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  1. C

    my 4wd rc car is making a grinding noise

    one day I took out my rc car to drive it around a bit but it started to make this grinding noise. So I took it indoors to have a look. I first checked the front diff but I could not find an issue on first looks. then i checked the pinion and spur gears because i thought they might have striped...
  2. Z

    Help with esc

    I am controlling the EZrun 18a esc from an arduino. I tried many different sketches and the most I could get it to do is vibrate. I read that a vibrating motor could be a broken phase, So I detached the motor and measured each phase of the esc while it was running with a multimeter. The...
  3. M

    I need help with a RC10GT carburetor

    My old rc10gt carburetor's arm is snapped off the carb and i need help with ways to fix it without using JB weld. it is a rotary carburetor
  4. Mrdavis72

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...Can somebody please help me

    Ok so the only way I can get my 3.3 to start and idle is for it to be at half throttle. I myself have been over it numerous times as well as the hobby shops, and can't figure it out. Brend new everything except piston and sleeve,because they were still in good repair,new carb,tank,lines. Lots of...
  5. Rooky78

    Trashed the clutch shoes.

    So... I fried my clutch. The bell looks fine, and I have a few other things to fix while I'm in there, but I'm wondering what shoes to get. Stock, alloy, or whatever. What are you guys running? Stock Savage X 17/47 gearing.