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  1. 2

    Battery recomendations for converting traxxas slash 2wd to brushless

    I have a traxxas slash that I plan to put a brushless motor/esc kit into rated for 12v. First of all can the battery go over/under 12v or does it need to be at 12v? And secondly what t pole connector batteries would fit best?
  2. F.R.S. Ninja_007

    NEW Traxxas BL-2s Brushless System

    Just found this a minute ago in my email, looks like @DavidB1126 & @luke66 were right It goes around the same speed as a stock brushed system at ~30mph, and you’re looking at $329.95
  3. G

    Motor or brushless ESC with RPM feedback

    Hi, I'm interested in converting an RC truck to a robot and I want odometry information. I am wondering if any available brushless ESC provide RPM information or any existing 550 motors have encoders stock? Any info would be nice. I currently have a redcat volcano EPX and I am looking into...
  4. osuui

    Emaxx motor has no current

    Hi I have a emaxx that has no volts going to the motor everything else works fine the servos move fan moves just the motor dosent wana run.
  5. M

    Brushless Motors getting slower as time and low PWM does not start it.

    There are 4 Skywalker 50A esc and 4 brushless motors connected to Pixhawk. They were working fine before the accident. Only physical damage was taken in the accident, no electronic burns or disconnections occurred. After fixing the physical problems, I connected an ESC plugs positive and...
  6. Banjo_Z2005

    Losi mini T 2.0 brushless progress!!

    I got the remote and receiver, with the new brushless motor, I'm just waiting for it to be prepared this afternoon! any thoughts, ideas, or things to let me know about? and anything i should be knowing of?
  7. coldvod

    Crawler/ rock bouncer brushlesss setup recommendations

    I'm making a rock crawler and I want a good mix of speed and low end torque I already own 2 crawlers ( tf2, scx10 2 ) so I don't want a fully crawler focused setup ( torque with little to no speed ) more of a rock bouncer. I would like to stay under 250CAD# I was thinking of the Mamba Micro X...
  8. V

    13t pinion gear

    Hi, I think my pinion gear is damaged, can someone verify it by the looks of it please? The rc car is a bsd rampage 1/10
  9. K

    Will my motor work with my esc

    So I just bought a hobbywing ezrun 3652 motor but I have a spektrum 120a Esc will the motor work with the Esc even tho it’s not a hobbywing Esc?
  10. N

    How does it work with this Sensored Brushless Motor?

    Hi, I had bought a Turnigy TrackStar SCT 5.5T Sensored Brushless Motor 3750KV for my year group project where I need to use Arduino for the motor speed control. However, when this motor came in, I then realise it's not a regular three pin three phase motor but a six pin one, 3 for the phases and...
  11. Greywolf74

    What the difference in ribbed vs smooth can?

    So I was lookin at picking up a Castle 1515 2200kv motor but I'm seeing some that are pictured having a smooth can instead of the ribbed can that I'm used to. Is there any difference in these?
  12. ChadCharlieG

    Tamiya Off Road Buggies & Brushless motors?

    So this is probably a very noob question. But every time I see anyone with Tamiya buggies, they are always brushed. Why is this? Are Tamiya buggies unsuited for the power of a powerful brushless system? Also, I don't do organised racing, because another thought I had could be that they are...
  13. New Toy✅ Maverick Quantum Flux XT - ? RC Truggy

    New Toy✅ Maverick Quantum Flux XT - ? RC Truggy

    A late Christmas present to myself, love this as was pretty cheap at £150.00. Just need to supply your own batteries. Well built 1/10th RC 4WD Truggy and can run on 3S too.
  14. Olliercuk

    Help with ESC Motor and battery combo

    Hi, I’ve got a 1/18 scale maverick ion I’m converting to brushless and have brought a surpass 6200kv motor with a 35A esc on the description I’m being told it’s max current is 75A will the esc be able handle that, I should assume so as they come as a kit... also if I’ve got a surpass 6200kv...
  15. L

    Looking for RC plane brushless motor recommendations

    My plane weight is about 230g(no electronics) , 330g with electonics. Wingspan is 1080mm length is 830mm. Ill use motor to pusher, 7.4v battery, and 7035 prop. Please recommend my motor. Thank you~
  16. L

    Brushless motor recommend

    Hi, I am building FT sea otter now. I think I can't get a recommend motor, so I want to be recommended by you guys. it will be about 550~650 grams. 1000mm wingspan, 800mm length. What motor will be good for this? Will the 2122 1400kv motor can fit in this plane? I hope for your recommendation...
  17. Abe559

    Corally dementor need some advice

    I wanted to.know what battery would you suggest on a team corally dementor 2s-6s capable esc is 180amps now it's not just choosing the highest 6s battery correct? If I were to try saying a 6s 5000mah 90c rated battery my esc would cut out right due to over amperage. I'm new to this rc world but...
  18. K

    Dromida Bx4 1/8 motor

    Anyone know a reliable 1/18 motor that will get well over 15mph?
  19. Randomaker

    Which motor for homemade RC?

    Hi. I'm very new to hobby grade RCs and I have no idea what I am doing. I am thinking of building my own car from scratch. I'm thinking around 1/10 scale because my friend is buying one and I want mine to be somewhat similar to his. I have selected 2 of the cheapest motors I can find, one...
  20. The RC Car

    Motor upgrade!

    Hey, y'all! I looking into upgrading my Venileon 3500brushless, is there any motor that y'all would suggest? I would want it to be a 540 or 550 base, and I would also like to not break the bank! I heard that goolrc's motors are actually reliable even though the rest of their stuff is trash. a...