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  1. slowngreen

    Finally new axles

    After selling my decked bergs I didnt figure Id get back into a nice comper again but bully 2's are out now and they just might get me back into it. Alot of influence off a fully customized Berg axle, which is the...
  2. U

    wraith axle

    Ok in my wraith I have a rear axle issue! Give some back ground, I'm running a tekin 3300 pro4 so I'm putting out some power! The bushings in the rear are chewed up and causing the pinion to push the bearing out of the housing, whether its the stock plastic or the aluminum rc4wd housing...
  3. Childresshunt

    New axle carriers

    What would yall say would be the best 3.3 spec axle carrier set for the t maxx I have a 2.5 4910 max with the old style axle carriers. wanting to upgrade them to the 3.3 spec. The only other thing i will need is new drive shafts right
  4. hulkmaxx

    Tmaxx cvd axles

    I am getting ready, to order a set of CVD axles for my race Maxx project build. I was considering the Traxxas brand but not sure if they will hold together with a modded LRP .30. Like some opinions on this one. Any cvd's will have to work with the 3.3 axle carries. Because I will be using, the...
  5. knights

    Axles for tmaxx

    I have a locking rear end in my old tmaxx. I broke the axle cup the other day. This is about the 3rd time over a decade. I know that's not to bad, but I was thinking about going to a upgrade. 1. Can I even get a upgrade for the very first 4910? 2.Is it true that the upgrade make more heat...
  6. andydrew39219

    Nitro pede rear axle carriers

    I noticed a good amount of slop in my rear wheels, so I took the axle carrier off thinking I was going to find 2 bearings but they turned out to be brass (copper?) rings. Looked through my r/c drawers and found traxxas 4611 5x11x4mm ball bearings that appear to be the same size. Can I use...
  7. N

    Will the center hole of 17mm wheel hexs fit on the axles of tge mgt 8,0

    Want to get beadlock wheels & the imex swamp dawg medium compound tires for the mgt 8.0. Wanting to know if 17mm hexs will slide on the stub axles of the mgt 8.0??? Not for sure what the diameter is of the stub axles.....or a certain offset so nothing will bind or rub.....All replies are...
  8. WoodiE

    Extreme Duty XVD Axles for Axial Wraith from RC4WD

    RC4WD has just released extreme duty XVD axles for the Axial Wraith. RC4WD completely redesigned the new extreme duty axles from the ground up to allow extreme steering angles and built to handle heavy power. These have been team tested for many months and approved by the best team in the...
  9. T

    XL axles on a X4.6, will they fit?

    I currently have a X4.6 2011 model. Have fitted the XL chassis, wheels and shell. Now for the width of a XL can I fit XL axles as believe that they are longer than my stock ones?
  10. SuperMaxx361

    Broken axle pins

    Hey guys does anyone know of a stronger than stock axle pins? Every time I drive the truck now I have at least one broken pin and my stock of extras is depleting fast! I've also snapped a few of the pins that hold the gears to the shafts inside the transmission so if anyone has any suggestions on...
  11. A

    Stampede 3s/ axle / and run time question

    After recommended by the folks on here I went with the MIP rear axles. They seem really well built and I'm hoping there going to hold up to the battery! Now I have a 3s 6400mah and wondering about run times, I get about 10 mins with the 7cell stock 3000mah battery. So far I have not been able to...
  12. rak12

    center CVD axles

    I was just web surfing and came across these. Has anyone heard of these? Has anyone traded with this seller before? The parts look nice in the photos.
  13. J

    Anyone have a spare axle pin?

    Missing one axle pin for 14mm hex. Thanks!
  14. N

    axle carriers

    Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade the corners on my 4.6 X. I've done a lot of research and read just about anything posted on the web, about the only thing I can find is carriers made from integy:angry:.
  15. SC-REVO

    Axle pops out.. Every time?!?

    Hey an issue with my Revo. The right rear axle (constant velocity-solid) keeps popping out of the cup @ the differential every time the truck jumps an all four tires come off the ground high enough to create full suspension extension. It's only that side. Axle is straight. After...
  16. N

    MT1 extended rear axles? will MT2 axles work?

    can't get my rear wheels to stay put, axles arent long enough for the nuts to screw on all the way to the nylon thread lockers, dont really want to use locktite but if theres nothing else that will help i guess i will have too.
  17. N

    hpi nitro mt1 rear axle issues

    any one know where a guy can get some extended rear axles for my mt? will mt2 axles work? my nuts that holds on my rear wheels keep coming off when i run it hard, is it because i squeezed a g3.0 into it and it has to much power?
  18. R

    Revo Axle's

    So i just got myself some new holeshot tires for racing. I also bought m2c racing 17mm hex adapters to fit the wheels. Only problem is, my current axels are way to small. I'm assuming i need 8MM axles? I am using the stock axles that came installed on my 2.5r revo by the way. What a learning...
  19. K

    Axial Scorpion Front Upper Axle Control

    I have a Axial scorpion and the upper control arm where it mounts to the front axle has some play. Is this normal? I've tried tightening that screw but it doesn't seem to help. Do I need that upper wishbone looking assembly? It doesn't seem to affect anything. Just when you're crawling the...
  20. Bkyd Basher

    3.3 axles

    hey guys what do i need to change from 2.5 axles to 3.3 axles? A arms carriers, or are the a arms the same between the two?