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  1. Skullboi2012

    Body for team energy g8x buggy??

    Hey guys really need some help here could use a body that would fit on the g8x thanks
  2. S

    OLD Vintage Tires for Futaba Safari 1/8 buggy

    Does anyone have the ability to 3D replicate rubber tires for 1/8 scale buggies? I've got some Kyosho 1/8 2wd and some 4wd, as well as the Futaba 2wd 1/8 Safari buggies that need tires. Now I've probably got 1 (one) of each tire that would be suitable for making a replica of, the others were...
  3. S

    Old nitro .21 on a Great Vigor Tornado 1/8 buggy

    I bought a complete and clean vintage Great Vigors Tornado 1/8 4wd buggy. Problem is motor is seized up and won't turn. Clutch and drivetrain are AOK. This motor doesn't have any identifying marks outside of a 4 letter embossing that reads (roughly, hard to discern) from top to bottom, B R...
  4. Skullboi2012

    Break in during winter

    Hey all of you nitro fanatics I have a question I am get a 1/8 sh.21 nitro buggy and was wondering if you can brake it in during the winter time -thanks skull
  5. olds97_lss

    Sold Clearing some room. Well used jato and an old OFNA buggy.

    Looking to clear a shelf. I have a well used jato and an old OFNA buggy I picked up a few years ago. I used to run both of these a lot more before my running areas all kind of dissolved. Now if I run anything, it's a MT. I haven't run either of these in over a year. While they aren't new, they...
  6. watertrucker

    Vintage Cox Dune Buggy

    Picked up a Cox .049 Dune Buggy on eBay a couple weeks back. Finally had a chance today to try to fire it up. Glow plug was bad, replaced it, but apparently the former owner let it sit for a long time with fuel in it. Tank was completely plugged up. Took it all apart and cleaned it up. Put it...
  7. neobart

    Sold Novarossi +4 Buggy Engine

    Novarossi +4 Buggy Engine std plug. Needs some TLC. Still has compression, but has trouble idling. 30$ with shipping
  8. Bridgeport

    K&B Engines in a buggy . The good vs the Bad?

    I guess what it boils down to is you never see anything good or bad , looking to replace a SH .18 with a K&B .18 but what is the difference In the two heads one says "Bar Stock" the other is "Die Cast" do you have to run there glow plugs . Thanks for the help in advance .

    Wanna make my 1:8 buggy nitro able to drift

    Is there any way to make my nitro buggy corner shaper if there anything people need to know about my car let me know :)
  10. Speedy Wolf

    ECX Boost Review

    So, the ECX boost was my first car, and I drive that thing like crazy. One of the best things about the boost was it's durability. I drove it down a sewer drain 3 times, stepped on it, and used it as a ramp to launch my dad's Fury on to it's back. The front fender is amazing. I've run the car...
  11. Woinson95

    Help Needed Identifying this RC Buggy

    not sure what make it is and needing to get some parts for it when rebuilding it. Thanks in advance https://www.rcnitrotalk.com/forum/media/unknown-buggy.201/
  12. B

    What is a good nitro buggy to buy

    Hi, I'm looking for a nitro powered rc buggy that goes atleast 60 mph. I really want a buggy between 1/8th scale to 1/10 scale not a truck or truggy but i dont know whats best. I was looking at redcats backdraft 3.5 but idk how fast it goes is it good. I also want a buggy that has a air filter...
  13. jayrc10

    Engine revs, Buggy doesn't move

    Hi i have the following buggy. The issue is that, the engine starts fine but when i put the buggy on the ground it doesn't even move. Losi 8ight 2.0 RTR buggy with 350 engine 2 shoe clutch Checked the diffs and tranny- the car free rolls without any problem. It moves only slightly at full...
  14. boogyman1313

    K&N DBXL 1/5 4wd Buggy RTR

    So i was thinking about getting the Losi 1/5 5IVE-T 4WD Off-Road Truck until i came across this deal well at least i think its a deal here at a local shop they have a K&N DBXL 1/5 4wd Buggy RTR for $899.00 brand spanking new i like me a deal and i was wondering if anyone can give me any input on...
  15. derrick87

    new here and need help with 1/8 buggy

    First off i would like to say hi from north east PA. Well to start. I need some help. I'm looking into getting back into 1/8th scale buggy racing/bashing. I had one years ago an OFNA hyper 7 pro kit not sure what engine or pipe had an old old Futaba radio system and not sure what servo's etc. I...
  16. boogyman1313

    Not sure what i have here. Can you help?

    Guys gals how are you doing I'm needing a little help i got this car the other day and from what I'm told its a losi 8ight 2.0 i am not familiar with these amazing little machines i have yet to hear this sucker run and that is if it does i need to get a reedy 1600 series battery any input will be...
  17. B

    Agama A8 buggy

    I recently purchased two Agama A8 buggies from a guy online. he seemed to know his stuff but i am a little worried that he don't. Heres what i got. One buggy came with an OS .21 VZB motor, with JB2 and JB1 exhaust. Other one is without power and both are without electronics. thinking of...
  18. R

    Spur gear destroying itself

    I have an exceed forza, as running it the other day and it started reving but not going anywhere. I look at it to see what is wrong and the large gear teeth all but the outside edge had been worn down flat. So I replaced it and it roller smoothly until I started it up and gave it some gas. It...
  19. Kris407

    The evolution of an HPI nitro F3.5 buggy

    So I bought this buggy a couple years ago and thought I'd post a little timeline of how it's changed over the years. HPI has given up on this buggy but I haven't and I bet there's not another like this one! I'm working on fixing the Toe and Camber this weekend so I can put tires to dirt soon.
  20. RubiconX

    Are Buggy Bodies interchangeable?

    Hey folks, Just wondering if nitro buggy bodies are interchangeable. I'm looking for a clear body for the AE RC8.2 nitro buggy but the local hobby shops only stock the electric version which won't really fit (from experience). I called a third shop and they told me that they don't stock...