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  1. K

    Dromida Bx4 1/8 motor

    Anyone know a reliable 1/18 motor that will get well over 15mph?
  2. Randomaker

    Which motor for homemade RC?

    Hi. I'm very new to hobby grade RCs and I have no idea what I am doing. I am thinking of building my own car from scratch. I'm thinking around 1/10 scale because my friend is buying one and I want mine to be somewhat similar to his. I have selected 2 of the cheapest motors I can find, one...
  3. The RC Car

    Motor upgrade!

    Hey, y'all! I looking into upgrading my Venileon 3500brushless, is there any motor that y'all would suggest? I would want it to be a 540 or 550 base, and I would also like to not break the bank! I heard that goolrc's motors are actually reliable even though the rest of their stuff is trash. a...
  4. The RC Car

    Slash 4x4 over heated after long hard drive down the driveway, again 🙄

    Hey y'all! I took the slash out for a drive two days ago and it overheated after about 10 minutes, the temperature was in the 60s (Fahrenheit). I thought this was weird, but set it too cool down (it has an ESC fan btw), and after 30 minutes it still hadn't cooled down. I unplugged the batt and...
  5. Ryanmo

    Sensored esc/ motor

    Hello noob here I’m building a Tamiya to-02 rr chassis or I will be once I figure this out. I’ve decided I want a sensored brushless motor around 10 to 14 t I think.... what esc and motor combo would you guys recommend I’m getting confused looking any help would be appreciated
  6. Yiggityyamz

    Lit my sons motor on fire

    After watching a few people messing around with these wltoys 12428 on YouTube and modding them I decided to screw around and see what the stock esc and gears could handle. Wellll.....turns out going from a 1500mAh 2 cell LiIo to a 4000mAh 40C lipo was a bit more than I planned haha the car rode...
  7. Piecejointe

    What kind of car uses a 3674 brushless motor?

    I've inherited a motor, it's a 3674 2250kv with a 5mm shaft, I want to get rid of it as I have no use for it. What kind of car uses this strange shape of motor? Some 1/8 buggies? I thought SCTs like the slash, but with a shaft like that it can't take smaller teeth pinions, only 32dp and larger...
  8. superticky

    Question about 3300kv vs 3800kv for RC10T4.3

    Hello everyone! I have a (maybe) simple question: a few months ago I bought a Team Associated 1/10 2WD RC10T4.3 stadium truck and still enjoying it a lot! Only modification I had to do was to change the pinion from 18T to 23T to get a speed bump from 23mph to 28 mph with 2S. (I have some...
  9. WoodiE

    Traxxas introduces new Rustler 4x4 VXL

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  10. WoodiE

    Arrma Granite & Senton 4x4's get brushless upgrades

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