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  1. wyx_

    Voltage drop issues

    Howdy howdy Picked up a 22 5.0 for some stock/mod class racing and I've been having issues with my voltage readings on my DX5C. Turning right causes a bump of .1v and turning left causes anywhere between .2v drop to complete loss of power, even at full charge on the shorty pack. I'm completely...
  2. S

    Will the Traxxas BEC work with this servo?

    Hello. I'm new here and new to RC trucks. I have a trx6 Mercedes and I'd like to get a new servo. I would like to get the ProTek RC 370TBL "Black Label" Waterproof High Torque Brushless Crawler Servo (High Voltage/Metal Case) (Digital). What I need to know is will the Traxxas bec work with...
  3. Greywolf74

    How To Wire Up A BEC.

    Ran across these pics online and they do a really good job of explaining how to wire up a BEC.
  4. revo_rob_1984

    Because Motorama

    Whats up guys, i'm heading to motorama here in about 2 hrs, show starts tomorrow. Come check out all your RC Addict Gear at the Hidden Hangar Hobby booth. Hope to see ya there. Look for insanity!!!
  5. chaos2767

    Nitro becomming a thing of the past?

    I went to 3 hobby shops today and all 3 said that they do not deal much with the nitro's anymore. Everything is going electric. Kind of sad but I love my nitro, the smell and everything that goes with it. I understand why the big push in electric but its sad to see the nitro's becoming a dying...
  6. ausher

    i became a member today...

    Is this something I have to wash my hands for? :D
  7. insaneatvs

    I haven't been on because....

    I haven't been on lately, the last three years have been really rough. Nov, 17th. 2012 the day before our 10 year anniversary of marriage, I lost my father to Pancreatic Cancer, Cancer of the liver, and to the stomach. This happened so fast. Just under 3 weeks from finding test results he...
  8. jk6672

    Esc / bec

    I just ordered this: From what I understand the ESC and BEChave had some failures so I would like to upgrade them and I'm looking for suggestions from those with plane electronics.
  9. W

    RX Batteries/HV Servos/Voltage Cutoff/BEC/Electricity?

    Been enjoying my 1/8th scale Kyosho Inferno Neo Race Spec RTR nitro buggy for almost a year now and have decided to upgrade my servos. I want to go with two HV servos, probably savox for the steering and throttle. This desire has led to a whole host of questions for which I need your help (my...
  10. WoodiE

    Skydriver becomes first person to jump without chute!

    This is pretty crazy stuff. Source:
  11. Greywolf74

    Basic BEC info and how to wire one up.

    This is my latest how to video. Its just some basic BEC info and how to wire one up. I had some folks on FB asking me questions about BECs so I thought I would do a video for newer folks who have never dealt with BECs before. If you like my channel please subscibe and share them with anyone that...
  12. M

    looking for a pull start for mine because can't run drill start.

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a pull start for ae 4.6. I bought one and I was told was 4.6 but it turned out to be a .21 because of the shorter length. Enyone need it Ur welcome to trade for the one I need. Its still in package. I just opened it. The bolts and everything are still sealed Idc if urs...
  13. frickenjoey

    Setting up the BEC

    Ok I am putting a CC BEC on my crawler for the simple fact the receivers just don't supply the juice they need for big servos. So I have two options of how to do this the standard way below or an alternate version I have seen done. Any ideas on which is better. In theory the alt method will...
  14. HPI-Killer

    Internal Built BEC Speed Controllers

    I'm about ready to recieve my RC4WD scale rig and am in the market for a real nice internal bec esc with real good slight trigger response, meaning if I pull the trigger in an 1/16" or 1/8" I wanna feel that truck move or hear the response from the esc. Anyone reccomend a really good esc or have...
  15. W

    hsp bazooka dies when fuel level becomes lower than fuel nipple pick up

    i just bought i bazooka and every time the fuel level drains lower than the fuel pick up point/hose the car dies. Does the fuel tank require to be pressured from the second exhaust hose? i have looked at the hose and appears not to be leaking. Do i have to take it a step further and check it...
  16. alien13

    So just because I was bored

    I started digging through the spare parts that come with the X, only to find out it comes with diff shims. How nice, since I already ordered two sets. Guess I'll have spares. Turns out I'll still need the ones I ordered though. I pulled the front diff casing to check the play, found it was...
  17. slowngreen


    Looking for a new or BARELY used BEC and fast.
  18. L

    Hump battery bec and tamiya connector question

    I wanna get a rechargeable battery hump. My stock hpi reviver takes a bec for the rx. I have a really cheap charger for my roto start battery aswell. So i was looking at a charger that will charge the 1800 mah roto start battery with Tamiya connector. and the bec hump pack. I also looking for a...
  19. WoodiE

    LRP Lipo guard and BEC

    LRP has just released their new 2in1 LiPo guard and BEC. This new LRP 2in1 LiPo guard makes every brushless and brushed speed control usable for LiPo batteries. During operation the LRP 2in1 LiPo Guard+BEC monitors the LiPo batteries, so they never get too discharged... Click to continue
  20. T

    T4 becomes SC10

    I got the T4 in a trade to race my buddies in the stadium truck class at the local hobby town (thanks Boogie!), well turns out my friends decided to sell their stadium trucks and get short course trucks. SOOOOOO, what was I going to do with this awsome t4???????? Convert it to a short course of...