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    Sold WANTED: Savage parts-clutch bell and bearings, clutch shoes, flywheel, etc.Orlando,FL

    Hey guys, I need several parts for an HPI Savage. I have an Ofna .25 motor, but most parts from the HPI .25 fit. Here is a list of needed parts: *Clutch bell w/bearings *flywheel *clutch shoe and springs *Rear driveshaft *exhaust coupling *Skid plates *header *Body *misc parts...
  2. M

    what size bearings do i put in my rustler

    what size bearings do i put in my e-rustler for the whell hubs NOTE:the electric rustler and nitro rustler do not have the same bearings
  3. W

    RS4 Bearings

    Do aftermarket bearings in a tourng car really make a big diffrence and what bearings do you recommend for a an RS4. Are these bearings just stock or are these faster bearings....Duratax I'd hope they'd be faster because they are 60 bucks
  4. M

    Steering post bearings

    Any Storm owners out there know where I can find an upgrade for the steering posts? I want to replace the stock plastic bushings with bearings. If GS doesn't make an upgrade for it, is there a standard size bearing out there that will work ? Thanks.
  5. Road Rage

    Heavy Duty One Way Bearings??

    Just wondering if anyone knows or heard if there is an heavy duty one way bearing available??? I toasted mine, and was just curious if ojne was out, or maybe one was in the works...........
  6. R

    DAMN one way bearings!!!!!

    i just got my first RC nitro car and this one way bearing blows ass (savage 25) i have already been through 2!! (in a few days) ,spending close to $20 each time for this is pretty ridiculous:angry:
  7. S

    f'n duratrax clutch bearings

    Well one race day + 1 practice = hosed duratrax clutch bearings.. - note to self never buy them again - ill stick to oem mugens.. :angry: ]
  8. B

    Clutch Bearings keep blowing out

    I built a Maxx Hybird using a Duratrax Axis buggy and mated all my suspension parts from my Maxx. Powering it w/ Ofna Hyper .21 8 Port. I used a Kyosho MP 7.5 flywheel w/ a Ofna 12 tooth clutch bell which spins the 51 tooth Duratrax steel spur. Went through break-in, not a prob. Went through...
  9. S

    Should I get Ball Bearings for my Maxx. ??

    Hey! I just stumbled upon the complete ball bearing set from DuraTrax on Tower while in a shopping frenzy. Allready placed my $200 order though, but Theres enough stuff I "need" to place another. My bank account manager -> :stick: <-- me What will my benbefits be. Less wear I guess...
  10. HumboldtBlazer

    Acer Bearings-not so happy

    Well if any of you remember a few weeks ago I bought some Acer Racing cermaic nitride bearings for my clutchbell on my new Sirio .21. Well they failed after 2 quarts and this caused my clutch to melt as the cltucbell could not spin idependently of the flywheel. Not so clear picture but you...
  11. K

    bearings blow

    ... ...
  12. HumboldtBlazer

    Acer Racing bearings?

    Any good? I saw an ad in the new issue of RCCA with Greg Degani as their sponsered racers. They are Ceramic Nitride bearings and I was thinking of buying 2 5x10mm clutchbell bearings for my new Sirio .21. Are these bearings faster? Less heat? I like their company solgan "The hardest balls...
  13. I

    acer ball bearings?

    what size should i get for the #CERM CERAMIC NITRIDE PRO BEARINGS? how many do i need for the wheels?
  14. A

    Team Blue Star Bearings

    Has anyone used these brand of bearings before, are they any better than the stock? I ordered a set of 8 for wheels just to see?
  15. Ç

    Check out these balls & bearings! A bit pricey - but look at the product. WOW! Enjoy! -Chris