol)

    Whelp, here my Deadbolt. Or what's left of it. Pretty much just the center skid I think. Shapeways Rum Runner chassis C10 links F/R (it's long lol) HR brass diff covers HR front axle housing HR front steering knuckles Furitek Lizard ESC HR motor Stock plastic gears (they feel smoother) Redcat...
  8. B

    Building RC car with Sons

    Hi. I am new to the forum. I build an RC car over 30 years ago. I am getting back into the hobby this time with my sons. I dusted off my old Team Associated 1/10 World Car and we built a RC dirt track in our backyard. Now they are hooked and want cars of their own. I need some help to sort...
  9. B

    Looking for a 1/10 electric touring car kit to build

    Looking for a 1/10 electric touring car to build, with a firm $800 budget. I have tools, grease, oil, Tx/Rx, etc.. Just need a chassis, drivetrain, motor, esc, servo, wheels and tires. I have 4x 2s LiPos, and not getting more. I don’t know enough to be able compare Kyosho kit xxx to Xray kit...
  10. Kage

    My Overkill Voltage Project (chronologically, and now in video form!)

    Hello Fellow Bashers I picked up an Arrma Voltage in October of 2020 after a long hiatus from the hobby. I was tired of pandemic gardening, especially since I have the most frustrating of thumbs in which my seeds will grow, giving me a false confidence. Then, begin the slow, drawn out process...
  11. Dak08

    My first build. Kraton exb

    Hello ? This is my first post here. I haven't had an rc car since the t maxx 3.3 came out(15 years ago ?). So its been a while. I did some research I thought this set up would put the biggest smile on my face. Kraton EXB Castle mamba monster 8s Castle 1717 1650kv B-link(this is sweet!) RR 20t...
  12. Brandon1

    Kyosho mini z 4x4 - 4Runner

    Installed led light kit, new wheels - 3D printed - off eBay, tires to fit, front end weights and shocks - hot racing.
  13. CofNailz

    CofNailz Kraton EXB build

    Not really a build since I'm not replacing the things one normally would, chassis, towers etc. That's why I got the EXB. Anywho... Kraton exb M2C Tower Brace Voltage Hobbies servo mount Savox 1210 servo Spektrum SR315 reciever Castle mmx8s esc Castle 1717 motor Castle B-Link Tekno 18 or 20t...
  14. D3MON

    D3MON'S RC10GT

    so after many years of drooling and wanting one it finally worked out that i was able to get myself a truck i had been looking for for a long time. The Iconic RC10gt. from what i can determine it started life as an RTR+, or possibly one of the factory team versions given the options it has...
  15. Edough13

    Edough's RC Arrma Typhon 6s v5 speed run build

    Started as a stock v5 Typhon with a 18t pinion change, hot racing center diff mount and cover and some dual fans PB of 64mph. Now she's got some new shoes (GRP s3 revos) a 23t pinion and slammed down low. Coming soon a 42t spool...
  16. T

    Notorious 6s upgrades and mods

    I've slowly been upgrading my Notorious 6s. It has an upgraded servo, aluminum servo mount, Arrma aluminum diff cases all around (fluids are 60K F/ 500k C/ 40k R), Vitavon bulkheads, RPM front bumper, TBR rear bumper and a TBR wing mount. I've also belted the tires with 100lb test Kevlar thread...
  17. TwiztidDevil

    Joshua's TMaxx

    Here's my Tmaxx. It started as a 2.5 and over the course of a year and $2000 I have a bulletproof beast. Here's a list of the parts I've put in it: [ ] New Graphix Body [ ] Wheels and Tires [ ] Spektrum Receiver [ ] 30% Nitro Race Fuel [ ] OS .21 TM ABC Motor [ ] OS--2070 Monster Truck Exhaust...
  18. Exc3l

    Senton 3s to 6s (speed run)

    Hello, Already have a build thread but just posting here! Senton 3s/6s upgrades/mods: - DBoot HOONS -17mm hexes (Typhon) -26 t- 32 t pinion -BLX185 with custom plexiglass mount -BLX185 combo 6s motor (2050 kV) - Typhon 6s shocks -Typhon body -DUMBO RC controller and receiver - Brand new v3...
  19. CapnJames

    Kyosho RB7ss Super Extra Fantastic Fun Time Build

    Hello RCT Nation! I am in the process of aquiring pieces and parts for my and could use some help. So far, I have the kit, a few different pinion gears (28t, 30t and 32t), a fancy exotech motor mount and battery mount. As for motor/esc, it seems hobbywing has a decent reputation. Looks like...
  20. RyanKeith78

    Traxxas T-Maxx big block build.

    Ok, having a huge problem and need some advice from some of you experienced builders. I keep breaking the primary shaft in my Tmax big block. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or not. I have the Robison Racing slandered ratio still gears, and an Integy aluminum transition case. Is there...