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  1. SC-REVO

    Clutch bell bearings...!

    Hey guys my 3.3 Maxx keeps wearing the clutch bell bearings. It's starts with a gingle or ringing sound once you let off throttle. Then after a few runs its loose. I just replaced this a month ago, clutch bell, bearings, clip and clutch w/ spring. The gear messed is perfect and spur is fine...
  2. JohnSampson

    Best bearings for picco max . 26 not red dot

    I know about boca bearing is that the best replacement bearing or is there better and which set should I buy thanks :first_place:
  3. craig911

    how to install bearings into new crankcase ?

    ok my LHS called me today to tell me they have my crankcase so my question is could i install the bearings the same way as they are removed by heating up the crank case to 200c and dropping them in as i dont have any special tools to install them also my broken AR .28 crankcase has...
  4. C

    clutch bell bearings??

    i got a 18t bell,never thought of getting the bearings ita a traxxas 18t ,now do traxxas make bearings for it or do i have to go with another brand??
  5. theant

    Stampede xl-5 bushings to bearings

    Finally ordered up a set of sealed rubber ball bearings for the pede. I'm sure that these will make a big difference all around. I have read alot of times that this is one of the best and most important upgrades to do to an xl-5. Question is: will swapping out the bushings for a set of...
  6. P

    clutch bell bearings?

    hey everyone does anyone have some good suggestions so what clutc bell bearings to get? my engine is a lrp z28r but every time i put new clutch bell bearings in it just destroys them and the last time i even got it done by a shop and the got crushed aswell! so i was wondering are there better...
  7. 2

    engine bearings

    hey guys iv had a 2.5 for a while and i have a problem with the engine bearings, i have the crankshaft piston, piston sleeve and the smaller engine bearing out but i can't get the inner bigger bearing out any ideas on how to do this would be greatly appreciated
  8. REVO-5309

    carb and bearings

    need to get a new carb and the main bearing. where is the cheapest place to get these at the same place (posting to aus). if i can get just the main bearing that would be good as i already have a new front bearing.
  9. N

    Bearings after bashing!!

    Installed a new rear hub today after an awesome bashing session on sunday there and it was a little stiff with all the mudd. Would you normally strip your car down after this and clean everything? How often should bearing be cleaned/replaced??
  10. sata1991

    Dynamite .19t bearings replacement

    i need to know what is a good bearing to replace the stock ones because i hear is a awsome engine but first thing is replace the stock bearings thanks will this motor make a maxx wheelie:p:
  11. rak12

    3.3 bearings

    I'm still running the 3.3 and front bearings are beginning to leak(oil/residue being slung from front end of mill). Any recommendations on good bearings other than stock? Fast Eddy's maybe?
  12. Ballen


    What is the best way to get the front bearings out of a 3.3 . it has been a while.
  13. ckeast420

    Savage bell crank bearings instead of bushings

    wanna replace bell crank bushings with bearings (for smoother steering obviously) but I'm not sure what size to buy anybody out there done this already and know what size bearings to buy that will fit nicely ? any input is appreciated thanks
  14. jk6672


    I bought a blue RD transmission body for a little bling and since this would be a first, I was wondering could I transfer the bearings from the stock housing? If its OK, what's the best wat to remove them without damaging them?
  15. RenegadeScout

    what are some good engine bearings and where do i buy them??

    as the title says lol. I'm buying a motor and hte one thing bad about them is they come with cheap bearings and go out soon after running all out passes alot. wat are some good ones? and where do i buy? thanks guys/gals
  16. truggy83

    difference between bushings and bearings

    I noticed that the right left rear tire of my nitro stampede had a lot more play in it than the other tires. Under hard acceleration it would rotate and shift at an odd angle causing the car to sometimes become unstable or sway back and forth. I took it apart tonight and noticed that it has...
  17. fescue101

    clean bearings

    what is the best way to clean my sealed traxxas bearings?
  18. NitroRC4Life

    RCScrewz Stainless Precision Metal Bearings?

    Anyone use these? If not, do any of you guys think it would be worth it to try? I need to replace all my bearings in my slash 4x4 and dont feel like paying $80 for a new set of acer/boca bearings.
  19. F

    [Advice Savage X4.6] Clutch Bell Bearings Longevity

    I had a set already gernade, it seemed premature but I am positive the backlash was set improperly from the factory which in turn being new to the hobby I did not know it should have been checked before the first run. It went about 5 tanks of fuel before they were adjusted (it was too tight) and...
  20. O

    Steering Bell Crank - Bushings vs. Bearings

    Howdy folks! What size bearings are needed to replace the bushings in the new TMaxx 3.3 steering bell crank assembly? And, would it be worth the effort???