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  1. D

    New transmission troubles

    Hi guys, I have a HSP 94122 and it was all going fine until I pulled the engine out to do something, put it back in wrong, started it, drove it away and stripped all the original plastic gears. I then ordered a metal replacement transmission off Ali express that I had to assemble myself and it’s...
  2. coldvod

    Big red OWB Shot?

    At least I believe so. The pull start doesn't catch and I've already cleaned it plus looks like this
  3. cbaker65

    Install my Fast Eddy bearings

    I want to install my Fast Eddy bearings ,but I'm in a kind of delimma! I have had & been using these aluminum knuckles because the originals keep breaking at the horn on heavy bashing ,but they eat the bearings up ,I had already went through 2 sets of bearings both fronts an rears! I can't...
  4. WoodiE

    GIVEAWAY: Ball Bearing Kit from FastEddyBearings

    Stock bearings in most any RC kit usually leave a lot to be desired. Thankfully FastEddyBearings has top quality bearing kits available for most any RC model and better yet, FastEddyBearings and RCNT want to give one lucky RCNT member a Bearing Kit of their choice! GIVEAWAY: One lucky winner...
  5. Alexander_0_1

    Slash bell-crank bearings?

    Hey guys, quick question. I need to order up a few ceramic bearings and was wondering what the bearing size was for this: I did some googling, and I think I've gotten this far 5x8x??mm. I think the last number I need...
  6. rcnut14

    Is 3 in 1 good for bearings?

    is 3 in 1 good for bearings?
  7. S


    I have a nitro slash 2wd and I took the bearings out of the clutch bell and the bearings are turning rough how often should I replace them and other bearings in the truck the truck is only 1 month old
  8. Bighomedog11

    Spur Gear Problem & Clutch bearings

    Hey I have stripped like 3 Spur Gears, And i am not sure why i keep stripping them. But i notice that my Clutch bearing gear will be stiff to move when i move the Spur Gear. So i remove the Clutch gear and i notice that the bearings seem to be hard to move and not really free. I am wondering...
  9. REVO-5309

    NEED HELP - LRP Z.28R Spec 3 Bearings?

    so i was out on the last brissy bash and my BB revo decided to stop suddenly. so i have finally got it pulled apart.... i have found the problem (the one i was hoping), the main bearing has crapped it big time... see below. luckily when it decided to let go one of the balls got...
  10. knights


    Getting a new 3.3 engine. I want to replace all the bearing to help new engine to run as cool as it can. I have seen alot of different types of bearings. I am looking to spend 20 to $40 on them. Can I get a upgrade from stock for this much? Which ones should I get?
  11. brandon13

    LRP .28 Bearings

    Does anyone know of some clutch bell bearings that withstand the power of the engine? I'm using the traxxas ones right now and we race every week and I have to replace them after every night of racing
  12. O

    One way bearings

    Still new here. And on mobile so i can't see the section discription... So anyways my set up is a ofna hyper10sc nitro. It started as pull start but after hours of attemptes and bloody knuckles i decided to hook up a drill too it... AND boom it starts up.... we ran it with the socket on the...
  13. Childresshunt

    clutch bell bearings

    are they all the same size or no i have like 3 clutch bells for my revo but no bearings for them
  14. rak12

    Ceramic or Steel Bearings?

    Ok my picco is beginning to show signs of front bearing wear. It has about 2 gals through it and the leakage at the front is increasing. My questions is do ceramic bearings offer any advantage over steel (other than longevity )? Are Boca ceramics worth the 60$?
  15. override

    Trouble finding bearings...

    I am trying to find an 8x11x4mm bearing. I can't find any bearings like this, largest size I could find is a 7x11x4mm. I am sure these size bearing are made somewhere out there or even a brass bushing the same size would work. I have looked at Team Fast Eddy, Boca, VXB, Google and Ebay. The...
  16. R

    kyosho clutchbell, thunder tiger bearings???

    I'm trying to fit a kyosho 2 speed clutch bell to a thunder tiger pro21. The bearings on the t.t clutch bell are pretty standard but don't fit into the new longer kyosho 2 speed bell. Does anyone know the different dimensions of these two brands? Basically I need bearings that will fit a kyosho...
  17. N

    Diff bearings

    Alright, so this friday i went out on the track. Some wet spots and plenty of mud, no problem! took the maiden voyage for making a few backflips because even if i intend to make my revo into a racer i want to have some fun with it as well (gonna get another truck for bashing later on, tips...
  18. sur3fir3

    Great Service from

    I made an order and received it in 3 days. This was great, but my order was incomplete, when I counted all the bearings. I sent them an email, and within a few hours I had a response, and assurance the missing bearings were going in the mail today. I know many people swear by Fast eddy for...
  19. T

    rustler bearings

    I've gone throught about 8 bearings (just the back) is this natural of is something rubbing to make them wear faster.
  20. SC-REVO

    Clutch bell bearings...!

    Hey guys my 3.3 Maxx keeps wearing the clutch bell bearings. It's starts with a gingle or ringing sound once you let off throttle. Then after a few runs its loose. I just replaced this a month ago, clutch bell, bearings, clip and clutch w/ spring. The gear messed is perfect and spur is fine...