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  1. T

    HOT motor hpi blitz

    OK, i just got a venom 3s2p 6400mah lipo for my stock blitz. i went out for a test drive for 10 mins, it went good until i fliped it. when i went to it i could smell some thing burning i touch the motor is was hot. so is there any thing i need for it i have stock blitz waterproof rtr. so any one...
  2. J

    HPI Blitz

    Anyone running this rig? I have heard it is a lower end one and I know it comes in only 2wd and brushed but I was considering getting one because the price isn't too bad.
  3. WoodiE

    HPI Blitz updated: waterproof and 2.4Ghz

    While other short course trucks, such as the Traxxas Slash, had waterproof electronics and a 2.4Ghz radio first - HPI Racing has finally updated their VERY popular short course truck, the HPI Blitz with the same and then some! Click to continue
  4. B

    My HPI Blitz

    Did some bashing today and took some pics who said blitz don't rock crawl lol
  5. robmob

    Proline Chevy Silverado 1500 Body for the HPI Blitz Chevy® race fans get ready to go thrashing through your off-road terrain with your HPI Blitz and Pro-Line's Chevy® Silverado™ race body. Features: * Bold off-road Short Course (SC) styling * Extremely...
  6. M

    HPI BLITZ set ups

    What is a good starting point for spur/pinion gears for a blitz running a novak SS 13.5 motor.and what wt oil for the front and rear shocks,and any other advice for setups thanks for your help.:thumbup1:
  7. N

    HPI Blitz with SC10 body and wheels?????

    Hi I'm looking to buy a Hpi Blitz truck but was wandering will SC10 wheels an tires work on the Blitz? do u think that an sc10 body will work on Blitz? i just like the looks of them :confused: i like the Blitz alot i am not goin to be really racing so whats better the Blitz or Sc10
  8. N

    Hpi blitz ???? Battery questions

    Hello i am planning to buy a blitz soon and going to run it stock . wat battery and size should i use to get the best speed an performance out of the truck with out burnin up the motor:confused:
  9. A

    will an hpi blitz body fit?

    will the hpi blitz body fit the slash and vice versa?
  10. Scrogg

    Sc10, hpi blitz, losi strike?????

    Which one?? I am leaning to the the Losi due to the layout and brushless/Lipo capable ESC. The Blitz got great reviews and I can get a great deal on them and the AE SC10 with Towerhobbies.. I plan to buy one for myself and one for my Father. I will race mine in the stocker class. He'll just bash...
  11. C

    World's First HPI Blitz Sway Bar

    After much scearching the net and could not find a sway bar kit for my beloved Blitz. I set out on a mission to make one my self. I have done it! Here are some pic's And Here, Here Too, And Finally Here. Let me know what you think. BTW It works like a dream
  12. WoodiE

    HPI Blitz un-boxing

    Received the HPI Blitz from the LHS today during lunch and now have got home and the chance to unbox the Blitz... In the next three photo's you can see an issue I'll need to fix before running the HPI Blitz, looks like the diff is leaking as both the top and bottom of the...
  13. WoodiE

    HPI Blitz manual has been uploaded

    Those of you looking for the HPI Blitz manual, well it's now been added to our RC Short Course Manuals, Parts Lists, Setup Sheets page. Enjoy!
  14. FastEddy

    Live broadcast of the HPI Blitz RIGHT NOW! RC Driver is doing a live broadcast of the Blitz with HPI Here is a recorded version of the broadcast.
  15. WoodiE

    HPI Blitz short course truck

    HPI has finally done it, they have come up with their own rc short course truck, the HPI Blitz! The HPI Blitz uses nothing but the finest grade, high-impact nylon plastic on the most critical areas of the truck. From the bumpers to the super beefy arms and everything in between. HPI's industry...
  16. WoodiE

    HPI Blitz RC Short Course Racing Truck

    The HPI Blitz is designed from a lengthened E-Firestorm chassis to deliver the most stable feel a short-course truck can offer. The HPI Blitz uses nothing but the finest grade, high-impact nylon plastic on the most critical areas of the truck – from the bumpers to the super beefy arms and...