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  1. E

    Traxxas upgrade CV axles

    Hi guys i just upgraded my t-maxx 3.3 with traxxas cv axles and the first time i ran it 2 of the four axles poped out by the diff. on the dog bone side. i only ran it about 5 to 10 mins. when this happend. I looked at it after i put them back together and they both sit right on the tip of the...
  2. P

    stampede axle question...

    so does anyone know what the diameter of the rear axle (the part the wheel screws onto) on the pede/rustler....i am getting a large amount of wobble and i want to shim it but I'm not sure of the ID of shim ill need...also...could this excessive amount of wobble be because the bushing are wore...
  3. Bkyd Basher

    tmaxx 3.3 axles?

    i have the 4910 tmaxx. will the 3.3 axles fit right in. Same length and everything?
  4. J

    Axle options for Losi 8ight 2.0

    So 1st run today I broke plastic shock cap and as a result of that I bent the same axle. Replaced stock plastic caps with Aluminum Vented already but LHS didn't have the axles in stock. I was shocked to find the stock axles are almost 30 bux a pair. Any aftermarket axles available for this car...
  5. bryankyut

    Need Help: Remove Axle Carrier

    had a bad landing and the axle ball popped out... how do i remove the axle carrier? i can't find any how to's also broke the shocks, thinkin about changing all 4 shocks, Any suggestions? Thanks :) lol i think I'm being too hard on my tmaxx, constantly doin 5 feet jumps
  6. Bkyd Basher

    Axle Carriers

    I noticed my axle carriers (stock) have a ton of play in them,all 4. What should i upgrade to? How are the tekno axle Carriers? anyone have any experiance with them or is there another brand i should go with? Or i just came across the rpm carriers with oversized bearings. I have heard alot of...
  7. REVO-5309

    Live axles instead of independent...

    so i put up a pic of my revo and asked why you guys use live axles instead of independent?
  8. B

    revo metal axles?

    I was considering upgrading to metal axles on my Revo, but I am running the rpm tru track rear arms and have heard about problems with the axles being short and pulling apart at full suspension droop when running the tru track, anybody experienced any issues with them.
  9. Kfarron1


    I have the rear RPM blue a-arms upper and lower and axle carriers for the traxxas t-maxx 3.3 I had these on my 4907 tmaxx but went with rpm tru-tracks... $25 shipped takes em !!!
  10. B

    Slayer Axle carrier upgrade?

    Is there a better axle carrier for the slayer? I just got my engine running good then I take it out but a axle carrier not even a tank into the run. Just replaced them new all the way around. I didn't know if they made a metal one or if they would do more damage than pulling the pivot ball...
  11. Macguyver

    axle sleeve ??

    just wondering if there is such a thing ...i got some 20mm losi hubs ..and i didnt know they were made for a bigger axle than what my revo has ....i was able to make some temporary ones until i find something stronger to make them out of ...basically it just needs to be a metal sleeve that...
  12. abadk9420

    XR-10 Front Axle Tops ** Limited **

    These are now out for the XR10 but at $119.99 I think this one VP upgrade I will have to pass on unless I get it as a gift. Also comes in silver
  13. HPI-Killer

    Axle Twisting Inward?

    I notice that when I am going along my rear sits kind of low, but when a start up on a rock or obsticle, rear flattens out, shocks fully compress and my leafs damn near straight if not straight. What would do this and is this bad? I am not sure if my shocks are internally sprung but should they...
  14. HPI-Killer

    Sold Built Axial Axles & Electronic Sale!! [email protected]@K!

    Got to sell some stuff to get a handfull of Lipos for my new SCT. All items are NOT priced with shipping unless stated with cost below. Shipping will be determined on your wherabouts in this crazy world. Paypal ready & only scaler accesories & HIGH mAh 2S Lipos I would consider for trade...
  15. Kfarron1

    Should the rear axle carriers be tight or loose like the fronts?

    Put the RPM A-Arms and Axle Carriers on a while back, I know you gotta leave the front axle carriers loose some so the wheels can turn but what about the back... Do you leave them a lil loose or tighten them ? I have them loose now and it just doesn't seem right, But I wanted to ask first to...
  16. MudSlinger33

    Wide axles

    I did the XL conversion a while back and would now like to widen the truck. Are these... what I need to widen it? I was also looking at the A arms but I am pretty sure they are the same length as the X.
  17. M


    I keep twisting my axles in my tmaxx with an is. 18. What is a good upgraded axle for it?
  18. hdrider281

    rpm axle carriers

    so all my new parts showed up and i started installing the rpm tru trac and the front arms and axle carriers... i dont have it all together but i see 2 issues... 1st... why does my fronts not want to steer easy? did i tighten something too much? and do the screws from the pivot balls get screwed...
  19. slowngreen

    axial axles

    Stock. paypal ready.
  20. DealBreaker

    Front axle issues

    Ok, for some reason the drive shaft/axle that extends from the right side of the front differential seems to want to fall out of the wheel when I turn to the right... I thought it was b/c the axle was bent, so I replaced it and still having the problem.. I looked a little closer and it look like...